Calif. Democrats Oppose Tech Worker Bill

Calif. Democrats Oppose Tech Worker Bill

“With time running out in a lame-duck Congress, California Democrats are fighting against Republicans’ second attempt to pass what they call a “gimmick” to earn Latino support. San Antonio Rep. Lamar Smith is making a final push for legislation designed to increase visas for high-skilled immigrants. The legislation failed to win House passage earlier this year, but Smith is hoping to win more Democratic votes this time tacking on a provision that allows families of high-skilled workers to remain in the U.S. while awaiting their own green cards,” the San Franciso Chronicle reports.

Custody Awarded to Deported Father

“A North Carolina judge on Tuesday ordered three U.S.-born children to be reunited with their deported Mexican father, a move toward resolving a 2-year legal fight that has drawn international attention. Social services officials in rural Alleghany County had sought to terminate the parental rights of Felipe Montes, who crossed the border illegally in 2003 to work on Christmas tree farms near the mountain town of Sparta. Montes later married a U.S. citizen and the couple had three sons,” the Huffington Post reports.

“Montes was deported to Mexico and the boys were placed in state custody after social workers determined his wife, Marie Montes, was unable to properly care for them on her own. Marie Montes collects federal disability payments for a mental illness.”

Obama to Meet Mexican President for Immigration Talk

“President Obama practices some hemispheric diplomacy Tuesday, meeting with the incoming president of Mexico and taking about a major U.S. domestic issue: immigration. President-elect Enrique Pena Nieto stops by the White House late Tuesday afternoon,” USA Today says. “The White House wants an agreement that provides better border security as well as a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants who are already in the United States. Republicans have insisted on a security-only bill but may more amenable to new citizenship rules in an effort to build support with Hispanics.”

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    There is nothing that guarantees a person who gets a green card is entitled to bring their entire family. In fact, these proposals to allow family members are proof positive that there is nothing “temporary” about these high tech visas, as they are often portrayed. Once they’re here they’re here to stay. With ever more relatives to come, unskilled or not, and competing for any job out there. It’s all about cheap wages for the tech companies.
    There was also a federal study just released of high school graduation rates. Worst two states? Nevada and New Mexico. Which by no coincidence are now heavily Hispanic immigrant states. Two thirds of students graduating guarantees that the ones who don’t graduate are going to be users of government programs. Which is not the fairy tale that is being pushed, about how all these immigrants will “pay taxes”. Many will pay zero and be a net drain on government resources.

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      softwarengineer on

      Yes Leland

      I’d add too the quality of the tech work hasn’t shown any improvement with foreign worker insourcing, especially the decrepit MSFT O/Ss incompatibility with our business S/W the last decade.

      I believe heard one Temporary [LOL] Tech from India brag about not paying into Social Security and how that saves money for the company blog on FAIRUS.ORG.