President Obama Undermines Case Against Universal E-Verify

“First, it’s time for Congress to require a universal background check on anyone trying to buy a gun.” These were President Obama’s words as he outlined his plans for gun control legislation on Wednesday.

FAIR takes no position on gun issues, but the president’s unequivocal support for universal checks demonstrates two things:

  1. The president does not consider background checks to be an infringement on anyone’s constitutional liberties, and
  2. The president does not consider there to be any technological impediments to carrying out universal checks before someone is permitted to purchase a firearm.

In making his statement, President Obama also negated the most frequently offered arguments against making E-Verify checks universal. If all gun dealers can be required to make sure that a customer meets eligibility standards to purchase a gun, why can’t all employers be required to check that the people they hire meet the eligibility requirements to hold a job? If existing technology and databases are reliable enough to determine someone’s fitness to own a weapon, shouldn’t existing technology and databases be reliable enough to determine someone’s eligibility to work in the United States?

Just wondering.

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    Of course President Obama is going to Nevada to debate Illegal Immigration, as the state is snowed under with illegal aliens. Thousands of them voted in the general election for President, as well as many of the 50 States in the clutches of Liberal assemblies. I just hope the Congress knows they are committing self inflicted Hari-Kari, if they presumed to know what the taxpayers want..? Only the ‘Deadbeats” don’t care as they are not paying a nickel into the federal and state tax pool, as they live like parasites of the people who have jobs, same as the illegal alien parents who have smuggled their offspring here and then apply for welfare for all their 6 kids, free schooling, health care and a lump sum of benefit money. Adds up to a nice tidy sum, which goes towards the underground job their relatives have marshaled them into? For me an Independent voter, that only the TEA PARTY makes sense and can return America to country it once was? Also don’t trust the mainstream press polls, as I am sure that they are fixed or at least engineered for positive results. The only one that can be trusted forthwith is the Rasmussen polls, as far as I am concerned. My personal poll is the thousands of comments in the newspapers—rural and national press—that gives a good indicator of what people are thinking; they are angry and frustrated with Washington issues, especially Immigration. If politicians want to comprehend the thought process of the average American; people believe that the Congress is pandering to the invaders from other countries.

    The only way that I see to clean up the pandemonium called Immigration enforcement, is a strict and 100 percent mandatory E-Verify? A mandatory E-Verify, perhaps even run by a security company or a charge card company as Visa or Master card and not lax government employees? Spend the money and make it as foolproof as possible and use whatever resources are available. If the U.S. government can make vehicular unmanned probes that can detect a license plate from thousands of feet above us, they can surely build computer software that can detect illegal aliens in jobs meant for Americans and legal residents? E-Verify has expanded its information sources to include State driver’s license records, which strengthens the veracity of the program. Florida and Tennessee initiated this innovation allowing USCIS to collect data using their vehicle agencies for worker discrepancies. It is pastime that the Congress enact Lamar Smith’s “THE LEGAL WORKFORCE BILL” R-Texas) bill to (Phone: 202-225-4236), as proposed will make E-Verify a mandatory law and will no longer be voluntary. America has come to this paramount point, because of years of corruption by both parties.

    An estimated 23 million Americans are still jobless, in part time work or just gave up looking, while millions of illegal aliens still have jobs. This is very sinister situation and those responsible should be held accountable, but never are? With President Obama’s ultimatum of another path to citizenship, we could be seeing a repeat of the rampant fraud that existed in the 1986 Amnesty. Like a giant magnet millions of more foreign nationals outside the United States are going to try and break into our sovereign nation. Illegal aliens will funnel somewhere along the border regions or by lying to the Embassy staff in foreign countries to obtain a visa as a tourist. Before any new Comprehensive Immigration Reform we must secure our borders, constructing the two fences to the former plan of President Bush, the 2006 Secure Fence Act.

