Immigration Spending Hits $18 Billion, Says Study

Immigration Spending Hits $18 Billion, Says Study

“The Obama administration spent more money on immigration enforcement in the last fiscal year than all other federal law enforcement agencies combined, according to a report on the government’s enforcement efforts from a Washington think tank,” the AP reports. “The report on Monday from the Migration Policy Institute, a non-partisan group focused on global immigration issues, said in the 2012 budget year that ended in September the government spent about $18 billion on immigration enforcement programs…”

Esther Cepeda – Behind the Obama Administration’s Math on Deportations

“Though John Morton, the director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, stated that 55 percent of those deported were convicted of felonies or misdemeanors — about twice the number of people in such categories deported in fiscal year 2008 — the immigrants in question are not overwhelmingly murderers, gang-bangers or drug pushers we’d normally assume them to be,” says Esther Cepeda.

“According to Bryan Johnson, an immigration attorney, and blogger in New York, the only reason that ICE is breaking deportation records is because Border Patrol apprehensions are also counted. When these individuals are caught a second time crossing the border, they are then prosecuted for illegal re-entry, a federal felony.”

Ruben Navarrette Jr. – Don’t Trust Obama on Immigration

“Now that we’re in the new year, the nation’s 52 million Latinos need to make a resolution — to never again trust President Obama when it comes to immigration. For one thing, Obama hasn’t earned that trust. Judging from his legislative record in the Illinois state Senate and the U.S. Senate, he never cared about immigrants or immigration. He only values it as a wedge issue to use against Republicans, and to make himself appear compassionate by comparison,” says Ruben Navarrette Jr.

“On this issue, Obama comes across as cynical beyond belief. He does what he feels he needs to do for his own benefit, and then tries to cover his tracks by misrepresenting the facts and taking advantage of how easy it is to fool people who would rather believe anything he says than admit they made a mistake.”

Should Canada’s Guest Worker Program Be a Model for the U.S.?

“The United States gives out about 50,000 seasonal agricultural visas per year, nearly all of them to Mexican workers. But U.S. farmers, immigrant advocate groups, labor unions and Mexican officials say that the current U.S. program is a mess: inefficient, bureaucratic and vulnerable to abuses by swindlers and shady recruiters who charge potential workers thousands of dollars to find jobs for them and prepare their visa applications,” the Washington Post writes.

“The frustrations have left many looking north, to Canada, where government officials partner with their Mexican counterparts to recruit workers, expedite visas, guarantee health and safety standards, and coordinate travel arrangements and pay.”

Sens. McCain, Flake Ready to Push Amnesty

“Arizona’s Republican Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake are poised to lead the way on immigration reform this year. McCain and Flake, a former six-term U.S. representative, were both previously known as high-profile supporters of proposals for a guest-worker program and a pathway to legal status for illegal immigrants already in the country,” the Arizona Republic says.

“But McCain and Flake, who on Thursday replaced former GOP Sen. Jon Kyl, are now part of a bipartisan group of eight senators that is pressing forward on a new comprehensive plan.”

Conn. To Issue Licenses to Obama Amnesty Recipients

“The state will issue driver’s licenses to young people who qualify for a new “deferred action” immigration enforcement program that President Barack Obama announced in August. The news came at a rally Sunday attended by hundreds of people, many of them immigrants from several countries, and was announced by the co-chairman of a regional clergy group,” the New Haven Register says.

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    Well, actually Mexicans do live better in some parts of Mexico than in Los Angeles. Los Angeles sometimes will have about 20 Mexican living and renting in a tract house that under 1000 sqaure feet. Its not always true that you live better in the states. The Mexicans that come here are from poor areas or rurual areas. Try lving in LA yourself on 9.00 per hr the Mexicans are able because the ACLU prevent cities from limiting the number of people that can live in La.

