ICE Delayed Arrest of Illegal Alien Intern for Political Reasons

Napolitano Stays At DHS to Help Push Amnesty

“Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano will remain at her post during President Obama’s second term, a development that could have implications for the debate over immigration reform. Officials from the White House and the Department of Homeland Security confirmed to ABC/Univision on Monday that Napolitano will stay in her current job,” ABC News reports.

“Ali Noorani, executive director of the National Immigration Forum, said that Napolitano’s relationships on Capitol Hill forged during her interactions with lawmakers over the past four years could pay off when the White House presses Congress to pass a bill.”

Navarrette: Take Citizenship Out of Amnesty Debate

“This time, the major sticking point [for amnesty]is likely to be citizenship. Democrats, including Obama, have said they won’t budge on their demand that undocumented immigrants get not just legal status, but also a pathway to citizenship. Naturally.
The GOP brand is so toxic with Latino immigrants right now that we could be talking about millions of new Democratic voters, which is precisely why the GOP won’t go along with immigration reform if a direct path to citizenship is in the mix. As for whether it should be, I don’t think so,” says Ruben Navarrette Jr.

Corruption Risk Rises Among Border Agents

“A government watchdog report has identified a dramatic increase in documented corruption cases among U.S. border and immigration agents, finding nearly 150 have been arrested or indicted since 2005,” Fox News reports.

“In a trend one top lawmaker said puts national security “in jeopardy,” the Government Accountability Office tracked the rise in corruption cases among Border Patrol, Customs and Border Protection, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. The report, issued last month, found spotty standards in screening new applicants and keeping tabs on agents after they’re hired.”

ICE Delayed Arrest of Illegal Alien Intern for Political Reasons

“The Associated Press confirms that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials in Washington, D.C., and New Jersey delayed the arrest of an illegal alien intern for political reasons. Documents obtained by AP now confirm that ICE officials openly discussed the political ramifications of carrying out the arrest of an illegal alien intern and convicted sex offender who was working as an unpaid intern in the office of Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.),” noted FAIR in a press release.

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    Corruption in the Border Parol? Silly! After all, we sent two border patrol agents to prison for shooting a drug dealing illegal because he only had drugs on him and apparently was just throwing rock. Heck, he was even, at the taxpayers expense, brought back to testify at the rial. Then a short time later, was again caught with drugs another time. Poor man, just earning a living, I guess. Then Secretary Napolitano issued a directive to the border patrol agents that they were to run, hide, close, lock, barricade doors if an illegal was spotted who might, just might be armed. I believe that some border patrol agents are suing her for curtailing their job directives. And, of course, Obama has suspend the deportation clause of the Immigration Act for lawbreakers over five years of age, (their parents?)and under the age of thirty-one, vent fully all the way I guess from birth on for potential gun owners but be very limited in venting prospective employees who just might be illegals. Of course,Obama’s uncle and aunt are illegals but they aren’t under thirty-one. Still, they are staying even though the uncle was arrest for, I believe, DUI and no license. Of course, some states will now issue illegals driving licenses for some stupid reason and I wonder, will insurance companies insured them? I wonder why we have any laws on the books, don’t you? There are 12-16 million illegals here in this country, a large number on welfare, using ERs for health purposes and who pays? Why you and I and other law-a-abiding legal citizens pay their way because…we owe it to them?

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    “I think with Secretary Napolitano as the head of the Department of Homeland Security, it certainly is very hard to argue that the Obama administration isn’t serious about enforcement. She has been very aggressive in enforcing the law,” said Benjamin Johnson, the executive director of the American Immigration Council in Washington, D.C.

    BWAHAHA!!! I can make a long and dang good one that you can only answer with 400,000 phony “deportations”.

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    I think our govt is changing the landscape in this country by who it lets run freely here. Pay attention!

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    No wonder this world has no jobs for our people.our unemployment is going up every day,last month I try getting help for Medicare was turn down.can’t even get foodstamps.and am a mother is an American,what are we the people gonna do,illegal get all the help Mexican women getting pregnant with free help.i give the president an f

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    American Citizen in Kentucky on

    The population of the United States is big enough. We can’ afford to import more poverty by the masses. Did you know that according to the laws of Mexico that every child born to a Mexican citizen is automatically a citizen of Mexico no matter what country they are born in? That child is “under the jurisdiction of Mexico”, therefore they cannot be a citizen of America. Our government cannot just enforce “cafeteria laws”, they need to enforce all the laws they pass. If the Dream Act passes there will not be any college grants and aid left for the American Citizens. A sex offender is a criminal and needs to be in prison to keep America’s children safe.

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    Obama will only put in jail an illegal child abuser if he abuses one of his daughters, but it is o.k if he abuses others..
    He is doing this for a reason millions of illegals will be made legal so he can have their vote for a third term .He is already making way to have a presidential law to have unlimited terms. for president. Everything is done for himself.

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    It says that the intern had been molesting an 8 year old. And this administration delayed his arrest, which was to be carried out on Oct. 25, until Dec. 6. Hope no other 8 year olds got molested in that time. And you know the media will pay no attention to this. A deliberate act to avoid the political consequences and the public be damned.

    Wonder what percentage of border patrol agents arrested were Hispanic. The four named in the story all had Hispanic names. Small wonder, when it’s openly conceded that half the police and army in Mexico work directly with the smugglers. Diversity at work. This is why we need more FENCE. Fences can’t be corrupted. Some agent sitting in his vehicle on an open stretch of border can.

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      American Citizen in Kentucky on

      All sex offenders need to be locked up, and kept away from America’s children. Too much diversity causes an increase in crime, there are some people who can’t get along with each other. Look what is happening in the middle east and and the countries in that area. If Israel can afford to build a strong fence why can’t the United States? The southern border is completely out-of-control, above land and below land.

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    I Read Yesterday There Was 1000 Applications Sent In By RN College Graduates

    For one beginning nursing job. Why do we need forign IA interns adding their application to the pile?