Amnesty Push Expected to Start Soon

Obama Expected to Start Amnesty Push Soon

“President Barack Obama will push for immigration reform within the next few weeks, according to Fox News Chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry. On America’s Newsroom on Fox, Henry said that Obama is well aware that he can become a lame duck president “pretty quickly.” Obama made an initial pledge just a week after being re-elected,” Fox News reports.

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    It s nt only a matter of a plus b equal c nd calculating taxes.
    We have to be HUMANE too,those deported won t tell good stories about America to their countrymates when they ll be trashed by ICE in miserable 3rd world countries ,therefore,americans when they travel abroad won t be received with the IMAGE of USA internationally is at stake too,either HUMANE nd nice,or KKK nazi,or helpful superpower,or black panther,we ve to choose,so let s be humane

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      Greetings Haithem:

      Firstly, don’t pull that racist hogwash excuse for American OVERPOPULATION; it has absolutely no support for foreign migration desttroying our scarce job market and deterioration of our living standards.

      Secondly, Americans won’t be travelling abroad much anyway….we can’t afford it paying all your OVERPOPULATION DEBT TAXES.

      I also hear the foreigners hate us worse than ever right now, with excess immigration to America. We might as well shut immigration down, it doesn’t help anyway.

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    Sean Hathaway on

    Amnesty shd mean a granting of Green cards nd nt only work permits to nice noncriminal people who have jobs nd speak english

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    U.S. agency sees robots replacing humans in service jobs by 2025

    Robot workers could ‘disrupt unskilled labor markets,’ federal report says

    By Patrick Thibodeau

    November 24, 2008 12:00 PM ET

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    Computerworld – A U.S. government intelligence agency thinks robots may be so capable by 2025 that questions such as “Would you like fries with that?” may be uttered by a smiling machine at the order counter.

    In a report titled “Global Trends 2025: A Transformed World” that was released last week, the National Intelligence Council offered its long-range strategic thinking about the military and economic challenges the U.S. will face from other countries over the next 17 years, as well as the environmental challenges ahead. The report also looks at technologies, and it includes some sweeping ideas about the future.

    IT workers have long been familiar with the ways that advances in automation can reduce the need for people, especially in data centers. By 2025, robotics technology will be far enough along to take over low-skill jobs, according to the NIC.
    That’s why we should not legalized the millions in about 13 years we will not need them.

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      Too Many People In America Decades Ago and Not Enough Work Too

      In the 60s and 70s we manufactured everything in America in our household: cars, furniture, electronics, etc, etc with less household workers than to day too.

      Today, we’ve outsourced 80-90% of the automotive engineering, basically shutdown NASA and we don’t hardly make anything in this country anymore. Why do we need engineers in America anymore [except for mlitary]? And if we don’t need engineers anymore, we don’t hardly need anyone else either….unless we continue to add to the federal debt instead, and that’s COMPLETE INSANITY.

      Its time to depopulate not populate. Immigration in America needs to SHUTDOWN for decades.

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        I assume that you will undergo a vasectomy to do your part in helping stop the massive overpopulation that doesn’t exist?

        Give the blame where blame is due, that the current depression is a fault of the US housing and banking industries who sold houses and provided loans to people who could not afford them, which led to the market pummeling, and people who could in fact afford their houses abandoning them since it’s cheaper to just buy another one for half or less they have remaining to pay on the current one.

        Also blame the companies who outsource all the manufacturing abroad where people will do with fraction of what US worker would work for, with no unions, and a minimum of a 12h work day.

        Overpopulation is not a problem, it will not be a problem, the problem is the job market. US keeps running on booms, you got a manufacturing boom, recently you had a tech boom, and right now, well there’s nothing.

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    cyntha curran on

    Well, Obama **** around Radical Mexicans in Chicago and on the right Grover Norquist was for constant consumer demand-low prices and cheap labor and larger population, whose more evil I don’t know.

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    Better yet, have the CBO figure out how much we’ve LOST already from illegal aliens and their employers who haven’t paid the taxes they owe. Middle class Americans are about to take a hit from tax hikes, yet this amnesty would also amnesty illegal aliens and THEIR employers who have been cheating on taxes and sticking the rest of us with the bills.

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      You Got It Ali

      The politicians robbed the Social Security cookie jar for overpopulation debts, you know the cookie jar we put more in than we draw out in a lifetime [including the retired/retiring Baby Boomers]….now they want the Middle Class to take MASSIVE Social Security CUTS to help pay for foreign/corporate OVERPOPULATION COSTS.

      I’m for robbing all the rich elites’ private 401Ks from their bank accounts in a similar manner, especially the ones hiring IAs and don’t depend on Social Security. Then pay them back in MASSIVE CUTS too.

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      Yeah, but they’ll “pay taxes”. Actually most will not pay a dime because of being low income with dependents. And giving them citizenship makes them eligible for the earned income tax credit. Up to five thousand dollars whether you owe taxes or not.

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    Isn’t the Congressional Budget Office required to give a cost estimate on certain bills? I think it would apply to this. Are we going to calculate how little taxes will be paid and how much these people take out over a lifetime?

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    Now That 2012 Domestic/Foreign Stock Interest Yields Were in the 16-19% Range

    Even though the profits went to just an elite few.

    They figure we’ll buy the recession is over hogwash and be good little sheeple as they push for economic destroying overpopulation/immigration.

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      Here are some important statistics can prove Amnesty immigration reform is BAD for Republican Party. It is a LOST-LOST situation.

      The comparison of the election outcome between John McCain and Mitt Romney:

      John McCain was a strong proponent of comprehensive immigration reform “amnesty program”.

      In the 2008 Presidential election, McCain gained 45.7% of the popular vote and Obama gained 52.9% of the popular vote. Overall, the percentage difference between Obama and McCain is 7.2%.

      Mitt Romney is a hardliner on immigration.

      In the 2012 Presidential election, Mitt Romney gained 47.2% of the popular vote and Obama gained 51% of the popular vote. Overall, the percentage difference between Obama and Romney is only 3.8%.

      All of them, John McCain is a strong proponent of the “Amnesty Program”, but he lost much more than Romney to Obama in popular vote.