Obama Says Amnesty Bill Likely in January

‘Recalibration’ on Immigration?

“In 2004, George W. Bush won 45 percent of the Hispanic vote, and it seemed that the GOP was well on its way to winning the hearts, minds and votes of the fastest growing demographic in America. Fast forward to 2012: Mitt Romney pulled just 27 percent of Hispanics,” says David Laska at Fox News Latino.

“Now, some voices in the Republican Party are calling for unconditional amnesty for some undocumented immigrants as an olive branch to Hispanic voters. It’s a shortsighted strategy that ignores a fundamental but rarely uttered truth about illegal immigration: illegal immigration isn’t just bad for the country, it’s bad for the immigrant.”

[The 45 percent figure is too high. Bush received 40 percent, but the number is commonly mis-reported.]

Rubio Says Iowa Visit Not Related to 2016, Pushes Immigration Bill

“[Sen.] Rubio, whose parents emigrated from Cuba, has long been an advocate for immigration reform and drafted legislation that supposedly echoed provisions in the DREAM Act, Democratic-backed legislation aimed to help undocumented students gain legal status. The [DREAM Act] failed to garner enough support in Congress, despite several attempts,” CNN reports.

“Before unveiling his immigration plan, however, Rubio shelved the legislation after President Barack Obama issued a directive earlier this year that allows certain people younger than 30, who came to the United States illegally before age 16, to apply for a two-year deferral from deportation.”

Schumer-Graham Plan Already Criticized for Being Too Strict

“There are many troublesome aspects of the Schumer-Graham plan in terms of what it embodies and suggests. But the refusal to embrace something Ronald Reagan championed not too long ago (in, among other venues, a presidential debate with Democratic candidate Walter Mondale in 1984—see below) is perhaps the most painful manifestation of how much the political spectrum has moved in a direction of immigration restriction. So instead of a general amnesty—or whatever one might want to call it–for those living in the United States without legal status, what is on offer is far more limited,” says history professor Joseph Nevins at NACLA.org.

Obama Says Amnesty Bill Likely in January

“President Obama expects to see a comprehensive immigration reform bill introduced in Congress “very soon” after his inauguration in late January, he said during a news conference Wednesday,” the LA Times writes. “Obama said that White House staff has already begun conversations with members of the Senate and the House on how to line up the votes to get an immigration bill to his desk for signing.”

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to ImmigrationReform.com, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    I find this situation untenable for many reasons, The foremost one is the fact that our elected officlals have made no real effort to “protect and defend” our nation from the onslaught of illegal immigration. The phrase, “We must control our border” is meaninless. Every politician, with perhaps the exception of Luis Gutierrez and a few of his kind, pontificate about it.. Once it’s said, they’re home free. Most Americans want our border secured. (Personally, I’d like to see it closed). However, then the RINOS and the Democrats start caving in and pronounce, “We can’t deport 11 million illegals.” Why not? No one has ever given me an answer. Eisenhower did it. It can be done, if every benefit is denied them. Don’t worry about offending them. They offended us and our country by breaking in. You sure wouldn’t mind telling someone who broke into you home to leave, and this country is OUR home. The worship of “Hispanics” has grown to almost a laughable point. What in heaven’s name have these lawless, uneducated, poverty-stricken people brought to the table? Only that Americans must ante up over one hundred billion dollars annually to keep them in the style to which they’re becoming accustomed. Americans do ANY jobs there are to be done. Who do the pro-illegals think did these jobs before they invaded? Greedy business are the most to blame. Each one that hires an illegal, puts the bottom line before patriotism and his fellow American. And they are aided and abetted by our government. No wonder thirty states have petitioned for secession. This won’t happen, but at least it shows Washington that people are unhappy with their ideas on immigration as well as other things. We also don’t need any more legal immgrants for awhile. I cannot understand how we still allow over a million legal immigrants into our country each year while millions of American are without jobs. And no one has the backbone to mention it. When did we become this weak, spineless mass of people who have come so far from being a united entity who once fought off all dangers to our nation? Now, we are content to only whine about the invaders as they continue to come. “They’re here and we can’t do anything about it.” Disgusting! I just might sign the Texas petition after all.

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    If millions of illegal aliens get amnesty or legalization, work permits, driver license, This means that they are winning the power over Americans, they had implemented all their wrongdoings, and now are getting rewarded for it by our own American lawmakers, America must have the most silly and stupid lenient law makers, to have allow illegal aliens to just invade America by the millions, and to have allow them to get away with all their wrongdoings, sure they have American dreams, Americans also have American dreams! Americans are so tired of hearing about what illegal aliens want of this country! Just look at all the millions of illegal aliens in our jobs, actually working and bringing home pay checks, while there are millions of unemployed Americans who can not bring home pay checks in their own country, so what is this saying about our lawmakers in congress??? Can you believe that millions of Americans are being turn down from jobs, because our jobs are being occupied by millions of illegal aliens, and Obama wants to give million illegal aliens Amnesty, legalization, work permits, while there are millions of Americans out of employment, what is he thinking, this for sure will put Americans in a strong competition in their own country for jobs, and the majority of time these so call legalized aliens will get hired first! all they have to have is a Hispanic name, and most of time speak bilingual! It is to the point every where you go, you just do not see hardly no diversity in our jobs any more, the majority of people working are Hispanics, and the majority of Americans who have no jobs in America, are Black Americans, Americans cannot get jobs that much in construction, custodian housekeepers, waste companies, gas and electric companies, telephone companies, cox cable, water utility, hospital receptionist,and hospital housekeepers, and a lot more jobs, there just or not other racist of Americans working anymore, we are already force to see what is going to happen if Obama succeed in his comprehensive immigration reform, America better fight to stop this, or there will be a terrible rule awaken coming to us! Our America will be gone, so many things will be force upon us!