    Lastly, the second bill that must be passed is Steve Kings (R-Iowa) THE BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP AMENDMENT (H.R. 140). Contact his main Washington office at (Phone: 202.225.4426) or his subsidiary offices in Iowa. The Birthright Citizenship bill will bring to an end the “Anchor Baby” legal-corruption, meant for the past generation of slaves. By passing this law, we can stop any more DREAMERS’ ACT or sponsorship of family members who arrive here under CHAIN MIGRATION. There is no real statistics on the cost, but smuggling young children or unborn into the U.S. pays off for the illegal alien parents, in hundreds of billions of dollars a year—and over decades TRILLIONS OF TAX DOLLARS, including child tax refunds that should never paid in the first place. The IRS has turned a blind eye to this robbery of more taxpayer’s money. These two laws should be strongly endorsed right now, to eradicate the corruption in high positions. The insistence from lobbyists that our politicians should not pass these laws, as it would cut into the incredible profits of corporations and businesses, large and small. That is why the 1986 Amnesty became a terrible mess, because millions of foreigners poured into our country as soon as President Reagan signed the bill.

    Least we not forget that Obama’s people passed the Affordable Care Act, which has endless possibilities for illegal aliens. Supposedly foreign nationals cannot apply for ObamaCare, but I know as well as millions of TEA Party members and a large proportion of average Americans that a loophole will materialize or using procured Social Security numbers or feeder identification that in the endless bureaucratic chaos to follow, they will benefit from it, costing the legal population even more billions?

    Even with millions of Americans jobless the labor visa program still brings into this country over a million legal immigrants a year. A limited number come under the highly skilled category of STEM workers, who are top engineers and other heavily credentialed staff for different high level jobs. But the majority comes sponsored by years of immigration corruption going back decades. Immediate family members who are sponsored eventually become the U.S. taxpayer responsibility in the majority of cases.

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      Your points are all valid, but do you really think Mitt Romney would have acted differently? Opposition to E-Verify comes more from the Chamber of Commerce than from the White House.

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    When I read comments such as above, I wonder how Obama has been elected not once but twice. So many people complain of his arrogance, his destructive agenda, Obamacare, and yet, the man remains in power. The only legal opposition now are the Republicans in Congress. There aren’t enough Independents in Congress to count and yet…we are stuck and have to work with what there is available. So what shall we do? Some brave souls tried last time around and are still trying and are called in polite society, the Tea Party but generally face much more nasty remarks, slurs for their patriotism. Flood our congressional representatives with e-mails, calls, regular letters, not vote them back into office, look for patriots, oops, that is a bad word these days it seems. There is no person on this earth who is without fault. We all have made mistakes, some very bad, but most have tried to put bad actions behind them. Yet, today, those who might feel an urge to run for political office, hesitate because of the possibility of scandal, humiliations for their families. General Petraeus, I do believe, refused to be blackmailed and defused Obama and Holder’s attempt to make him lie. And he indeed did pay a price. Is Secretary Clinton resigning because she, too, had enough of half-truths and lies? Listening to the speech Reagan made “the problem is government, etc.”and the speech Obama is spouting, the falseness of Obama is more apparent. He does not want smaller government, he does not want America great, and his actions prove it. The National Debt was raised so high when Obama and the Democrats controlled Congress. But Obama, Pelosi, Reid jobs are to blind the people by pretending, lying, doing their best, and it is pretty good, that the blame the Republicans. Our much needed homeland improvements are put on the back burner while we send millions to Libya to support murderers. Did you see any Libyan police or military try and defend the consulate? After the murders, we still sent millions to the inapt Libyan government. How about Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian’s president? Morsi who proclaim that to question any of his decrees is treason and a person(s) will be arrest for such. He is different from Murbabak? He wants the “blind sheik” murderer released or at least have “better” accommodations? The man planned a bombing that killed nineteen people, I believe, and traumatized many more and he needs special accommodations? Did you see any Egyptian police or military try to prevent the sacking of the Cairo American Embassy? But…we are sending tanks and other military equipment to Morse. The Fifth Fleet is stationed in the Middle East protecting which country or countries? Obama wants any potential gun owner fully vented but employers are not to vent fully prospective employees. Heck, we can’t even vent Obama’s birth certificate fully or his college records. I heard yesterday, Sunday, that Obama’s sister, half-brother plus other relatives were present at the White House. Gosh, I didn’t know he had a sister, did you? I did know he has an uncle and aunt both illegally in the country and both over the age of thirty-one but they aren’t being deported as the law states. Anyone making book on how long this nation “too big to fail” will last? Any ideas as to who will bail us out? Only the Russians and the Chinese seem to have any money. Of course, China is buying the businesses that are failing due to Obama’s messes and Russian will not allow Americans to adopt any Russian orphans. But we do have a treaty with Russia that limits our stock of nuclear weapons and Russia has the right to check the armories out. My reading of the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, the Bill of rights, makes me choke up because these people had so little and yet they took on the greatest military of the time and, God preserves us, won! Where did their courage come from? Why can’t we find that same courage? These were people who put their lives, money, all possessions, their families, on the line.

