Chuck Schumer Doubles Down

Any amnesty bill that emerges from the Senate will most certainly have Chuck Schumer’s name on it. The New York Democrat is the chairman of the Senate Immigration Subcommittee, and has been one of Congress’s most vocal advocates for amnesty.

Schumer is no newcomer to the immigration debate. Back in 1986, the then-Congressman from Brooklyn was instrumental in passing the first (or as it was billed at the time, the one-and-only) amnesty for illegal aliens. Or, as he described the amnesty plan shortly after President Reagan signed the bill, a “riverboat gamble.”

His exact words, as reported in the ABA Journal on January 1, 1987, “This bill is a gamble, a riverboat gamble. There is no guarantee that employer sanctions will work or that amnesty will work. We are headed into uncharted waters.” We know all too well now how that gamble turned out.

Twenty-six years later, the riverboat gambler is ready to double down with the nation’s future. Like the song says,

“You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em,
Know when to walk away and know when to run.”

I’m thinking it might be time to run.

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    I just heard last night on Greta his veiw on how to approach Illegal Aliens. He did not say how to reform legal immigration at this time but definitely that is part of it. I have friends who have immigrated legally and are still in the process, so i would be upset if I was them if you decided to give all these others who came in illegally amnesty which would jump them ahead of me. Marco Rubio’s plan would not do this. From what i heard he seems to have a good balence between compassion for illegal immigrants that have been here for many, many years and being fair to those who did things right and are in the legal process of immigration. I need to hear more details but what i have heard from Sen. Rubio seems to me to down the right road.
    There should never be just mass amnesty of those who are illegal immigrants!

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    If you can’t follow the procedure to come the USA, then you should not be in this country. Any illegal is a law breaker and any politician wanting to give amnesty is an accessory to the CRIME.

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    I am for keeping families together, so the kids should be sent BACK w/parents to where the parents came from. If they complain that they have other relatives here, then send their other relatives back w/them. Keep them all together! If they APPLY for citizenship, then they should be self supporting only. If they are granted citizenship and they come here and can no longer support themselves, they should be sent back PRONTO (in a language they understand)! And, they can take “their president” BO with them!

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    One of the biggest problems with illegals is they cost too much. If they were contributing, it wouldn’t be as big a problem. However, they drain our social services and pay little or no taxes.

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    Steve Paramore on

    You know what…..I am all about putting families back together, all about respecting a hard working, tax-paying individuals contributions to the pot. BUT……if you came to America as an illegal, you are wrong…..and the only fair, legal, and proper way to make it right is for all illegal aliens, undocumented workers, etal… go back where they came from, submit the proper and required forms and fees, recieve their legitimate green cards, and by all means…..come on back…….I’ll personally greet you with open arms. Short of that……..get out of my country !

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    Concerned Citizen on

    More evidence that the United States is run like a casino.

    Remember when the Chamber of Commerce, politicians, the media and the rest of the immigration lobby warned us in dire terms that if amnesty didn’t pass in 2006, the economy would collapse? What actually happened? Amnesty didn’t pass, many illegal immigrants went home for better economic opportunities, the flow of illegals along the Mexican border dropped, and despite the worst recession since the 1930s, the economy didn’t crash, stocks rallied in a long bull market (and still are rallying), and revealingly, tech stocks such as Amazon and Apple hit all-time highs.

    Technology, education and highly selective, modest levels of immigration are our future, not mass, roll-the-dice-we-might-get-lucky-now-and-then, subsidized, cheap labor immigration. There is a future out there if we’re willing to grab it. Or, the New Establishment of our country can **** onto their 1960s ideology just as aging Soviets held to their statues of Lenin and Stalin. I’ve been to a former Soviet Republic and saw those fascinating old statues. They are very strange, bold and inhuman. Like so many 20th century utopian ideas, they’re downright creepy when implemented and examined up close.

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      Yes Concerned Citizen

      Safe places to save money only give like 0% interest now.

      Th e trading activity in the stocks is low BTW….I don’t want to sound paranoid, but is this stock increases real or just a last ditch place to get decent interest rates on savings….then when the sparcer numbered rich investor already in stocks the last 4-5 years lures the small investors in, they quick sell and pull out….leaving them holding the bag, like 2008.

      My proof to this paranoia is generally house prices followed the stock market in a healthy economy, this time they;’re opposites. Also, when energy sky-rockets in price, the prices companies charge for most everything sky-rockets in price [i.e., food]….simultaneously stock dividends or profits have a bigger price base to calculate from, causing stock price increases too….until no one can afford the prices anymore because of energy price surges.

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        Concerned Citizen on


        You’re right that money is flowing into the stock market because rates are so low. That includes foreign money. Still, as you say, the market’s advance is internally shaky in terms of breadth and volume, and the high-beta Nasdaq is noticeably under-performing despite the foreign inflows.

        I don’t know where the market is heading this year. It would be only a guess. But I do know that employment remains dismal, especially for native-born Americans. The economy never collapsed the way were we warned when amnesty failed in 2006, but the displacement of American workers has continued.

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    It s got to end automatic birth citizenship and chain miigration, repeal the cuban adjustment act iof 1966, ban sanctaury cities, and implement eVerify nationally. Anything else will never pass the Congress.

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      True Skip

      But also ask yourself this question; why do we even need the House vote or go into costly attorney litigation on the taxpayer dime for these things????….they’re already immigration laws on the books.

      Your Republicans won’t enforce ’em either….just more useless unnecessary stalling talk for their blessed amnesty.

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        Reid has said that nothing more can be done regarding stopping the flow of illegals at the border. Sounds like its amnesty or nothing…either way they stay; they are not going to do anything to prevent them from coming.

        No one is enforcing anything because they are for “the new world order” … NAFTA, CAFTA, free trade, WTO, globalism, czars (rember BO’s appointments?), world governance by the elites, Amero (America, Canada & mexico having the same currency) – are you ready for that? Only mexico would benefit from it ! Look at what is happening w/the euro, when 1 country is in trouble it begins to bring all of them down! Our politicians are as corrupt as any third world country. Our banks and big business are just as greedy and corrupt.

        I am tired of seeing them on tv describing themselves as immigration “activists.” On tv on Bill Reilly: Monoca Novoa saying that she and and special interest groups are working to have the word “illegal” banned from the English language because it makes “immigrants” uncomfortable. Duh!!!

        Look at the detention center in TX (or was it FL) that BO built to make them comfortable while waiting to be processed. It cost millions: basket ball courts, soccer field, wide screen tv’s, swimming pool, computers, you name it, they have it! Its like a resort! Makes no sense! Sheriff Arpaio would know what to do w/them…

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    And Chuck has admitted for years that the enforcement part did not get done. But where has he been on trying to correct that over all these years? Exactly nowhere. Now that there’s another amnesty he wants, or rather all his corporate sponsors want, he holds enforcement hostage to amnesty. And of course, nothing is guaranteed that any enforcement will be carried out because this administration just waves a magic wand and accepts any policy that groups like La Raza demand.

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    Chuck, one of many imbeciles in our government today that have become, nothing less than, parasites of “We the People”!