University Uses Grant to Target Term “Illegal Alien”

Between the gift giving and celebrating with family over the holidays, you may have missed an attack on the First Amendment – or at least the latest effort to take political correctness to the next level.

Carmela Martinez of exposed a disturbing campaign by the University of Maryland to stamp out “non-inclusive language.” One of the terms being targeted is illegal alien.

There are two issues at play here. First, a public university is attempting to stamp out language it unilaterally deems “offensive.” Never mind the First Amendment right to freedom of speech. College campuses are apparently not meant to be a forum for legitimate political discussions and sharing of ideas.

The second is the use of the term illegal alien. It is not the first time we’ve seen a campaign against the use of this legal term which appears in U.S. laws and court briefs. Earlier this year illegal alien journalist Jose Antonio Vargas tried to pressure major new outlets like The New York Times and the Associated Press into discontinuing the use of “illegal immigrant.” He was ultimately unsuccessful.

The University’s suggested alternative to illegal alien has no legal basis or history or is even remotely descriptive of one’s immigration status – “undocumented citizen.” Calling someone in the country illegally a citizen is an oxymoron. And undocumented? Illegal aliens typically have a number of documents – they just may be foreign, fake or belong to someone else.

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    The intention is to affect political change through brain washing. It is disgraceful that liberal thinking has come to this, but this is far from an isolated incident.

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    If illegal aliens are undocumented workers then isn’t the money in the bank down the street my undocumented money.

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    We shouldn’t worry about what Universities are thinking about or proposing – they’re pretty pathetic and by definition do not live in the real world. We should be concerned, however, about Illinois and other states granting illegals drivers’ licenses and other more pertinent matters. The only way to improve things in this key area of society is to change Congress. FAIR should be involved with key Congressional races and inform its readers / members of candidates’ positions on the entire issue of immigration. Spending time debating language and/or terms is not an effective use of FAIR’s efforts.

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      John F. Kostrubal on

      We need to pay attention to what is going on in our Educational system, for they are indoctrinating our children in Communism .
      Look at the University that hired Bill Ayers( remember the Anti-American group called the Weatherman )
      One of the first steps taught by Communist and Nazi organizers, was to reach to the children .
      We have grade schools in our nation teaching America is bad and our enemies are the victims .
      The Socialist Democratic Party`s main objective is to transform our nation into a socialist state, using our children, foreigners residing in our nation, and illegal aliens .

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    Calling an illegal alien an undocumented worker/citizen is like calling a drug dealer an unlicensed pharmacist.

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      EXACTLY! When is congress going to stop Obama from illegally using his executive powers to change laws that the majority of the Americans don’t want to be changed or to give a reward to those who break the law, have broken the law or are in the planning of breaking the laws in the future. If this is how it is going to be I have a few tickets I would greatley appreciate a refund on…

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    Good. We should scrap this insulting term. I mean, I support your first amendment right to say “nig*er” “*******” “spic” and the rest. But this is the 21st Century. “Illegal alien” will soon join those ranks.

    So grow up, treat people like humans, and argue your policy point without being so crude and insulting.

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      So the time being 21st century should make these shameless, arrogant greedy bastards less “illegal”?

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      Right Chia, these illegal aliens are sucking this country dry with social services (welfare), burdening the infrastructure, schools, hospitals, etc. etc.. Morons like Stan don’t realize this… he’s more concerned with offending invading hoards.

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        What they are sucking down are jobs. Not, lawncare either. Look at your road workers, painters, roofers, store cashiers, on and on. Jobs that used to be held by Blacks are now held by every other race except whites or blacks. Blacks are getting shafted by the Democratic party that has embraced “people of color” to the detriment of African Americans. Blacks are marching lock-step with the party that is taking Black jobs, and Obama is helping them do it. Where is the NAACP???? Stupid!

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      If the properly descriptive reference “illegal immigrant” is insulting, pejorative, insensitive, should the opposite to that reference, “legal immigrant” or simply “immigrant”, be considered offensive as well?

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      You obviously don’t live in California where the illegal aliens have taken over the Central Valley. Please don’t tell me all the Mexican guys I see (who don’t speak English) hanging out during the day are here legally or are working on the many farms we have here, because farm work (as I have always viewed it) is definitely a day job! So, what the hell are they up too? Living off the welfare their women collect on their “citizen” kids or dealing drugs, take your pick and grow up. If you didn’t come here by the legal way then you are an illegal alien!

      What is crude and insulting is the way these illegals are treated better than most of us poor people who have been here for generations and our families came here legally. What’s crude and insulting is the way our president using his executive power illegally to grant privileges to the illegal’s and congress just sitting on their butts letting him do it.

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    Illegal is a word that means against the law. Foreigners who sneak into the United States, or stay after their visa runs out, are breaking the law. How simple is that? Of course, with the greedy pigs in Washington, illegal means votes and more people to sign up for welfare. The more people they have dependent on the government the better.

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      Marvin McConoughey on

      If an illegal alien has been so identified, and in writing, then he is a documented illegal alien. Lets not descend to applying neutralizing language to an illegal alien presence in our sovereign nation. To do so is a abuse of the English language.

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    Lets see. The Obama administration would rather violate the 2nd amendment by rounding up and confiscating everyone’s guns but doesn’t want to enforce immigration laws by rounding up and removing illegal aliens. Talk about having your priorities mixed up.

