People Say the Darnedest Things, Media Finds

Over the past week we have been blitzed with polls purporting to show a dramatic shift in public opinion away from a longstanding opposition to amnesty.  Conveniently, this sea-change corresponds with President Obama’s pitch for amnesty in Las Vegas, the unveiling of the “Gang of Eight’s” framework for amnesty legislation, and on the heels of Senator Marco Rubio’s media tour plugging his version of amnesty (the catchiest thing he has come up with so far is to call it “not amnesty”).

Have all reasonable people finally been persuaded that the right thing to do is to reward millions of illegal aliens and abandon any pretense of border security or interior enforcement?  Do Americans really believe that illegal immigration is a net fiscal and economic benefit, and that employers who break the law by hiring illegal aliens are doing us all a favor?  Have President Obama and Senator Rubio finally won over those well-intentioned but misguided voters who were clinging to such outmoded ideals such as national sovereignty, self-determination, and the rule of law? That is one possibility.  Another is that these polls are designed with the explicit purpose of propping up the flimsy premise that amnesty is inevitable and only those “on the wrong side of history” would oppose it.  If Obama, Rubio, public opinion, and history are against you, well, you don’t have a chance, do you? Unless, of course, the agitprop that passes for serious journalism these days is a poor reflection of voter sentiment on the issue.  Let’s take a closer look at the polls.

A “ground-breaking bi-partisan poll” released by SEIU and America’s Voice found that 94% of Americans favor some form of amnesty.  This is, of course, absurd, and to be taken seriously a poll has to at least be believable, which is why “respected” news outlets like AP, CNN, and NBC/Wall Street Journal have been a little less obvious is their push polling but no less pernicious in determining the outcome.

The AP poll found that “More than 6 in 10 Americans now favor allowing illegal immigrants to eventually become U.S. citizens.”  As we pointed out last week, the AP asked a question totally unrelated to any possible legislative solution and offered only one choice, take it or leave it.  NBC/WSJ also asked a single, similarly vague question.  “As you may know, there is a proposal to allow foreigners who have jobs but are staying illegally in the United States to apply for legal status.”  To what proposal are they referring?  Proposed by whom?  What are the details of said proposal?

The CNN poll is the most surprising result at first glance, until one looks at the way the findings are presented.  “By a 53%-43% margin, people say that main focus of the federal government should be on developing a plan that would allow undocumented immigrants to become legal residents, rather than deporting them.”  “People say?”  What people?  Registered voters, likely voters, American citizens?  No, CNN polled anyone over 18 who agreed to participate.  CNN didn’t require that one be at least a legal resident of the United States to participate in their poll.  Neither did AP or NBC/WSJ.  Now, these polls may tell us something about how “people” respond to push polling, but they tell us very little about how the American people feel about amnesty, and nothing about where voters stand on the issue.

Most Americans understand that no poll is definitive, and that many are taken simply to find a predetermined outcome.  But the constant barrage of misinformation based on “scientific” polling is designed to weaken the resistance of those who hold a contrary view to the political and media elite.  It is a massive misinformation campaign designed to convince those who oppose amnesty that they are out of step with their right-thinking neighbors.  It is also designed to convince politicians that they are doing the right (popular with voters) thing.  Get ready for more bogus polls.  The amnesty fight is just getting started.

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    IF you want to become a citizens and enjoy all of the rights of citizenship then work for them; earn them, learn our language and legally become a citizen of this country. If you wish to become SUBJECTS of the current REGIME, remember this what the REGIME gives you can also be taken away just as easily!

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    Living With Open Eyes on

    I use msn as my home page. The day the story about that poll with 66% of Americans favoring amnesty for illegal aliens came out, msn provided a ballot for, against, or neutral on amnesty, with a running total available after voting. Near the end of the day I checked the running total of votes – it showed 72 % OPPOSING amnesty for illegals.The next morning and since then I have looked for that poll in which I participated – it is NOWHERE to be found.I do not know any blue collar people who want the illegals here and I have heard widespread complaining about this for the past 25 years. I believe that both the republicans and the democrats are lying to the American people. The only right thing to do is to have a national vote on this issue and then force the government to enforce the will of the majority.

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    I don’t understand why the illegal immigration issue keeps coming up. It seems to me to be such an easy issue to solve. There certainly are plenty of difficult issues facing the country, like Iran with nuclear weapons, the national debt, Social Security solvency, and how to create more jobs. It can be solved by building a wall on the southern border, make e-verify mandatory, deport anybody here illegally, do workplace raids, and no more driver’s licenses, in-state tuition , and definitely no amnesty or pathway to citizenship. But I do understand why certain groups and people want to make this a difficult issue. There are politicians who want to get the Hispanic vote so they can be elected or re-elected, employers looking for cheap labor, and the majority of legal Hispanics caring more about their race than their country. And then there are the affluent, highly educated, or just people who have a really good, secure job who will never have to compete with illegal aliens for jobs.