    We were already force to accept all the crap that illegal aliens had force on us, all their nasty wrongdoings! Now we are suppose to except this new world change, were America is being strongly taken over by Mexico!!!! This means illegal aliens and all of their advocates are getting what they wanted, how can our lawmakers allow another country of poor people to come to America and just take over America like this????? How can they allow another country of poor people to come here and put them self before the poor and middle class Americans who have real status to this country????

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    I agree with Tony Mitchell! It certainly will be the end of America, America has been terribly invaded by illegal immigration, because of our stupid lawmakers in congress, America is being given to Mexico on silver platter! American will be force to live in illegal aliens new found Mexico right here in America, all of their wrongdoings are already now force on Americans, and once they get amnesty or legalization so much more of their wrongdoings will be force on us, everything that our president and congress throw at us with illegal immigration, you better believe it will be force down our throats! Just look around where you live in Mexico, it is or has been prepare for illegal aliens stay, it is already looking like Mexico! The majority of Americans already feel that they are now living Mexico.

    I feel that we Americans are being sold out by our own president and congress, and the worse thing about this stupid illegal immigration matter, Americans really have no say so, we are to shut up! be quiet, and except everything our own politicians are thrown down to us, Illegal aliens have force all their wrongdoings on us, and because of our lenient Politicians illegal alien are allow to do just about anything without any penalties. They are allow to just take advantage of everything, they can lie and get all kinds of government freebies, and be first in line to get these things, while poor and middle class Americans are second in line! They are the first on the list of low income housing, and sec 8 programs, Americans are second on the waiting list! They had found ways to lie to get jobs in America, with no background checks, while Americans are strongly required to have background checks before they are hired! of course all this comes with the help of sneaky American employers, all they have to use are false social security numbers, some Americans social security numbers, including our American children social security numbers, false names, false ages, they are allow to just lie to our IRS to get back between $14,000.00-$30,000.00 income tax refund every years, for family that lives in Mexico, and they do not have pay this back, all together they had gotten back $4.2 billions dollars of American tax dollars, if this was an American, this would be considered an felon, we would be strongly force to pay this back, plus more, or go to jail! This is more money then any American get back!

    Illegal aliens are becoming over populated by passed amnesties, and perhaps another one according to Obama, just look how they are allow to just take advantage of our birthright laws, this is just a strong gateway for them in America, an easy instant way to get their children born here American citizenship! They are over populated because they find ways to get more family members to cross our borders illegally. Obama didn’t get re-elected for nothing, Milli

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    Republicans would be insane to give illegal aliens any “path to citizenship”. That would create another 15 million Democrats and the GOP will go the way of the Twinkie. It’s insane to allow the very people we didn’t want to be in the country to come in anyway, have kids who then have voting power, and can vote in politiicans who change our original laws. It’s like a Trojan Horse virus that were allowing to unfold. It must be stopped and reversed. End birthright citizenship, secure the border and show them the door.

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    Orlando Palizzolo on

    Am I wrong, or is all hope lost? Those who support illegal immigration were instrumental in Obama’s reelection. If Obama specifically, and Democrats generally, can count on the illegal immigration community to put them in power, isn’t it reasonable to expect them to do what they can to allow, if not openly support, illegal immigration so as to stay in power?

    Now, those who oppose illegal immigration find themselves in the unenviable position of either standing firm and opposing our country being handed to those who blatantly disrespect it at the risk of being called a racist, or conceding our values and accepting to some degree the absurd policy so as to retain some voice in our government.

    Those who want to limit the granting of American citizenship to those immigrants who do so legally and respectfully could really have used some leadership. With Obama’s reelection, I don’t think it’s a stretch to expect that illegal immigrants will eventually be granted amnesty – again.

    I appreciate a forum like this giving me an opportunity to express my ideas, and I take comfort in knowing that I am not alone and that there are other like-minded Americans. But, the forum and the sharing of beliefs will not save our country. At this point, I don’t know if anything can. However, if I’m wrong, and all hope is not lost, the one thing that might help is action. But, who’s to lead? What can be done? How can we move beyond contribution to a gripe session to actually taking action?

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    If the Congress would file a bill of impeachment it would give that un-American birth-er something to get his *** out of , but this time start the action, and use the power of the people not the fear of the liberals that they will lose, and be called racist’s.

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    The people pushing for amnesty are just taking the easy way out. They won’t have to deal with the REAL issues. Border security has been a joke for years. Drug and people smuggling are rampant. Our border patrol has their hands tied behind thir backs. Residents along the border get no support. The illegal undocumented alien support agencies. like La Raza and LULAC have representation in our spineless federal government. The only mandate the Obama administration has is gimme gimme gimme. Sneak over the border and tell a few lies, then you are home free. Start breeding and join the gimme gimme gimme roles. I’m old enough so I’ll be gone before the do-do really hits the fan. I hope you all enjoy your third world country.

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    Bush was not only in favor of continuous amnesties, but he was essentially an advocate for open borders. Remember his comment about Mexican illegals? He said “if you’re worth your salt you’re coming here”. Plus his sister in law, Jeb’s wife, is Mexican. It’s not surprising they liked Bush because he promised them the world and justified illegally crossing the border. But he still got a maximum of forty percent because Hispanics want the democrats social programs.

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    Another amnesty will mean the death of America. Mexicans living in America and mexican-Americans will not be happy until the mexican flag is flying over the White House. If these people wanted to be American citizens they would have done it legally. The 1986 amnesty should have sent a message. They have lived here 10-15-20 years and still have no desire to speak English. Instead America has put everything in spanish and is forcing spanish down the throats of its citizens. No other ethnic group has ever been catered to as the Mexicans. No other ethnic group has ever been so resistant to being American as the mexicans have.