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    “Undocumented Citizens?’ This take the prize for a real head-banger. No matter what our government does, illegal aliens will never be true Americans!

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    Mass Immigration Is Not Sustainable on

    One sign tells students to avoid using the phrase “that’s so ghetto” and substitute the term with words like “grimey,” “wack,” or “messed up.”

    Let me get this straight–a university is encouraging it’s students to use the term “wack”?

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      Foreigner is a term for any one not a citizen, here either legally or illegally It does not correctly identify a persons legal status as does illegal Alien..

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      I like the term criminalien like our criminalien president destroying America from the inside I regret I have only one live to give for my country.

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    I thought undocumented worker or undocumented immigrant were bad enough. But undocumented citizen? Citizen is a legal term with a legal definition. And a lot of people complain about “alien”, but that is the official government term. It means not from this country. You have to wonder where this Orwellian language ends.

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      richard harris on

      It’s because the left-wing is so acutely aware of the power of words and the need to control the language that they relentlessly wage war on those who effectively use language that undermines the left-wing agenda. Therefor it is equally important for those of us on the conservative side to relentlessly resist the tactics of the left -wing. We should reject the usage of politically correct terms in our speech. We should always use language that flies in the face of the left-wing political correctness Nazis. Thus we should always call a spade a spade, and an illegal alien an illegal alien.

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    I Bet Its Not the Most of the Kids at the University That Support This “Moot Point” Fiasco

    I imagine they could care less, or if they read this “REAL” Immigration Reform website, they’d be horrified like us.

    Its the University staff licking their open border wolf chops at the thought bof getting more double tuition foreigners into their institution and replacing in state legal kids’ scarce university slots for the lure of money.

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      You accidentally used an asterisk * rather than a quotation mark “, and yes I agree this is a “real” immigration reform site, because so far I can tell that you do not want any sort of actual reform.

      Also academia should be one field where one’s own merit should be the primary condition for admission, if those “illiterate non English speaking Mexicans”, that you so heavily try to demonize, do better than born citizens of the glorious American Empire (which it is due to having control of multiple territories in the Pacific region) then it’s a good time to tell your stupid kid to shape up, or (s)he will end up working in McDonalds for minimal wage.

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        richard harris on

        Yes the kind of immigration reform that we champion at this site is the kind where the nation’s existing immigration laws are actually enforced, not ignored as is being done by the Obama Administration. That’s the kind of reform we want.

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        Berta González on

        Anon1720 generally speaking those using anonymous names to post gibberish do so because they do not have the courage to post using their given names and have something to hide.
        Your comments regarding academia have nothing to do with the fact that persons in the USA without legal permission are in fact “illegal aliens”. It is irrelevant whether illegal aliens are educated or illiterate since the topic is not their educational level but rather their legal, or lack of same, status in this country.
        You and so many others like you prefer to attack those of us who believe in the rule of law, enforcement of our current immigration laws, and our insistence that “guests” and others within our borders have been vetted and approved for entry into our country.
        My parents asked and were granted permission to enter this great country many years before my birth, illegal aliens chose to break our laws and do not deserve any consideration. Enter complying with all of our duly enacted immigration laws or stay out, period.

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        Marvin McConoughey on

        I like the idea that higher education (not just universities) admission should be merit based. However, with limited economic means, citizens should not be expected to further the admission of subsidize illegal aliens more than we do our fellow Americans from other states.

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        By the way you accidently left out a space after (s) he. FYI.

        As far as your comments about working at McDonalds where I live you can’t work there unless you speak Spanish because the demographics here in the small berg I live in is 57% white and 40% Latino.

        Although the public schools are predominantly Hispanic of which all are failing here in the floor of the Central Valley CA. The breakdown for these failing schools are around 90%+ Hispanic and 10%- White with 1 or 2 black kids and a couple of oriental kids. The only successful kids are in the mountains around here (heading towards Yosemite National Park or Sequoia (Big Trees) National Park. These schools are predominantly white. Why are these schools in the Valley floor failing? Maybe you can figure it out? Perhaps these rumors of illiteracy should be checked out. How can you offer your children the best there is by going to a foreign and not learning the language of that country to help your kids do their homework?

        I agree with Richard Harris, the laws we have (that we have had for years) worked fine until a couple of our elected presidents granted amnesty and our borders were flooded because those who wanted to come here illegally knew amnesty would happen again. I don’t think we need a new immigration policy, I think we need to enforce the laws that we have and that we had used for years (not Obama’s illegal laws). I also believe we should give preference to immigrants that already have an education and have something to offer America other than having children and collecting foodstamps and cash-aid for these children. Those who have come here and been granted citizenship should not be allowed to bring over their relatives. These people should have to have something to offer the U.S. to be allowed over here, too. If they wanted to be around their relatives so bad then they should have stayed in their country of origin.

        The saying Charity starts at home should be a mantra for us. We have many problems to work out for our citizens first, born here and legal citizens. I don’t see how accepting more people over the border (from wherever) can help our problems. Unless you are a politician and want more votes or more youngsters who will pay into social security fund so that they can steal the money out of it. Almost everyone of the last five presidents has stolen over $850 billion dollars each to out of the SSA fund to help balance the budget for the governments over spending. I say that us citizen, no matter what nationality you are, deserves to have first dibs on everything that is available in “OUR” country