Bush is Back Endorsing Amnesty

On Tuesday, former President George W. Bush came out of seclusion to endorse mass immigration as the solution to our economic crisis. He can now be added to the growing list of Republicans publicly endorsing amnesty and more immigration in the wake of the recent election.

Bush’s reentry into the immigration debate was planned before the election and coincides with the release of the Bush Institute’s book “The 4 Percent Solution,” advocating for policies that spur economic growth. In his introduction, President Bush claimed immigrants “fill a critical gap in our labor market” while failing to address how amnesty and more legal immigration would affect the nearly 23 million Americans who are currently unemployed or underemployed.

If anyone knows the challenges lawmakers face in reforming our immigration system, it is President Bush. Unfortunately for him, the opening for his proposals has come and gone. In fact, they failed when put before Congress and the American people. Now, Congress and President Obama must find a solution that serves the best interests of Americans, not the special interests who benefit most from Bush’s more is better immigration policy.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    cynthia curran on

    Well, actually some can do car jobs in Mexico according to the washington times all Mexican states now have factories, not saying there are still poor rural areas. Poverty went from 80 precnet to 47 percent. Poverty is 1940’s USA and wages are between 1960’s and 1970’s America. Wages from a 1 an hr to 6 per hr for more skilled factory workers. There are many Americans that only make 7.35 per hr. Bush is wrong they don’t now as much in the past have to come here to put food on the table. He used believes in an abtract libertarian or far right economic theory that has no basis in reality. Also, Mexico is developing engineering jobs and graduates more engineers.

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    I’ve quit worrying about what Latinos want. Don’t know what it is that’s so different from any other race, but they’re out there marching and demanding. They think they’re the only ones who deserve anything America foolishly offers. Luis Gutierrez even got upset about the STEM graduates. He only wants poverty-stricken, poorly educated, unskilled illegals who, when they become “proud Americans,” will keep him in office for the rest of his life. I’m also confused by G.W. Bush. He always said, “They only come to put food on the table.” Then why is the push on to give them citizenship? Each amnesty has been a lie, and I’m sure that this one won’t be the last one either. When the few that are left in Mexico get here, why don’t we all leave and go occupy their land? I’ll take a villa on the west coast. If all the illegals stay here, I think that would be a good deal, but as soon as we were there, here they come!

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    This guy was as open borders as you could get with using the actual words. He’s constantly pushed for more visas, including family reunification which is not even based on skills. And all this only got him 40 percent of the Latin vote in 2004, probably helped by the fact that Jeb’s wife is Mexican. Republicans need to get a clue and realize that more visas and immigration is only going to set them further back because two thirds of those people are going to end up voting democratic anyway. And it’s not like it’s the issue of enforcement that is hurting them with white voters. I have heard many far left liberals say that they totally agree we need to stop illegal immigration. The republicans need to go after women and working class. Not that they need to become the democrats, but tilting toward the rich and corporations is not enough votes.

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      softwarengineer on

      That’s Why Open Borders is Neither Conservative or Liberal Thinking

      Its pure Fascism by the foreign/corporate controllers of our media and immigration laws.