LA County Sheriff Says No More Detainer Cooperation

Unfortunately for Californians, it seems public safety is a second priority to politics.

Bloomberg Editors Say Fannie And Freddie Funds Should Not Cover Immigration

“What does a U.S. immigration program have to do with the housing market? Nothing. Yet lawmakers are once again attempting to tap mortgage-finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to fund unrelated legislation, this time to cover the cost of increasing the number of green cards for foreign graduates with advanced degrees. Fannie and Freddie, it seems, have become Washington’s favorite piggy bank,” says Bloomberg News in an editorial.

AOL Founder Supports More Immigration

“[A]s Congress and the president seize the bipartisan opportunity to address the legal, social, and moral components of a comprehensive immigration bill, they should include in the package high-skill visa reform so that we strengthen America’s economic competitiveness as well,” says AOL founder Steve Case.

LA County Sheriff Says No More Detainer Cooperation

“In an about-face, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca has joined the city’s police chief and mayor in stating he will no longer hand over undocumented immigrants arrested for low-level crimes to federal officials,” Fox News Latino says.

“Spokesman Steve Whitmore says the sheriff reversed his position after the state attorney general on Tuesday told local policing agencies that compliance with the program is voluntary.”

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    AOL Is Open Border

    Isn’t that the same corrupt internet company that tried to bilk hoards in a class lawsuit for cancelled accounts, by denying they were cancelled?

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    Sheriff Baca certainly can’t fill the shoes of prior Sheriff’s of LASO! Another reason this former Deputy with RCSO will Never come back to Calif!

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    If Governor Brown vetoed a law that specifically said that local authorities did not have to cooperate, then it’s hard to reach any other conclusion but this action by the sheriff is in direct contradiction to what the national law actually intends. There are no opt outs in the national law, and Brown basically emphasized that with his veto. And the Attorney General of California says otherwise? This is just another in the decades long failure in this country to enforce the law as it is written in plain English. And then these same people have the gall to complain about our “broken system” when they are the very ones who have seen to it that any enforcement efforts are blocked.