Newest Hiring Trend for Members of Congress: Illegal Aliens

To add to the list of jobs that Americans won’t do:  Congressional Staffer.

It seems, after Freshman Representative Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) searched high and low for a United States citizen to fill the position of “Outreach Director” in one of her congressional offices, she came up empty handed and resigned herself to hiring an illegal alien for the position.

Did I fool you? No? Good.

Say what you will about Congress, those staffer jobs are highly coveted and hard to come by. Further, I don’t think anyone needs to be reminded that the rate of Americans who are unemployed and underemployed in this country is currently above 14%. (See U6 Unemployment Rate, Dec. 2012)

Despite all this, Rep. Sinema gave away a taxpayer-funded government job with full benefits to an illegal alien. Erika Andiola, the recipient of said job, is one of the lucky 154,000+ illegal aliens so far to be granted deferred action through President Obama’s DACA program. For Andiola that deferral also meant work authorization, qualifying her for jobs like this one that other Americans actually would like to do.

You might think employing an illegal alien would be political suicide for a brand new Member of Congress. To the contrary, it’s not hard to figure out the reasoning behind this strategic hire. First, Andiola is a pro-amnesty DREAM activist, meaning she already has ties as an immigration leader in the community she lives and works in. By hiring Andiola, Rep. Sinema gets to annex those connections for her personal use. Additionally, the controversy of hiring an illegal alien was sure to turn heads, giving Sinema instant recognition among veteran Members of Congress and the press, and a conversation starter in the looming immigration debates.

The timing of this particular hiring wasn’t by chance, either. On January 10, ICE agents arrested Andiola’s illegal alien mother in her Arizona home. Despite the fact that the ICE agents’ actions were lawful and her mother’s illegal presence was illegal, Andiola and her family were painted as martyrs by the press. By hiring Andiola, Rep. Sinema inserted herself into the unfolding media drama and was able to take on the persona of savior to the sympathizing illegal alien community. (Fox News, Jan. 16, 2013)

Rep. Sinema isn’t the only Member of Congress to hire an illegal alien on staff. Last week, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) announced he would be hiring DACA-approved illegal alien Jose M. Quintero to work in his Chicago district office, and he planned to hire another illegal alien to work in his Cicero, Illinois, office as well. (Hispanically Speaking News, Jan. 15, 2013)

Now that this particular glass ceiling has been shattered, Gutierrez says he expects other congressional offices will follow the trend.

If anyone thought President Obama’s backdoor amnesty measure wouldn’t cause increased job competition for U.S. citizens, please refer to the above exhibit.

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    The government is lying about how many illegals are in this country. It takes far more than 12 million illegals to change the language of a society or nation. And look at how many Spanish TV and radio programs there are now. And an American cannot get a job without speaking Spanish. That is also why the president and congress are catoring to them. There will shortly be more illegals then citizens. A mere 12 million doesn’t overwhelm a nations educational system or economy.

    What is even more criminal than their breaking our law sneaking into this nation, is our government forcing americans to support them, forcing American children to lose college education so illegals can go to our colleges instead, forcing Americans to house, feed, medicate and on and on while Americans are ending up jobless and being forced into foreclosures and ruined financially.

    Our soldiers should be on our borders protecting “Americans” from all invaders. The worst war is with South America and the Muslim nations, which are in the process of taking this nation over by invasion and legal immigration. The last President we had that was for the US and the citizenry was Isenhower who rounded up the illegals and forced them to go home so Americans could have their jobs back. Don’t you wish that would happen again! If we had elected the right president it could have. So why did Americans vote for Obama? Or was it fraud by illegals that got Obama elected?

    Unless Americans stop electing these lying traitorous politicians and start removing them for being traitors once they get elected by lying, the only way Americans will ever get these people out will be through civil war. And that is why Obama wants to take the guns away from Americans.

    Obama plans on making himself our first Fuhrer and congress is doing nothing about stopping him from passing the unconstitutional laws he wishes.

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    Our once beautiful America is now going down the drain thanks to all the millions of hispanics AND ISLAMICS coming to drain us of all we’ve got and then hit us on our heads when we are not looking….. Sigh…. If you think this is bad….wait until they change our Constitution for their sharia law…..

