Rubio Reveals Parts of Modernization Plan for Immigration

Rubio Reveals Parts of ‘Modernization’ Plan for Immigration

“Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Florida, is laying out elements of his proposal to reform the immigration system, which he pitches as much-needed modernization for the outdated system,” CNN reports.

“Rubio, who was elected in 2010 to his first U.S. Senate term, told The Wall Street Journal in an interview published Saturday that his plan would include a permanent residency provision and a route to citizenship for those undocumented immigrants currently in the United States, but he stressed that the plan was ‘not blanket amnesty or a special pathway to citizenship.’”

Unions Ready for Major Amnesty Push

“With victory in sight, SEIU is committing the full force of its 2.1 million members to pushing comprehensive reform in 2013, with plans for rallies around the country, education campaigns for members, and an inside game aimed at lobbying lawmakers in Washington towards a final vote,” Talkingpointsmemo reports.

“The AFL-CIO, the nation’s largest federation of unions, is on board as well; and the two sometimes rival groups are united around a common set of policy principles after splitting on President George W. Bush’s failed immigration effort. Both organizations identify passing a bill that includes a path to citizenship for the undocumented population as one of their absolute top priorities for the 113th Congress.”

Obama Strategy Tied to One Big Bill

“President Obama intends to push lawmakers to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill that would create a pathway to citizenship for most illegal immigrants, according to a report in the New York Times,” The Hill reports.

“The report, citing senior administration officials, said the White House would press Senate Democrats for action on the measure in the coming months.

Despite coming battles over the budget and the administration’s high-profile push to stem gun violence, Obama has said that immigration reform will be a top priority in his second term.”

Former Salvadoran Officer Faces Sentencing for Immigration Crimes

“A former El Salvadoran military official accused of colluding in the 1989 slaying of six Jesuit priests faces sentencing on immigration charges in federal court in Boston,” the AP reports.

“Inocente Orlando Montano was among 20 Salvadorans indicted in Spain in 2011 for their alleged roles in the killings during El Salvador’s 12-year civil war. Montano has denied any involvement.”

Sen. Schumer Says Amnesty Bill Will Be “Very Tough” on Enforcement

“Speaking at a news conference on Sunday, Sen. Charles Schumer talked about provisions under consideration to be included in the final [amnesty]measure,” CBS news reports.

“’People are tired of two things: they’re tired of illegal immigrants constantly crossing the border with no recourse, and they’re also tired that we don’t treat people who are here as productive American citizens,’ Schumer told reporters including WCBS 880’s Monica Miller.”

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    Be sure to repeal th cuban adjust act of 1966. Cuban are now getting govt permission to travel, and guess where they’re going? Good luck deporting a Cuban.

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    Did you read Roger Hedgecock’s column today? Looks like he now supports giving amnesty to the illegal aliens here, as long as they’re working and pass a background check…in others words, the same old amnesty talk we’ve heard for years. Look for this buried in his column.

    I hope FAIR contacts him about this and asks why he has flipped and now supports amnesty!!

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    “It’s going to be very generous on legal immigration.” by Chuck Schumer. Good ol Chuck. The guy who led the fight in the House for the 1986 “one time amnesty” is ready to perform his magic again. Hold on to your wallets, American citizens. What this clown really means is that there are going to be lots of visas for guest worker programs. In other words, he is going to kowtow to business and their desire to pay minimum wage and no benefits. And people vote for this dope because he supposedly is on the side of the “working man”. No, he’s another shill for business interests.

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      A Friend of Mine Went to That Prohibition of Alcohol Museum in Phildelphia

      He got his picture taken with two full sized crimelord figures in zoot suits, i.e., Al Capone and Pretty Boy Flyod.

      I teased him and told him he got his picture taken with two blue dog Democrats….:-)

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    ProudNativeAmerican on

    I support H.R.140 – Birthright Citizenship Act of 2011, and am tracking it using, the free public resource website for government transparency and accountability.

    Funny how so many do NOT want entitlement cuts, yet support illegal aliens. Why do you not care??

    American Kids, Through No Fault Of Their Own

    Education cuts, higher price of groceries, cuts to entitlements could all be avoided IF our government followed our Immigration Laws. Not only do we the consumer pay the price, but our American children, Through No Fault Of Their Own are also paying the price! How dare you or any elected official hand over amnesty when you’ve done nothing to seal our borders or put an end to the abuse of Birthright Citizenship!

    I’ve had the opportunity to speak with cashiers at WalMart who see so much WIC & Food Stamp fraud by illegal aliens; we consumers are paying the higher prices to make up for their theft.

    Food Stamps & WIC allow certain products, brands and quantities yet, Mexicans take more or non-approved items on WIC & Food Stamps, hold up grocery lines knowing Management will “Let them have it”.

    One Mexican woman was making a scene, screaming at the cashier “Just give it to me” when denied the items not approved through Food Stamps! WE consumers pay the price difference with higher prices. Off to the money center, sending their money to Mexico! I know some whites, blacks & asians abuse the system, however Mexicans appear to be the worst!

