Jeb Bush: Finishing the Immigration Puzzle

Jeb Bush: Finishing the Immigration Puzzle

“Some policy makers are calling for piecemeal changes—such as issuing visas for high-skilled workers and investors, or conferring legal status on immigrants who were illegally brought into the country as children. Congress should avoid such quick fixes and commit itself instead to comprehensive immigration reform,” says Jeb Bush in a Wall Street Journal op-ed.

“The immigration system is like a jigsaw puzzle. If one or more pieces are out of whack, the puzzle makes no sense. To fix the system, Congress must make sure all of the pieces fit together, logically and snugly.”

McCain Again in Immigration Spotlight

“To understand the GOP’s complicated history with immigration reform, look no further than Sen. John McCain.
The Arizona Republican has spent his last two elections distancing himself from an immigration deal he reached with liberal icon Ted Kennedy in 2007. He was pushed to the right in 2008 by Mitt Romney and then again in his 2010 Senate primary, positioning himself as a fierce border security hawk and outspoken advocate for the state’s sweeping anti-immigration law,” Politico reports.

“McCain has challenged the idea his 2007 deal with Kennedy was about amnesty for illegal immigrants — famously declaring in a 2008 presidential primary debate in New Hampshire: ‘Let me just say, I’ve never supported amnesty.'”

Rubio Warns Unions Could Kill Deal Over Citizenship Provision

“Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said on Wednesday that labor unions could kill comprehensive immigration reform unless President Barack Obama and other Democrats are willing to stand up to them on the issue of citizenship and give something less to undocumented immigrants instead,” the Huffington Post writes.

“It’s a common trope among Republicans, who claim left-leaning groups are as much to blame as those on the right for past failures on immigration reform. But labor groups, including the AFL-CIO, reject the notion that they will need to cave on the need for a pathway to citizenship — and Rubio’s allegation that it would be their fault if reform efforts fail this time around.”

Lamm Says E-Verify Needed in Colorado

“Former Colorado Governor Dick Lamm is one of more than a hundred officials, public leaders and organizations to sign on to the so-called Colorado Compact on immigration — an effort Senator Michael Bennet is spearheading. But Lamm, who has in the past made some attention-getting statements on immigration, says he has been pushing one policy that no one on the left or the right seems interested in: E-Verify,” says.

“He recalls a story from his time as governor in 1976, when around forty Hispanic Americans came into his office because they had just been fired from a local packing plant. That business had ‘turned around and hired a bunch of illegal aliens,’ he says. The employer had fired the legal workers in favor of illegal workers for whom he didn’t have to provide health care, Lamm recalls.”

Obama Plans Immigration Speech

“President Barack Obama will travel to Las Vegas next week for a speech that could serve as the starter’s gun for a drive to overhaul immigration laws. Mr. Obama has said that overhauling national immigration policy is one of his top priorities for 2013, and he has laid out what he hopes to see in the legislation. But the speech, set for Tuesday, is meant to ‘help prod the process along,’ said one of the people familiar with his plans,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

“The speech comes as a group of eight senators working on immigration legislation nears a self-imposed February deadline for putting out principles for a bill. The group hopes to have legislative language by March and to pass a bill through the Senate by August.”

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    “The immigration system is like a jigsaw puzzle. If one or more pieces are out of whack, the puzzle makes no sense. To fix the system, Congress must make sure all of the pieces fit together, logically and snugly.”

    Sound familiars, and they never explain WHY. We’re just supposed to take it as a matter of faith. Like a typical Bush, the key piece is…”guest workers”!

    “My guest worker plan will stem the flow of illegal immigration into the United States.” — George W. Bush, 2005

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    This is Day 5 Of the Impeachment process. Make no biones about the fact that many members of our states, of our local mayors especially, of our congressional leaders, and lastly but most pointedly,shrew obama is guilty of furthering the interests of foreign nations over our citizens interests and so are gilty of pandering tp the idea of Americans needing Treason Laws that easily enable Americans to remove elected traitors immediately form offiece. We should also have treason laws for anyone who supports in any fashion the amnesty of people here illegally.

    The first move we must ask is for the powers of obama to be stopped and as the court decreed today he is already in hot water wiht his on the sly appointments. It is up to us to gather signatures at a local level becasue the media has becoem an arm only for political characters and are not representative of our realities in our local areas. Boycotting democrats supporting illegals and amensty should be supported.

    Let’s not be shy. Our Country depends on us. Stop the talk about amnesty by encouraging Obama be impeached. Impeach now. Day 5. No holds barred. Stop the ” Moneytank ‘ people who would sell their parents and are, for money to foreign countries. we are not all built the same. Some of us have morals and duty. No Support of any amnesty for any illegal. No Support for Rubio getting spotlight for anything. 110 million adults did not vote in this last election. That is people over the age of 20. Let us not let the media, these money grubbing flaky politicians who purport to be our leaders or any presidnet give our country away. Petition for bills and do it now.

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    Bush and these other clowns INSURE that CITIZENSHIP ain’t worth a damn!
    The American people have said they want the border closed and stop importing illegal aliens. These elitists, like Bush, think they should decide for us. Of course for Bush his goal is for his son’s’ hispanic legacy.and political future”……They don’t give a damn about the country or lost jobs of Americans. He is just one more reasn why the favorability rating for politicians is in the GUTTER!

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      The Unions are screwing workers as well…..they want these people brought in to grow their dwindling membership-just like the Catholic Church needs to replace people who left the curch in disgust after the sex scandals.

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    “The US needs workers of all types”. The same old tripe from those like Jeb Bush supporting mass immigration, and not a coincidence that it appears in the pages of an open borders advocate like the Wall Street Journal. You can understand an argument for someone with a doctorate, but those are very few and far between when it comes to the average immigrant, who has limited formal education. And Jeb makes the same old tired arguments about our “aging” population. More workers to support retirees is his claim, but polls consistently show that most boomers expect that they are going to work at least part time well after official retirement age.

    We also have Depression era unemployment rates among blacks and the 18 to 24 age group, the very people he’s claiming in which there is a shortage of workers. Why don’t we wait for all those people to actually get jobs and start paying taxes before we rush out to stock up for some alleged shortage that may never exist. Not to mention the social costs that a lot of these “workers of all types” will place on federal, state, and local governments, especially when they have large families which they tend to do. But then big business won’t pay, so the Wall Street Journal is all in.

    A couple weeks ago 60 Minutes ran a piece on how many jobs in this country are being lost to technology. That is going to continue. The ones that remain should go to the people already here and unemployed or not getting enough hours to live on. Japan always gets pointed to as an example of an aging population and a country that can’t compete, when the fact is that they have a very healthy economy. Maybe a smaller workforce and population is a good thing. Ask China, where the majority of their population remains desperately poor and they are choking on their own pollution.

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    I’ve Got an Answer to All the Open Border Rich Elite Wanting Uncontrolled Population Growth to Destroy Wages and Job Availability

    Since they want to use Medicaid for the low income overpopulation [OBAMAcare] and have already robbed an “OVERALLY FULLY FUNDED SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM” to pay for general government expenses for the OVERPOPULATION [now these same rich elite want MORE cuts in Medicare and Social Security, they don’t rely on]….its time to SIMILARILY ROB their GIANT 401Ks in private banks and use it for their OVERPOPULATION DEBTS.

    That wil wipe the smirks off their faces.