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    I had, upon reading my comments once posted, started twice to apologize to the FAIR staff. I will do so now.
    My reference about the article being one of the most depressing to date has nothing to do with the quality of the article, but instead, everything to do with the corrupt state of affairs which transpire behind closed doors within our government’s offices.
    FAIR pulls back the curtains and provides the American people with information that would otherwise have remained undisclosed.

    This site provides information which is never reported by the media or by other political sites and my second mistake was my complaint that we are never able to “take the cowards down”. Again, no reflection on the reporting practices utilized by FAIR.
    Please accept my errors for what they were, angst due from wanting to end this thing.
    We will maintain, with the continued encouragement from each and every one of the dedicated staff who produce this site.
    Thank you for all that you do!
    jody corder

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    The preceding comments are all facts which cannot be disputed, written by legal citizens who have tired of Razaunida and the Mexican government controlling every elected official in the U.S. government, which absolutely includes the president, janet napolitano and their henchmen!

    I can only speak for myself, but my anger is second only to rage because the American people are now denied our inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in our own country. America’s freedoms have become a mockery, blatantly destroyed by our electorate in Washington.
    The fact that this site informs anyone who reads it that president obama and our arrogant members of Congress are virtually daring the American people to stop the rape and pillage of our Constitution, is without a doubt, one of the most depressing articles I have read to date.
    Hiring ILLEGAL ALIENS as Congressional Staffers is proof that the mexican factor within this country is convinced that they are now above reproach! These people are already criminals because they broke our federal, constitutional laws by crossing our borders illegally, sooooo,,,,, to borrow the jargon of today’s youth, “DUH!”! The arrogance of these people results from obama’s promise that there will be no retribution for the aliens or the members of Congress who laughingly broke the law.

    I absolutely cannot wrap my mind around this methodical destruction of our country. The most frightening aspect of this takeover since obama was elected, is that this will gather speed as quickly as a snowball creating an avalanche.
    The fact remains, the illegal aliens already have more rights than Americans for they have representation in Congress. We certainly do not! The path obama, and napolitano travel dangerously coincides with the path of treason for their stated goals protect people from another country at the cost of the people of the United States.

    America’s media is censored by our corrupt government and there are no longer members of this profession who have the courage required to stand against this vile corruption. The right to free speech was also a gift from America’s founding fathers, however it has now morphed into a joke within the halls of Congress.

    Now, with this information intact, we continue to support FAIR and the fact that these intelligent and patriotic people place their reputations and their courage on the line to provide this portal, but at the end of the day…..who has actually been placed on notice? Not a single person in Washington, not one official in any specific state.
    Who, other than those of us who care enough about trying to save this once great nation of ours, is even aware or cares that we are trying our best to break down the government barriers which are gaining more and more control over the decisions which impact this nation’s future?
    Apathy is the greatest danger facing America today and please accept that razaunida and the mexican radicals are acutely aware of this weakness.

    We cannot all march on Washington. We certainly accomplish nothing when we send registered mail to the president for this is immediately subjected to such scrutiny that the message is no longer viable.
    America is a prisoner due to the corrupt interpretation of the very laws which successfully established Her as one of the greatest nations in history.
    Today, She needs patriots, not politicians, and there are simply too few of us to motivate those who refuse to believe that there is indeed, danger on our horizon.
    We must not allow Arizona to be our only line of defense or we will awaken one day very soon to see the mexican flag flying above the White House.
    Will 2013 be recorded by historians as the year Americans regained our freedoms from a corrupt government?
    We must try!

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    American Citizen in Kentucky on

    We need term limits and a law needs to be passed that NO ONE should be able to serve in Congress unless they are a NATURAL BORN IN AMERICA citizen. Not a “pretend to be an American” that is receiving citizenship because they took a class to study American history. Our government only enforces laws against legal Americans. Illegals are professional law-brakers. They steal Americans identity, don’t pay taxes, drive cars without a license or insurance, export billions of dollar earned here to the country they came from and they are not “hiding in the shadows” they are every where parading in the streets and demanding we change our laws to accommodate them being here. The majority of Real Americans DO NOT want them here. They are NOT welcome!

