Five Reasons Republicans Will Self-Destruct if They Support Amnesty

Henry Louis Mencken once observed that for, “every problem there is a solution which is simple, clean and wrong.” In the aftermath of their election shellacking, Republicans are coalescing around the notion that illegal alien amnesty legislation is a necessary step that solves their problems. In fact, such action would only erode the GOP base, and empower Democrats.

Party will Split
. Polls show most Republican voters favor enforcement over amnesty. Core conservatives will reject any amnesty agenda fueled by the business wing of the GOP and lose faith in a party that is compromising their rule-of-law values. Given that 17 percent of self-identified conservatives voted for Obama in the recent election the lesson is – win back your party faithful first before you begin pandering to immigrant voters.

American Workers will Rebel. Bush-McCain-Kennedy couldn’t get amnesty passed in 2007 when the unemployment was 4.5 percent. Now that the unemployment rate has grown to 7.9 percent, it will be nearly impossible to convince Americans that amnesty offers them anything except more competition for jobs and a tougher scramble for limited community resources. Workers will wonder whose interests Republicans really have at heart.

Republicans will get no Credit. No matter how well intentioned the GOP might be heading into a bi-partisan negotiating session to enact amnesty legislation, past politics dictate that Democrats will take credit and accuse Republicans of being obstructionists. Republicans lose even if a bill wins.

Democrats will get 12 Million New Voters. Since this is one critical area that seems to elude Republicans the most, we’ll lay it out in the simplest possible terms:

Fact One:        Most low income people don’t vote for Republicans.
Fact Two:        Most illegal aliens are low income because they’re poorly skilled.
Fact Three:      An amnesty would not change that but it would make 12 million illegal aliens legally eligible for needed government benefits and thus, predisposed to vote for the party of big government.
Fact Four:        Republicans go the way of Kodak and Twinkies.

Amnesty Will Lead to More Amnesty. Legalization for 12 million illegal aliens would send a message worldwide that periodic amnesty is the de-facto American immigration policy, creating a powerful incentive for further flows and future amnesties.

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    Hey, FAIR. Can you please start pulling these bogus comments that are obviously posts by infiltrating foreign nationals? Just look at the sentence construction, the absence of logic, and the amnesty message and then toss them.

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    A simple answer tackle it and take it off the table .sorry I don’t agree with what you mentioned in your article for obvious reason the last amnesty was over 25 years old with no enforcement policy in place or border enforcement. As a smart Republican I have to bury the whole issue once n for all by a combination of law enforcement and a hard way of legal status for who are here illegally .Strategically,how’s the situation will be after one year of solving the problem?? Zero media focus or blaming the republicans for that thorny issue anymore.Let’s be wise and think ahead Republicans we have a lot to woo the Latinos once that overdue issue taken off the table. I support a penalty on the illegals here and strict law enforcement and blocking any future illegal immigrants.Leaving the issue unsolved like that is not in the favor of the GOP. Amnesty means forgiving their wrongdoing by breaking the law,That’s not true they will be held accountable for their violations , will pay fine learn English and pay back taxes no welfare benefits and above all no easy way for citizenship if it is available.

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      Ana Zuniga-Maus on

      I am not a Republican, I am a Hispanic LEGAL immigrant and an Independent, and I disagree with you 100%, the Republicans don’t need to agree with amnesty to please Obama and the Democrats, because no matter what they do, the illegals, once legalized, will join the Democratic party and vote Democrat. Why? because they are mostly uneducated, they don’t have a trade, they don’t speak English, and they will surely join the party of the free given, because that is what they are use to do. Giving amnesty to law breakers is nothing less than a slap in the face, to all of us who waited in real lines at our countries of origin, for the papers, to follow the law and come to America, the LEGAL WAY.
      What we need is real enforcement of the laws we already have and a stop of automatic citizenship for the children of illegals. If we do that and cut all the incentives that bring them here, they will live and problem solve, because if they can get no job and they can get any free stuff from tax payers, they will have no choice, but to leave on their own.

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    Most is true, but the fact that America is built on immigrants that’s the fact. And there always been this way or another that goverment in the past had faced the problem of illegal immigration. But those 12 mil people are using the system anyway. Having kids born over here guarantee them support and they using that all the way. So just closing the eyes won’t solve the problem. Enforcement will not work because the system is not able to get all these people and deport them. I think that maybe making the law simpler but putting on the same level skills and language with sort of education conditions would make a difference. Nobody is asking to give amnesty as christmas present but lets say let those people prove themselves, 3-6 years work authorization, no benefits or walfare, tax returns and language skills would make a change. Nobody ask to make it easy but make it simple and clear. And the econony as a matter of fact has nothing to do with that. Unemplyement rate? Well, show me recession without unemployement? So don’t use it as a laverage. For me for example its very unclear that doing the same job, union worker has 2-3 times more per hour than other, and what make them so special? Beside that fact there is a joke about union workers on ther road-one is working and 10 guys just standing and looking. So please no BS because its not illegals fault that America is going down to the bottom. Its the war and trying to make everyone happy in the world without seeing that there is a huge poverty here in the Usa. Don’t built bombs, built schools and you will see the difference.