    Cash back on the Food Stamp Card, using to purchase cigarettes & alcohol. Why does do states allow this?

    Go to WalMart or retailers where the low income shop, talk to; employees who can tell you so many stories, how they watch the abuses while making low wages, trying to support their American children without entitlements! Many have said they were indifferent to the illegals until being on the front lines, seeing all their theft & abuse,

    Unless you are a renter in this area, you have no clue how hard it has become to find ‘decent’ affordable housing as so many illegals are taking them up! I rented from one landlord who told me he had to replace the flooring (Now using cheap paneling) after having rented to Mexicans as they ripped up nice expensive hardwood floors, took it with them after they were evicted for NOT paying their rent. Working retail has provided me with the opportunity to speak with many who have told me similar horror stories, forcing we renters to pay higher rent and deposits. Not only do the Mexicans tear out flooring, they take ceiling fans, bathroom cabinets, etc. The Maintenance Man where I rent told me they hate renting to them as they always pay their 1st month rent and deposit, then wait to be evicted paying no more rent while trashing the apt. This in turn is hurting Americans as we NOW must pay higher deposits as well as has had an effect on the price of rent.

    When does KS become CA?? I’ve also been informed by more than one illegal alien they are now migrating here from CA as we have jobs and affordable housing!

    Americans should be your 1st priority, not the Business Coalitions and their needed election donations! Who would have ever thought our Government would care so little about Americans that they’ve allowed some cities to be hijacked by Mexicans, forcing Americans to learn Spanish if they want jobs?

    Turning your backs on the theft by illegal aliens is creating a breeding ground for racism and hatred of Mexicans as you’ve chose them over your own low to middle class constituents. I’ve spoke with city utility workers who confirm what i’ve seen, more and more apartments are being vacated by native born Americans as many illegals are taking them over! I’ve caught more than one messing with water meters, why???

    A family member (strong supporter of immigrants) works at the Houston Medical Center and has seen the gross amount of abuses by illegals who in turn never pay their bills and leave with their welfare! I would love to relocate closer to my family member, however many employers now require Spanish!

    It’s time to pass not only H.R. 140 The Birthright Citizenship bill which was created to protect freed slaves, but E-verify to help ensure Americans are getting the jobs needed!\

    IRS told employees to ignore potential fraud in program used by immigrants

    Millions illegal Mexicans getting bigger tax refund than you, claiming kids living in Mexico

    The U.,S. Treasury inspector general also found 10 individual addresses were used for filing 53,994 tax returns and receiving $86.4 million in fraudulent tax refunds. For example, 23,994 tax refunds totaling $46.3 million were issued to an address in Atlanta; and 2,507 tax refunds totaling $10.4 million were issued to an address in Oxnard, Calif.

    Read more:

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      Yes Proud Native American

      Social Security gutting to pay for overpopulation funding is a good example too. The Baby Boomers have paid into Social Security far more than they’ll ever spend in a life time….yet we robbed their federal 401K equivalent and spent it on debt that should have been budget cuts or more taxes. Now we want to reduce Social Security to pay fo overpopulation debts….a lot of it related to MASS IAs and their MASS American organised crime employers too.

      We even call Social Security a “tax” in error now too….its not a tax, its a retirement entitlement that was above “fully funded”. But the rich elite not depending on Social Security but hiring IAs wouldn’t be laughing, if the federal government went into their 401K bank accounts and drained them dry with IOUs, then returned the money back to them “some day” at 50 cents on the dollar.

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    From the story about Rubio:

    “It’s not just that unions are looking for more warm bodies to recruit, they’ve undergone a basic cultural change at the top to become culturally leftist in ways they weren’t before,” Krikorian said. “Americans have pretty much given up on organized labor, so organized labor is giving up on Americans.”

    ———————–Yup, and does the AFL-CIO really think that rank-and-file LEGAL members are going to vote for it? I”m from Michigan and that state recently passed a RIGHT TO WORK law, a pretty good indication that labor is in a really weak position in one of the homes of the American labor movement.

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    We were promise all that enforcement on 1986, and once amnesty was given, the enforcement never came, We are a nation of laws and 10% of the population can not dictate what to do, to the other 90%. Most Americans do not want amnesty in any shape or form, even many of us who are part of that 10% of Hispanics. We need enforcement, nothing else.
    An amnesty will favor Mexico the most, because 75% of the illegals here are from Mexico and if we want to really be fair, we should consider ALL THE OTHER COUNTRIES THAT WANT TO COME TO AMERICA AS WELL.
    What Washington is calling a fair deal, is only fair for Mexico, not the rest of Latin America or the world and we are not in any condition to add any more citizens or legal residents, to our already broke country now.
    What we need is our elected official to work hard to put ALL AMERICANS back to work and cut spending for the sake of future generations, NOTHING MORE AND NOTHING ELSE.