Guilty Plea by Illegal Alien in Total Theft of Woman’s Identity

Guilty Plea by Illegal Alien in Total Theft of Woman’s Identity

“An illegal immigrant accused of assuming the persona of a Texas teacher pleaded guilty Monday in a case that put a face on the growing crime of “total identity theft” in the United States. Benita Cardona-Gonzalez, a Mexican national living in Topeka, pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of possessing fraudulent identification documents in a deal with prosecutors that calls for an 18-month prison term,” the AP reports.

“Gutierrez said she would have liked to see Cardona-Gonzalez spend a more than 18 months in prison after everything she put her through. Still, she said she was satisfied with the plea deal because she and her husband want to get the case over with and move on with their lives.”

Immigration Issue Headed for Divided House

“Despite the hopes of immigrant-rights advocates, it appears the election did not close the partisan divide on immigration.
That was highlighted on Thursday, the very first day of the new session, when Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, kicking off the 113th Congress, called for action on the thorny issue from the rostrum of the House. Her entire Democratic caucus gave her a standing ovation, but Republicans stayed in their seats, with few even bothering to applaud at all,” the Washington Times reports.

“Businesses want a stream of temporary workers who would return home after their time is up, while labor unions and immigrant-rights advocates say those workers should be allowed a path to citizenship, which would mean a sizable boost in overall immigration.”

License Plan Advances in Ill.

“A proposal to issue driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants [in Illinois]received House committee approval Monday, despite concerns by both Democrats and Republicans whether it goes far enough to prevent fraud,” the AP reports.

“The plan, endorsed 6-3 by a transportation committee, requires those immigrants who wish to obtain a license have their photo taken and filed digitally in a state database. But state Rep. Dennis Reboletti, R-Elmhurst, said illegal immigrants should be fingerprinted as a better way to create an identifying record. Photos alone could lead to identity fraud, he said.”

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    Everyone loves what you guys are up too. This kind of clever work and reporting!
    Keep up the terrific works guys I’ve included you guys to my blogroll.

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    The Feds are doing nothing about the identify theft problem because they want to replace the SS# with the mark of the beast..they want to chip us all.

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    We justmfound out my husband is the victim of identity theft. The Thief is foreign, possibly middle eastern. He is opening accounts using my husband’s identity, buying HUGE amounts of currency across the country, in the form of GOLD. Making HUGE payments to the fraudulent cards in my husband’s name, from a bank account, no doubt someone elses. Possibly funding terrorism and money laundering. Not ONE govt agency will help us. Not ONE law enforcement agency will get involved, and although the FBI told me “there is an identity theft EVERY FOUR SECONDS NOW” – the also told me “the FBI doesn’t get involved in identity theft.” SINCE WHEN DID IDENTITY THEFT BECOME LEGAL??? This SCUM answers his phone in a heavy accent using MY HUSBANDS NAME, has a fraudulent CA drivers license in my husbands name (A FEDERAL OFFENSE!) and used it to change our address to his to divert our credit reports to his house. The Police are OVERWHELMED by all the paperwork and some won’t even take a police report for identity theft as they do not have the manpower to handle them all! THANK YOU OBAMA FOR OPENING OUR BORDERS AND ALLOWING THIS ILLEGAL ALIEN INVASION!!!

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    I know an illegal alien family that collect welfare from the us and live on a forty acre ranch in Mexico and when they need medical or dental care they return get it for nothing I have reported this to the dshs and they do not care America is lost short of armed revolution you or your children you decide.

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    I can top this story with no trouble at all. This is an older article about an illegal alien serial child molester arrested in my community. Further investigation led to 76 counts of felony sexual assault against multiple minors. Just here to do the jobs that Americans won’t, huh Dubya.

    Police & Fire
    East Hampton Man Charged with Rape
    Town police say the 23-year-old was warned to stay away from a minor.
    By Taylor K. Vecsey Email the author April 25, 2012
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    A 23-year-old East Hampton man is being held at the Suffolk County jail in Riverside following an indictment related to the rape of a minor.

    East Hampton Town police arrested Fidel A. Castro-Brito on April 6 two days after an alleged incident took place.

    A man went to police when he saw a man he knew jumping out of his daughter’s bedroom window upon his arrival home. He had confronted Castro months earlier on Facebook and advised him to stay away from his daughter because she is a minor and Castro said he would.

    Police interviewed Castro and took a sworn statement, in which he admitted to having sexual intercourse on at least one occassion with the minor, according to police.

    State law protects the girl’s identity.

    East Hampton Town Justice Lisa R. Rana arraigned Castro on one count of first-degree rape and a misdemeanor endangerment charge on April 7. Bail was set at $100,000 cash, $200,000 bond. He was turned over to the custody of the sheriff’s office.

    A Suffolk County grand jury indicted him on April 12. He stands charged with three counts of felony first-degree rape, four counts of predatory sexualt assault against a child, also a felony, and one count of acting in a manner injurious to a child, a misdemeanor.

    The Suffolk County Criminal Court case has been adjourned until April 27.

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    Email me updates about this story.

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    Yea all those illegals undocumented are all here under an assumed name and assumed address too so they can get all the benefits we the americans dont even get even if we apply for them,,,, but OBAMA wants them here anyways for him there is no wrong doing when it comes to his ILLEGAL friends. Obama should take them all to the white house to live with his family and take care of them too cus us the AMERICAN PEOPLE shouldnt have to deal with all this crap…. he wants them here than he should deal with their illegal documents and their crimes too…

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    While I fear Illegals getting licenses is another step towards amnesty, my bigger fear is me or a family member getting hurt or killed in an accident, and having no financial recourse. Of course,the fact these invaders are getting anything other than a boot up their asses is pathetic enough.

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    The License plan in Illinois makes no mention of insurance coverage for illegal aliens who involved in a DUI or other accident in which they are responsible involving death, injury or damage to property with no or little insurance flee the jurisdiction to parts unknown leaving no compensation for the victims. California insurance companies charge an extra fee to california residents to cover insured for “flee and flight” damages for such absence of coverage or inadequate insurance.

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    Identity Theft Forgiveness in America is Off the Richtor Scale

    There’s even a Hollywood comedy movie on the topic coming soon, at a theater near you….like its all a lite joke.

    How about its really a serious felony against the victims and deserves MASS PRISON TIME?

    The sacrificial lamb case above does not address the main problem….its masked by the Social Security Agency, American banks and our three Credit Agencies….so the HOARDS of victims seldom find out and the SSN sharing can go on and on, to provide the foreign/corporate entities cheap illegal slave laor in MASS QUANTITIES.

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    Read the whole link “the AP reports”. SS knew there was a problem here 12 YEARS AGO when the victim got turned down for a mortgage. She requested an entirely new number but SS instead gave a new one to the person impersonating her. The victim had to file income tax returns with a special number usually assigned to illegal immigrants. Meanwhile the crook was getting government benefits for her children and claiming that the victim had stolen HER identity. There was a case of this in Florida about a year ago with a guy had been through twenty years of all kinds of problems, including getting denied for a passport. He had requested that SS give him the info it had on the other person. They refused, as they did in this case, and that leaves the victim with absolutely no recourse and constantly having their life upended by these criminals. What kind of country have we become when the government of this country lets a criminal ruin your life.

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      We are going through the SAME thing right now! We can’t even get my husband’s Equifax report because all the “secret questions” address etc. are THE THIEF’S! They are protecting HIM and denying it to US! The credit reporting agencies told us all the thieves have to do is send a fake ID and they eill change your address on your reports to the thief… no questions asked! No matter that WE have owned our hime and lived here 25 yrs, that is all it took for the thief to take over our lives