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      Ana Zuniga-Maus on

      I disagree with you, America was built by immigrants, but LEGAL IMMIGRANTS, like my grandparents who arrive here in the late 1800 and early 1900. America is so great, because this were all men of integrity and principles, unlike the ones that come illegally today, breaking our laws and demanding right they do not have, at the cost of us, the tax payers of America.
      We don’t need to round up and deport this people, all we need is real enforcement of immigration laws, make E-Verify mandatory nation wide and a stop and all the incentives that bring them here. I am a Hispanic , born in Latin America, who lives between the two cultures and I can assure you, that if we do all that, we will not need any deportations, they will leave on their own, because if there is no job and no free stuff from tax payers, they will have no choice, but to go back to what ever place, they came from, and that is a fact, regardless of what the open border advocates try to tell us.

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    this this solution if government finally want s to give amnesty to illegal aliens. as we know health coverage is at the present time up in the sky, people, us. citizen , and legal residents alike, are struggling to provide for their family a decent medical coverage. now for every alien either applying through family petitions, like aliens favored with an amnesty. will have to prove that they are entering the country with a medical coverage, PAID BY THE COUNTRY FROM WHERE THEY ARE COMING FROM. ELIMINATE THE AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT PRESENT REQUIRED, AND ACCEPT A MEDICAL COVERAGE IN STEAD.

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    Here’s a test to see if comments expressing views opposite to yours go through.

    I completely disagree with your post; America is already a nation that is becoming less white annually – Republicans cannot hope to continue to be relavent if they cannot accept that. Latinos (citizens) are the fastest growing population in the country, and will soon overtake african-americans. I firmly contend that Republicans will not be able to win a presidency in the future until they are able to change their views on immigration. This means accepting the fact that policies like “self-deportation” are not the way to go. Real immigration reform means that the people who ARE already here have to be integrated into society. They’re already working here for God’s sake, why not allow them to do so legally and collect some taxes off of them. A similar arguement was applied to legalizing marijuana – if people are already using it, why not legalize it and make some tax dollars off of it. Reform must also include securing the borders, (which by the way, whoever denies that Obama – who has deported 400,000 immigrants a year since he took office and the net immigration flow over the past 4 years was negative – is kidding themselves.) If the republicans continue to behave in a manner that makes them seem isolationist and antagonistic toward immigrants, they will NOT be able to increase their influence. The voters simply aren’t there.

    But this comment probably will get filtered, so why bother?

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      softwarengineer on

      I Bet You Hire IAs

      If you want to hire cheap foreign labor, get the hades out America….this country is a nation of laws and you could care less about America’s immigration ones.

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    richard harris on

    12 million new voters is a joke. Back in 2005 they were saying that the illegal population was 12 million. The estimate is 3/4 million illegals coming in per year. That makes it 5 million more for a total of 17 million. If you live in California you know there are 20 million illegals in California alone. The real total is somewhere between 30 AND 40 million illegals. That equates to 25 to 35 million new Democrat voters. If that happens kiss your wallet goodbye.

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      softwarengineer on

      Last I Read

      Latino voters are 5% of the American vote….I know the other 95% of American votes don’t matter to open border extremists.

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      Ana Zuniga-Maus on

      You are right, I am a Hispanic immigrant who live between the two cultures and I put that figure, between 40 to 50 millions easy and I don’t think we should or want to go there. Just look at amnesty on 86, they told us it was going to be 1 million and it end up been over 3 million. Obama told us he was going to give his executive order to 800,000 dreamers and now it is 1,800,000 and claiming. We cant trust Washington and we cant afford to take in that many illegals on this economy and with the current unemployment. especially.

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    cynthia curran on

    Well, that part true but Republicans are free markets defenders to the extreme, why is it that Open borders Grover Norquist is sitll popular and why it took around 2006 for some Republicans to turn against George W Bush its because Republicans listened to supply sided open border people like the late Jack Kemp.

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    What can one say that it has not already been said about the lack of immigration enforcement in the most powerful country on earth, at least for now. Today, i heard about the Chinese building mega port along the shores of Ensenada Mexico. We can well see were this is going. NAFTA transportation from Mexico is already law and for now limited but as soon as the mega port is finished you can well bet the instead of goods coming into the Port of Los Angeles it will arrive in the Port of Ensenada and Teamsters Union can very well kiss their jobs goodby and there goes thousands of jobs. We keep giving away our rights to control our borders and at the same time jobs are evaporating from our country in one way or the other. I say ” hell no” to amnesty. Let us complete the double fence along our 2300 mile borders, make E-Verify more efficient and make employers accountable for using it. The illegals that are hiding in the shadows can self deport and those that won’t can stand at the very back of the line and wait like the rest of those who are going through the legal proccess.