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    Perhaps we should require background checks for individuals running for president. Might save us all a lot of grief.

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    What this country needs is a president not a King. Would he still be a King in Kenya? Has he not already executed more executives orders than any other president in history? Has he no faith in the Senate and Congress? Then does it follow that our King has no faith in the common man. How did we ever allow this man to get so powerful or is it that
    he just assumes that he can just take the power? He scares me !

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    How about this Mr Obama, let’s require a universal background check on everyone of the people who come in contact with law enforcment or social services (welfare) ao that we will know who they are, where they are from and about the crimes they may have commotted in another country. Lets treat all the same here in this great country.

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      Yes and let’s not a universal back ground check on all presidential candidates before they are legally allowed to run for office. And so on, and so on, and so on.

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    This author’s prowess for addressing the president’s contradiction of terms is golden!
    Obama has simply created yet another “Duh” moment to be recorded in the annals of this nation’s history.

    President Obama shatters all historic records for ambiguity whenever he delivers a speech or speaks to the media, in other words: whenever he opens his mouth.
    Let’s review his most recent attack on our Constitution with his Dream Act::

    An evaluation of this newest decision to integrate even more mexican illegal aliens into this country is but another trip into the twilight zone. This amnesty will not produce a new breed of American patriots from the illegal alien masses. These people have no desire to become citizens for they are acutely aware that this process will require them to be responsible for their own welfare. Their existence in this country will radically change from that of parasitic to one of autonomy. This method was attempted years ago and failed for these very reasons.

    This act, if legally enforced, will ultimately resolve America’s three greatest crises, which have been created by these criminals living off of the American citizens!
    Again, keep in mind that our president used his “powers” to give these people amnesty!

    * There will no longer be a deficit within the Internal Revenue Service, (media reports 2012, suffered a 2.4 billion
    dollar loss which was handed to the illegal aliens!) for the 13 million illegal aliens will find themselves paying
    income taxes in order to be included in this Dream Act. These people will no longer be given their tax numbers
    to receive free income tax returns when they never paid into the system. Are you following the thinking?
    President Obama and his henchmen opened Pandora’s Box. Let’s continue:
    * There will no longer be a deficit within the Social Security system due to the theft initiated by these illegal aliens.
    * There will certainly be no more wretched abuse of our healthcare system!! These people will no longer be
    allowed to use the emergency services at our hospitals without first visiting the clinics. Their arrogant calls to
    the Razaunida lawyers if they are denied emergency care because they are not in NEED of emergency care will
    no longer be an option because they are CITIZENS and have to follow the rules like the rest of the American
    people! This previous insanity has required our hospitals, our doctors, our medical personnel, and or course,
    the American people, to absorb the financial drain on our medical facilities.
    Feeling a bit better about Obama’s Dream Act?
    We must not delude ourselves, however, for between Obama and Napolitano, there will simply be yet more of
    our nation’s laws deleted and rewritten to satisfy Razaunida and the people of Mexico! It is time for this
    corruption to end.

    My final reference is the most egregious: the best of America’s best are fighting to protect us while our cowardly
    government is handing this nation to Mexico without a fight. Our military face the horrors of war: death, disability and disfigurement only to return home to a nation of emotional cripples who refuse to fight for America on our home front!
    These men and women return to a country whose employment opportunities are already impacted by millions of illegal aliens. Our courageous military are left begging for help while the cowards in Washington maintain their vigil by accepting more “pork” from the Razaunida lobbyists. America’s future is held hostage by radicals whose only goal is to create a mexican America.
    One must question: If these radicals are so determined to create this society why will they not return to their country of origin and alter the path of destiny within Mexico’s borders?