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    The US PAID ILLEGAL ALIENS who filed for the additional child tax credit using ITINs $4.2 BILLION in just one year. Stopping that nonsense by deporting illegal aliens would pay for the cost of enforcement in less than 5 years.

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    If Amnesty/Overpopulation is Touted by Open Border Types as Relatively Unimportant and a Separate Issue to the Economy

    Why in Hades do they waste so much time and money to brainwash us to believe this hogwash?

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    Mass Immigration Is Not Sustainable on

    Don’t believe the propaganda. Look at the actual statistics. All we hear is that deportations keep going up–what a shock, they have gone every year under Obama:

    FY Year Removals Returns Deportations
    2000 188,467 1,675,876 1,864,343
    2001 189,026 1,349,371 1,538,397
    2002 165,168 1,012,116 1,177,284
    2003 211,098 945,294 1,156,392
    2004 240,665 1,166,576 1,407,241
    2005 246,431 1,096,920 1,343,351
    2006 280,974 1,043,381 1,324,355
    2007 319,382 891,390 1,210,772
    2008 359,795 811,263 1,171,058
    2009 395,165 586,164 981,329
    2010 387,242 476,405 863,647
    2011 391,953 323,542 715,495

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      When a worker comes over to U.S. or Canada, etc., do you think when the six months “working” period comes up that the illegal “worker” will return to his/her country? Hell “NO”, would you want to go back to a 3rd, 4th etc. country? The gov here has made it like a billion dollar vacation for the INTRUDER! Fydelves if you think they’ll go back “home”, this is their NEW WORLD!

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    Illegal immigration is an explosive term and it is not going to be silenced or fade away? On June 6, 2007 a highly respected Senior Research expert Robert Rector a fellow at the Heritage Foundation after years of analysis and examination has concluded that a Path to Citizenship or as also recognized as new Amnesty would eventually cost taxpayers the grand sum of $2.6 TRILLION dollars. NOT BILLIONS, but TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS. Currently the House is in a verbal battle with President Obama and his Czars to cut drastically a $16 Trillion treasury debt cultivated by bloated government, entitlements and other policies. This unimaginable deficit, a spending negative extravaganza would plummet us deeper into a state and federal insolvency. To alleviate the catastrophe of a comprehensive program to give the underestimated 11 million illegal aliens some form of Amnesty. We, the people must demand; YES demand from Congress to enact the LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT restraining the further encouragement of illegal workers from jobs, by mandating the E-Verify computer program.

    Second demand that the legislators who are supposedly in Washington to protect American rights in amending BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP. This bill becoming law will completely halt illegal alien women from smuggling their children into our nation and gaining immediate citizenship. Once a new amendment is applied, babies will not be gaining U.S. citizenship without one parent already a citizen. IT WILL ALSO SLOW THE CHAIN MIGRATION, which swells the ranks of families that are able to legally immigrate here by using a sponsor. But eventually the sponsor stops supporting their older kin who need welfare to survive. The children that are smuggled here by their illegal alien parents are the major core of the DREAM ACT KIDS, which is also an issue that will be prolonged until an amendment to the Birthright Citizenship bill is enacted, for future restriction ending this travesty?


    Illegal alien Mothers know they have an Anchor or foothold in our welfare state under this present law, as once they are over the border or are leaving an international airport through immigration they are free. Annually the cost to financially support the families of foreign nationals is accelerating past the hundred billion dollar mark. If foreign workers wish to become a temporary seasonal job, then America should adopt a guest worker program as established in Canada. The Washington Post newspaper (For once I agree with) presently is concurring with this Canadian program, which was initiated through a successful employment arrangement with Mexico. Whereas the American Guest Worker program is in ugly chaos and ripe with fraud, whereas the Canadian is a well prearranged, regulated and stringently applied. Note that migrants do not have to pay smugglers for passage and enter Canada with a visa, a job and receive health care and other benefits, then returning home with cash in their pockets and not looking over their shoulder for Immigration agents.