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    I don’t know what to believe at the moment…my newspaper today stated that repubs and dems are in agreement on many points of this proposed amnesty. Yet, I called Repubs congressmen to tell them to oppose amnesty and any form of pathway to citizenship. I also told them they could be the party against illegal immigration and that is a good thing to be. They need to speak out and stand together. The majority of Repubs secs were very optimistic and said they would relay the message . So I have called everyday to leave messages ….The worst president in the history of this country is attacking Americans from every angle, it is clear that he does not like this country! If you are interested ALIPAC has the phone and fax numbers for repubs, some even w/emails.

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    Apparently, our wonderful government overlords in the DNC are so confident in their power that they are able to put out information the same way Pravda and Tass of the old Soviet Union used to do. “Truth doesn’t matter because it’s what we say it is. If we say it, you’re obligated to believe it.” The thing is, out here in flyover, mid-western America, we can still recognize what the bull drops on the prairie no matter how you wrap it up. But I guess King BS and his crowd just figure that’s pretty irrelevant.

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    The American People who don’t like giving our country away need to get off their fat buts and do something. We need a better country where we don’t have to pick the lesser of the evils for president. A better country where the national debt is on a slipper slope and they want to make “gifts” to the illegal who sneak into our country. If that was ok they would walk into our country under the noonday sun. It it is ok then they wouldn’t have to sneak in during the night. My ancester fought the English for a country that I am really proud of. So instead of posting comments why don’t we organize rally, write letter and let the polititions know what we really want and have the guts to make our point know.

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      I have been involved in the fight against illegal immigration for almost ten years and it has been a damned slog. Those of us who have been in the fray have been demonized as racists and told we were wrong at every turn. Fact is that I spent 27 years in construction watching the damage done to American jobs by the influx of unlimited illegal labor. I will admit to becoming disheartened when false polling data comes out but, when the truth finally leaks, I get pissed. Nothing like getting pissed to put the wind back in ones sails. No amnesty, enforcement only.

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    I’ve told our Canadian Relatives who have been on a waiting list for over 8 years to get their Green Cards to come into the U.S. ……… just come in ” SOUTH END ” and they won’t have to wait ONE BIT !!!! And to tell all those other Canadian’s who have been waiting too. IT’LL BE NO PROBLEM FOR THEM.

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    Illegals will never support or vote Republican

    They know where the “Golden Goose” is at…….Democrats/Government/Obama

    If Republicans go along with this plan…..they will be handing over millions of voters to Democrats

    Congress does not enforce existing immigration laws……..why should we believe they will enforce their new propose law… back taxes, learn English and get in back of the line…..yeah right

    What about millions of immigrants who have filled out proper paper work and have been waiting in their own country….they did not push themselves in front of every one else, but waiting for their turn……this is the kind of American I want to live with, because I know they will provide for themselves

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      Why would immigrants support Republicans or your point of view when you call them “illegals”? Get it? That dying party – which can no longer win national elections without Hispanics – needs to change or will go the way of the Whigs.

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        What precisely is your point? Do you believe that all hispanic voters are completely in favor of open borders, amnesty and hispanic empowerment.? That they are hopelessly race-centric in their views towards immigration issues and that opposing this mighty onslaught against immigration law is futile? That republicans need to get in line with the dems and suck up to La Raza and brown power? That illegal immigrants is a naughty term and needs to be replaced by just plain ‘ol “immigrants.” You seem to be wanting to insult not just republicans and independents but “hispanics” and, indeed the process of logic.
        This not a racial issue, it is not a hispanic issue. If you make it one you do all parties an extreme disservice. It is indeed about legal and illegal immigration. Legal and illegal immigrants. The rule of law, the importance of sovereignty and the right to say no to either illegal or legal immigration by any nation.

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        Not in America on

        They ARE Illegals. What part of ILLEGAL don’t you understand? They came here ILLEGALLY…They stay here ILLEGALLY….They take government assisstance ILLEGALLY…. It al sounds ILLEGAL to me.

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    For the second time this morning I have posted a comment to two different articles and found that my post came back as “awaiting moderation”. Are we censored on the internet now if we don’t agree with liberals?

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    What I do not understand is why Mexican people who came here legally and pay their taxes are so strongly supporting their illegal brethren. With all the gang violence in Mexico (and spreading to the U.S.) I would not want ato see that and drugs brought into the country and putting my little Pedro at risk on the streets and at school.

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    If these people are coming here legally, stay, by all means. We love you. If you came here as a “illegal” alien, someone in the immagration department with an IQ at least that of the speed limit, should send them back. No questions asked. If you sneak over here illegally, you will lie, and if you lie you will steal,(they go hand in hand) and the list goes on from there. Is that what we need? Sorry that is what we already have. It is no wonder why other countries actually laugh at us. I have always been proud of my country. However, there is a line between love and hate, and I am seeing that line slowly to disapear.

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    why do Mexican people get free passage?,people from all other countries have register ,apply and wait .The border should be closed to all intruders and anybody here without papers sent back to where they came.I feel sorry for split family but they know they are wrong but most won’t change.