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    Would somebody please, get this this story on national television somehow! The American people are not getting enough of these kind of sorted details from the MSM!

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      Hi Fedup2, the only TV Channel to spread this sort of news is Foxnews and perhaps a couple of other. You know the mainstream media would never publish these truths…. Sigh…. :o)

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    I have been in sales my entire life running sales organizations across the U.S. Recently I have been looking for a position managing retail stores here in Southern California. Guess what? Even though I have an impeccable background, I don’t speak Mexican… so I don’t meet a qualification put up by most retailers. It is only a matter of time until California is returned to Mexico.

    • avatar

      I grew up in California and it’s turning into a Third World country. Yes, there are pockets of wealth, but most of the state is an over crowded cesspool. If I were you, I’d sue for discrimination. I find it outrageous that an American must speak the language of illegal invaders. Seriously, go and apply to a big chain, with big pockets and if you’re turned down because of language; find a lawyer and sue!!!!

      And if you win, take your money and leave that place. I think we should give California back to Mexico and lets start with Malibu where all of the movie stars live. They all support amnesty let them pay for it. I am ust glad I had enough sense to leave in 1980 when I could see what was happening to the state I used to love.

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    American middle class has paid billions in taxes over the years educating these people to take the high paying jobs.
    My husband and I make $100.000 a year and when either of us applied for jobs that Obama keeps harping over they wouldn’t even consider us. You tell me that this isnt a set up to tear down the hard working American’s and let the 3rd world smartasses eat off our backs until they are above all of us and then get a good laugh over it.

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    This should go to show everyone that Obama’s little DACA/DREAM Act Amnesty was NOT just for poor illegal alien valedictorians. If we allow the “innocent” children to stay here, we will eventually reward the illegal alien parents who brought them here by allowing them to stay, too. It’s just a matter of time. In this case, the ink on the DACA paperwork wasn’t even dry! If 2 x 2 still equals 4, we might as well add another 4 million (for 2 parents for each of the estimated 2 million DACA young people) to Obama’s DACA/DREAM Act Amnesty!

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    Steve Paramore on

    There are no extenuating cicumstances, there are no excuses, there is nothing in the whole world that makes this even start to resemble anything right, proper, or justified.

    This is WRONG>>>>WRONG>>>>>>WRONG !!!!!!!!!

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    If we had a fair and balanced media, which we don’t, it would make it much easier to get the truth to the public. I believe that we must all do our part and let as many Americans as possible know about what our elected are doing. We vote for and pay these people to uphold their oaths and they are doing the exact opposite. Why can’t this unconstitutional practice be brought before congress, the courts or wherever its appropriate and legal action be taken? Need some advice about how to challenge this unAmerican practice.

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    Why Nafa occured in Los Angeles a good number of lower skilled manufactoring jobs were done by illegal immirgants not white people. I worked at some manufactoring jobs in Orange County in the 1980’s they didn’t pay that much and there were illegal immirgants then, granted some did use legal immirgants. At least in the West Coast outside of Wielding and machnists jobs and the big aerospace firms most of the factory work was done by legal and illegal immirgants so most white people in LA/OC were not effective by Nafa usnless they were an engineer, machinst or wielder or in a job that required English like some of the shpping and receiving. La was the sweatship Capital of the US hiring thousands of women illegality in the country until those jobs went to third world countries. Whites were busy in professional and mangerial jobs or if low skilled they were already doing telemarketing or retail.

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    Debra Guenterberg on

    Yep..told my congressman’s office about this..they said well..they can legally work here now..makes me of the requirements if the job..they must be given amnesty..and must speak spanish and english!

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    I’m not at all surprised that Gutierrez has hired illegals. He’a the biggest traitor of them all.

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      IllinoisMinuteman on

      No surprise here in Hellinois! Chitcago and Crook county are safe havens for illegal aliens. When the last person who believes in the rule of law leaves the state, please shut off the lights, there won’t be enough producers to pay the bill!