    America’s future looms dismally on the horizon for She needs patriots, not politicians!
    We cannot allow Mexico to continue to control this nation’s future.
    Welcome to America, 2013. Will this new year be recorded by historians as the year Americans regained our freedoms from a corrupt government? We must try.

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    Damn straight! If this travesty passes God help us all. But if it does we need to hit him HARD with MANDATORY E-VERIFY FOR ALL EMPLOYERS!

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    Jeannie Miller on

    If the president is wanting to prove “eligibility” for owning a gun, what about HIS eligibility for being our president? WHY has he paid almost a million dollars to HIDE all of his personal records??? What is he hiding, that “We, the People” should KNOW about???

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      You,re absolutely right! I was disgusted by him surrounding himself with children. The man who promotes abortion, the day after pill, partial birth abortion, and the sending in a second doctor if the 1st doctor performing an abortion fails and the child survives. He’s a totally disgusting man!!!

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        The decision to bear a child ought to rest with the potential kid’s potential mother, not with a bunch of ideologues who refuse to take any responsibility for that potential kid’s welfare.

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        If the world’s population growth continues to outstrip the availability of food and water, it may come to that.

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    Dan Morrissette on

    This doesn’t only apply to E-Verify, but to Voter ID, which also applies to citizen as well as non-citizen..
    Nothing like tripping over your own agenda and stomping on your own tongue in the process.

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      You got that right. BUT obama steps on his own tongue ALL THE TIME….and people are too stupid to realize it.

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        It’s not so much that the people are stupid but that is how we are perceived. Therefore those that are in the ring of power shove it down our throat giving us no avenue of rebuttal or protection except for formats such as this.

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    Yes, this president cares more about protecting the rights of law braking illegal aliens, that the citizens of this great country. It never stop to amaze me the logic he use to do it.

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      The illegals claim to come here for a better way of life. They can’t make enough money in their home countries.
      And yet the average they spend getting here per person is $3,000.00. Now figure that one out.

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    And there does not have to be a refusal to give a job to someone if their number doesn’t check out. They can be given a month to straighten it out while working. A legal citizen or resident authorized to be here can easily prove their identity. Illegals can’t so they will not take the job.

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      The only thing is obama is making a free ride to ALL ILLEGALS to live here free, become a citizen, drive on our roads legally, take our jobs.

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    Anyone working with children has to have a background check. I don’t see what’s so hard with having someone get a background check to buy a gun.

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      The problem is that part of what they want in the background check has been banned by the supreme court for being a violation of privacy.

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      I hate to make this personal, but Karla what you are saying is that only law breakers should have guns. Do you think that for one minute that the law breaker bought the gun that’s used in robbing a bank was bought legally ? Or that gang members will line up to get there guns and wait for a back ground check ? You delude yourself, Karla.

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    Pete Sanchez, Jr. on

    It puzzles the mind how we expect President Obama to enforce the laws of the land. If, we as citizens, can not do it or elect to look the other way when laws are broken or violated how can we expect a Commander-in-Chief to accomplish it. What we have here is a failure to communicate and holding those responsible accountable. Voice your thoughts and opinions supported by fact to your elected representatives. Employers should follow the hiring laws. If one does not want to rat the employer make some money off it under the whistle blower guidelines. Immigration reform hopefully will bring all illegal aliens, from all countries, into the American mainstream. Under both gun control and immigration reform the process must assure all those affected that the information will not be used to adversely and unnecessarily affect a certain group in general and the masses in particular.

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    Yes, it’s obvious and simple. obama doesn’t care if people get checked for status. In fact he protects illegal immigration. Its sad and its wrong!

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    Quite true. And it’s illegal already for illegal aliens to own guns (the court has already upheld that the “right to bear arms” does NOT apply to illegal aliens) so are gun stores going to verify immigration status as well?

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    Its Like That Old Saying

    “Be careful what you wished for”

    Even their bogus title “undocumented immigrant” for “illegal alien” stabs ’em in the back too…..if they’re undocumented, how do we know there’s 13 million of ’em? Throws the IA employers’ lame legal excuse to avoid immigration law prosecution: “that they hired ’em unknowingly” down the toilet bowl too….