Sec. Napolitano Enforces Federal Immigration Law!

This particular blog entry is dedicated to applauding a recent action of DHS Sec. Janet Napolitano. Savor this moment, it may never happen again.

Remember the blog entry about illegal alien turned congressional staffer Erika Andiola? And how the media exploded after ICE agents arrested her illegal alien mother?

This week, Sec. Napolitano defended the actions of the ICE agents. Yes, you read that correctly: Sec. Napolitano actually supported the enforcement of federal immigration laws by the federal agency in charge of enforcing federal immigration laws.

Read more, and watch part of the interview with Sec. Napolitano here.

Andiola’s mother has already been released from custody, and there’s no guarantee she’ll even come close to being deported, thanks to prosecutorial discretion. But hey, it’s a start.


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