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    In 1966 Pres Johnson signed into law “Hart-Celler” immigration reform law. That one law was the suicide pill that has killed America. 75% of all Americans polled were AGAINST IT! It passed as John Kennedy’s legacy after brothers teddy and Bobby Kennedy cried on the floors of congress that John, a white Irish Catholic wanted it as his legacy.

    Hart Celler ended immigration from europe and opened the borders to the third world. It was Hart-celler that introduced America to the term “ANCHOR BABY” AND “FAMILY REUNIFICATION.” Today, America lies destroyed because of this suicide law. AMERICANS DID NOT LIFT A FINGER TO STOP IT!

    Americans DID NOTHING.when NAFTA, GATT, and the other trade bills opened America’s borders to allow EVERY industry in America to flow out to the third world and take 10 million manufacturing jobs with them. AMERICANS DID NOTHING.

    I ask you, WHY WON’T AMERICANS STAND UP? Americans deserve the end of their birthright for doing noting.

    • avatar

      ok wise guy, you have all the answers? please tell us LAZY AMERICANS what we can do THAT WOULD MAKE A DIFFERENCE? writting letters to the president,congress and the senate is a waste of time since they only laugh in our faces. tell us LAZY AMERICANS what we can do to make things better?

    • avatar

      Aaron Gold, I applaud you! It is true that we never do any concrete and potent action to stop America’s downhill… hell thanks to O. and his cronies. What to do? I don’t know… Occupy Congress? Or something, since the media doesn’t do its job of disclosing EVERY TRUTH then it’s up to us to keep shouting and screaming to the 4 corners of the world….Of course, the world doesn’t help us either!!!

    • avatar

      I’ll tell you why most White people won’t speak up is because if they do, they’ll be called racists. White people are being brainwashed into thinking that everything wrong with the world is because of us. But, if you look at all of the First World countries, they are all White dominated countries. And you’re right, Americans were complacent when the immigration laws were changed. Unfortunately, the Kennedys were successful in equating it with civil rights. The Democrats looked into the future and saw that they were losing the White middle class. So, by flooding America with poor Third World citizens who would need welfare they could buy their votes. Like they’re doing now.

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    This is EXTREMELY upsetting to me and should be upsetting to all Americans. Isn’t it ironic that Selema and Giuterezz are Hispanics within an Ameican government position they have infiltrated. This is getting very scary people.

    • avatar

      This upsets me as well. This is TOO far! How can a common citizen of the US file a criminal complaint against a member of Congress, and that’s NOT a rhetorical question. If someone can point me in the right direction, I’ll do everything I can to bring charges against these alleged representatives of US. Not only is that a criminal holding that position, but it’s also a Foreign National holding a position that is potentially at odds with National Security, since I’m sure the Representative will be handling documents of at least a Confidential Nature.

      If anyone can point me in the right direction, here I go. ANY help would be appreciated, up to and including filing your own criminal complaint.

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    It’s illegal to hire illegal aliens to begin with – and for a position in government? This is utterly and completely ridiculous and should be rectified immediately.

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    The fact that her mother was released by ICE even though she had a long standing deportation order just proves that this amnesty is not just for those brought here at children. Because they claim their family has to stay too. And the government essentially has cancelled the deportation of her mother. It’s like all the people who are highly insulted by the term “anchor baby”. But that is exactly what occurs because they use the child as an excuse that the parents have to stay here. They can’t have it both ways, but that’s exactly what they try.

    And it’s good to note the “UNDERemployment rate” as well as the official unemployment rate. A couple of months ago some Wal Mart workers went on a brief strike and one of their complaints was too few hours. What many many companies are doing now is hiring people but not giving them enough hours to qualify for any benefits. A lot of times those workers must apply for government assistance, in other words the taxpayer is subsidizing those companies work force. If we did not have the masses of immigrants admitted into this country every year, the labor market would be more in balance and workers would be able to demand more pay and benefits. All the foolish liberals who rant about the power of big corporations then say they support the right of those corporations to flood the labor market with an unending supply of cheap labor. At the expense of the American worker.