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    Rose Wiener This is not the USA I grew up in. We had many people arrive here under a quota bill. Each country had a list by # that would arrive here and none of us complained about it. That seemed fair.
    Now they come in by thousands, legal or illegal, and with a recession going on here, with thousands unemployed, we support them. We give them all kinds of freebees, social security, medicare,free food, free rent, free prison sentences, all on the back of Americans.
    We, Americans, who dont have jobs, and are part of the recession, get mail and phone calls galore for donations to help these people out for the right to get everything required to exist, and we are expected to pay for their exixtance in what we hought was the best country in the world. It aint! We must be close to the bottom and our politicians dont give a hoot. They have a job that is financially suitable and they take care of those that pay them, and the # of legals and illegals that have enough people to vote them in.

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        Mary and Ralph are right on the money.. I am a native of Waukegan, Il, a town ruined by ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION and Reagan’s amnesty… Once you accept that both parties desire to destroy the country and then force us into a collectivist type of one world government run by elitists, you will know that neither party can be trusted. Not on immigration, and not on anything else.

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          richard harris on

          You are correct that that is the goal of the left-wingers. The goal of the fat-cats is to turn this country into Mumbai, India where you can hire labor for 6 cents and hour and technical professionals for 10 cents an hour.

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    Woke up,yall a drop in the river,America voted,deal with it,whats right is right. Besides read on American history,every single person in this nation ,came from somewhere..happy reading….out

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      Yes , we`re bringing Germans and Brits to vote next time … Two can play stack the deck … lol you think we all stupid , youBETTER think again …

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      NOT SO! America is NOT a nation of immigrants. Only some immigrants. Children of immigrants. But if you were born here you did not immigrate here. Although some who were born here perhaps should go to where their parents immigrated from.

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      Ana Zuniga-Maus on

      Yes, but they came LEGALLY, like I did and my grandparents did before me. We are a country of immigrants, but legal immigrants and country of laws. This laws are in the books to be follow by all of us, not just the legal segment of the population. I am a Hispanic immigrant and I can freely say to all of you, that if you don’t like it here the way it is, you are all free to go.

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    cynthia curran on

    Well, the Republicans will use Texas as an example second worst in illegal immigration but its doing well. Some parts of Texas that have a lot of illegal immigrants are not doing that well.

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    Concerned Citizen on

    I agree. Amnesty is a bad deal for the GOP and for America.

    In any relationship, whether it’s between individuals or political blocs, there must be respect, or your best course of action is to walk. If immigrants demand that we give more immigrants a path to our country, then I don’t think these immigrants are treating the rest of America, those of us with deep roots here, anything but an arrogant ultimatum. We can and should say no because that’s what adults do.

    Lots of people caught the article, “The Best and Worst Run States in America” on November 27th. Here are the best: 1) North Dakota, 2) Wyoming, 3) Nebraska, 4) Utah, and 5) Iowa. The worst: California. Also among the worst are: 1) Illinois, 2) Arizona, and 3) New Jersey. The pattern as it relates to immigration is obvious. Why would the country choose the California model when it’s sure to bankrupt the country and turn us into a third world, unstable, violent abyss? Would Republicans expect a vibrant business culture in the New America that comes with immigrants who don’t assimilate but instead bring the mindset and problems of other parts of the world to our shores?

    Now the Washington buzz is that the White House is giving the GOP an insulting deal on the fiscal cliff because, as Obama puts it, “I won.” If the Republicans walk, Democrats will blame House Republicans in 2014 when the country slides into a depression. How much that matters when the Democrat Party is laid to rubble remains to be seen. The bigger issue for the Democrat Party and Obama will be the repercussions over the promise Bill Clinton made: “give Obama more time.” The Dems own this economy now. The Democrat Party will be destroyed if Obama fails; it will shatter into countless pieces, since it is, after all, a coalition party with plenty of factions of its own, one that is dependent on a share of the white swing vote.

    I think the best course of action for the GOP is to walk from any bad deals presented to them, then let the Democrats swim in their mess.

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    softwarengineer on

    The Only Reason Almost the “Whole Republican Party” Hasn’t Told its Leadership to Go to Hades on Amnesty Yet

    Is they’ve brainwashed a good percentage of them to believe green cards to slave help to farmers for Immigration Reform is the only “minute” impact, IOWs it won’t affect their employment or their childrens. You dolt Republicans [Democrats too], Immigration Reform is AMNESTY!

    The chain migration along could multiply the amnesty numbers in the 4-5 range. They don’t tell ’em that either.