Inequality and Wages Are The Reason Why We Need Lower Immigration

If Immigrant Entrepreneurs Can’t Comply With Immigration Law, What Others Will They Ignore?

CNN profiles an immigrant who started a business after coming to the U.S. on an H-1b visa. “In Darash’s case, he initially came as a visiting scholar, which allowed him to start the business. He then applied for an H-1B, the standard professional worker’s visa. The catch is, there has to be an employer-employee relationship. Although Darash is the employer, he would also need to prove he’s an employee. For example, that might work if he could show that he can be fired by his board of directors. But that detail wasn’t in the company’s bylaws.”

What Is Comprehensive Immigration Reform? Total Amnesty and Open Borders

Bill Ong Hing provides a useful reminder for anyone thinking that comprehensive immigration reform doesn’t entail massive uncontrolled legal immigration in addition to an amnesty.

“However, for many immigrants, their relatives, and their supporters, comprehensive reform entails much more. Consider the family immigration categories. The waitlist for many relative categories, particularly for those from Mexico and the Philippines, can be 10 to 20 years. Providing extra immigrant visas to clear the backlogs would do much to alleviate the pressure for some individuals to enter in violation of immigration laws. In fact, coming up with a different formula for family immigration categories that would alleviate backlogs altogether would be an important innovation,” he says at the Huffington Post.

Another Study Confirms: Moving to the U.S. Makes People Fat

“A new study finds that the longer immigrants from Mexico, and their U.S.-born offspring, spend in the United States, the greater their odds of becoming obese. Compared to similar individuals living in Mexico, researchers found the grandchildren of immigrants to the U.S. from Mexico were three times more likely to be obese adults,” Yahoo News reports.

“Florez and her fellow researchers said it’s also been established that U.S.-born Mexican Americans have greater odds of being obese than their family members who originally migrated from Mexico. But the team wanted to extend that comparison to people who are still living in Mexico, in an attempt to tease apart and identify factors in the U.S. environment, or in the fact of being a migrant, that might influence obesity risk.”

Inequality and Wages Are The Reason Why We Need Lower Immigration

Martin Hutchinson says that the U.S. competitive advantage is being eroded, in part by too much immigration. “This is why calls for the Republicans to abandon their opposition to immigration controls are especially misguided. High-skill immigration in moderation is highly beneficial to the economy. But very heavy immigration, even of the highly skilled, depresses job prospects and earnings for those in professions especially subject to it—which is why median earnings for college-trained software engineers are lower than those for college-trained lawyers, where professional restrictions to immigration apply. Mass low-skilled immigration, legal or illegal, inevitably puts pressure on living standards at the bottom of the scale.”

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    This is all stupid, literally, stupid. Write a report with factual evidence, not a report from Yahoo news. In order to have a valid argument you must have SUBSTANTIAL evidence, something you obviously lack. Every single reason listed in the article above is as V.P. Joe Biden would say “A bunch of Malarcky”.

    Thanks, for any smart *** that would like to have an intellectual debate on the topic, feel free to contact me:

    [email protected]


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      Pedro, this is not a FAIR report or op-ed. The entry you are referring to is an aggregation of articles and news pieces about the immigration issue for that particular day. If you have an issue with the Yahoo! article, you should take it up with them, not FAIR. On another note, if you would like to take a look at the many reports and studies (meticulously put together by our research staff) that FAIR has released I encourage you to visit this page – Thanks for posting.

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    I’ve been saying that for years “It’s time blacks stopped listening to the panderers among their own so called “leadership” and demand their share.”…what leadership?? Jackson and Sharpton???…As an African-American you could not have worse leaders than this, They are still making $$, living in the 60’s against “whitey?”…WAKE-UP!!! LOL

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    I’ve blogged the open border blogs many times to give an example of new innovation/inventions/products that came about because of recent degreed professional immigration the last ten years….my answer back is nada.

    In fact, open border supporters for more insourcing of degreed professionals during job scarcity of all professions don’t have a leg to stand on. Who does have a leg to stand on are supporters of keeping critical need legal American professionals with skills not learned in college, but job experience alone….these are our mentors for the legal citizen Y generation, the forgotten trampled down youth. Let’s hire ’em and pay a fair/decent wage too.

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    I can never understand why blacks let this amnesty business be turned into a civil rights issue. It is nothing of the sort. Illegals have no constitutional rights here. Obviously they have a small amount of protection from harm guaranteed them while they are here, but they have absolutely no right to be here. But with blacks it was a civil rights issue. Many had been here for four and five generations and were being denied the rights guaranteed to every citizen. Blacks tend to be in the lower paid professions mostly due to education levels, but why should they be made to bear the burden of corporate greed for lower paid workers. It’s time blacks stopped listening to the panderers among their own so called “leadership” and demand their share.

    Just to make a little observation here, the FBI had been investigating Patraeus and his situation since July and no one informed the white house until one day after the election? The head of the CIA is being investigated and no one knows? Something odd there.

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      “I The head of the CIA is being investigated and no one knows? Something odd there.”

      t would be odd only if you really thought that we didn’t have the most corrupt administration in the history of the White House.