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    First off Obama did not win by 51 % of any vote . There has been more than enough proof of illegal voting and over counting and outright lies in the numbers to totally invalidate the entire so called election. As for the illegal issue, lets face facts here, even the people who came here illegally 15 years ago are now speaking out against the illegals. They to now see the writing on the wall, more illegals means less opportunity for those already here.
    Those granted citizenship 15+ years ago who did not avail them selves of citizenship are now looking at massive issues brought on by those who are now newly arrived and those established long ago are now seeing crime rates in their areas go up by double digits each year. Any amnesty by any part of the government will in the end result in the people, both legal and illegal, turning against the government,regardless of the party, all for the same reason, the governments inability to support the already overburdened and corrupt system in existence.

    No matter how you deal the cards AMNESTY is a LOSE LOSE deal for this nation and everyone hear both legal and illegal.

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    I’ll Repeat Myself

    Let’s make the poll simple and direct:

    “How many of you want more overpopulation creating more budget collapse of your neighborhood schools, hospitals and our job market?”

    Hades, 90% of us will say, “HADES NO!”

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      Sandra Lee Smith on

      Notice they interviewed ANYONE; wonder how many were la Raza, la Meche, etc? No one interviewed me! Had they they wouldn’t have liked my very un-PC responses to their questions! You do NOT reward bad behavior and not expect MORE of the same bad behavior! And it’s not just the overpopulation, but the diseases, and crimes as well, that are being brought in with them, on top of the stolen housing, health care, educations for their kids, infrastructure services, etc. And I include the so-called “anchor” babies, who are NOT citizens, that’s a deliberate “misread:” of the 14th Amendment, which was intended ONLY for the children of those brought here against their wills, ie African slaves; no one else!

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    FOXNEWS poll: 66% in favor of -pathway-to-citizenship; 17% favor deportation;13% favor guest-worker program. This is FOXNEWS ! ..a supposedly reliable news source for conservatives!

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      Sandra Lee Smith on

      Only if you believe a news station with the Saudi Crown Prince for a high stakes owner is “reliable” and “conservative”, can you consider Fox to be such! Truth be told, you could take al Jazeera’s broadcasts, interchange the “enemies” and the propaganda spewed is virtually identical!

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      I didn’t see a poll. No one called me! I believe in our Constitution and our laws! Obama says he is protecting our border while millions come across. Obama wanted to blame the guns running into Mexico on the gun stores, while our own govt. were selling the guns under Fast & Furious! The media is saying more people like Obama now after the election, not! They will be saying we the people approve of taking our guns away, lies! We the people want our borders protected from all the terrorists and illegals coming across! In California the Federal Govt is putting people in Federal prison over Medical weed, while they let illegals run free! It seems to me that the tax paying, legal citizens are being attacked! I think our govt. need to enforce our laws and respect the states laws! Obama doesn’t care about giving illegals anything except the right to vote for the Dems! Obama has never done anything to make our lives better! He only pushes his agenda to destroy everything good about our country, while taking the Middle Class down!

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    What is a surprise to me is that if/once Immigration Reform is enacted the Latinos and other left wing minorities will have the tools to keep the Republican party a permanent minority party, considering all the votes that the Dems will get from it. Why else would Obama and his urchins be so supportive of it? I teach in the schools in Seattle and it’s as if I’m in the movie, The Invasion of the Body Snatchers, as so many teachers clearly see the cost of educating or trying to educate these foreign children, with money we don’t have and learning that amounts to nothing more than baby sitting. What we need is a strong protest movement from the middle class and “enlightened minorities” who see that cheating and sneaking in through the cellar window when everyone is asleep is a travesty of character as well as illegal. It has to be more than feelings and talk. We need a better plan to stop it. Old Newt Gingrich was pretty good at things like that. But it’s probably too late now, as Obama and the Latinos mastered the art of disinformation and are ruthless in their efforts to create an Orwellian country.

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    The Republicans may be panicking over nothing. You would have thought there was some landslide for the president. He got 51%, not anywhere near the 60% rolled up by LBJ, FDR, and Nixon in 72. Plus Republicans kept the House. There was a huge Republican vote in 2010 and they took back the House by a big margin. Usually the sixth year of any president is a big loss for his party, and it may be even bigger in 2014 if Obamacare does not perform as expected. The GOP may need to moderate their message to attract women and working class, but they could never possibly change enough to get a big portion of the Hispanic vote. They never did, they never will.

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      I think the Republicans would have won if they ran someone more conservative! Romney had Romney Care, a liberal thinking program! We the people didn’t want Obamacare, they ran someone who did the same thing in his state! McCain was another non conservative that didn’t represent small govt. principals! They are running the wrong people! It’s almost like they want to lose! Half the people in this country are not brain dead! We know this govt. is taking our Freedom and Liberty! They are attacking our First and Second Admendment at super speed to control us! More people need to stand up! People need to understand there are not just Hispanic people that are illegals in this country, terrorists and all kinds of people have crossed our borders that will be legal! People that are only here to help Obama destroy our country!

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        Linda you are not We The People… are only one……….just about every Republican is wrong BECAUSE they have fallen behind times and are out of touch with our reality.

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      Yeah but, if they get another 20 million votes through a massive amnesty, democrats will be in office until I’m worm food.