Rubio Goes on Limbaugh Show to Sell Amnesty

Senators’ Amnesty Push Gears Up

“As President Obama prepared to unveil his plan to overhaul the nation’s immigration system Tuesday, advocates for immigrants in Massachusetts and nationwide mobilized for what they say is their best chance in almost three decades to secure a path to US citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States,” the Boston Globe says.

“Critics of the Senate group’s plan said they have heard promises of tough and lasting changes before, such as in the bipartisan legislation known as the Immigration Reform and Control Act that Ronald Reagan signed in 1986. The law legalized nearly 3 million illegal immi­grants and promised to ­increase enforcement, making it a crime for employers to knowingly hire illegal immigrants. But enforcement proved to be weak, allowing the illegal immigrant population to soar to 12 million nationwide, though the numbers have since declined, along with the economy.”

Amnesty Deja Vu

“A legislative proposal out of Washington may soon give hope to millions of illegal immigrants living in the United States, while at the same time sparking renewed fears of a system run amok and warnings that years of inaction have made the problem only more complex,” VOA reports.

“Groups like the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) are not impressed. ‘To a certain extent this is deja vu,’ said Special Projects Coordinator Jack Martin. ‘It basically is a rehash of the push that was made in 2007 to come up with a comprehensive immigration reform that could pass. And it did not pass Congress.’ FAIR’s biggest objection is the plan’s path to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants, a provision it sees as nothing more than a general amnesty.

Rubio Goes on Limbaugh Show to Sell Amnesty

“Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., took his case for an overhaul of the nation’s immigration system straight to one of the most influential voices in Republican politics, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh,” says.

“Their friendly exchange notwithstanding, Limbaugh remained opposed. And their exchange underscored a key facet of the coming debate over whether to allow a pathway to citizenship for the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants now inside the U.S.: Republicans are split on the immigration issue and the schism is not going to be easily healed.”

Rubio also published an op-ed at Redstate defending his plan.

President’s Immigration Reform Plan Places Interests of Illegal Aliens Ahead of Americans

“President Obama’s outline for overhauling the nation’s immigration policy places the interests of illegal aliens above the vital interests of American workers and taxpayers, charged the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). The president’s speech in Las Vegas sketched out a reform plan designed to aid and abet those who broke our immigration laws, increase competition for American workers, and pander to those who politically profit from illegal immigration, rather than truly fix a system that has been broken for decades,” said FAIR in a press release.

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    After what we have experienced from ALL OF OUR GOVERNMENT, politicians in and out and wanna be ins, are not to be trusted. PERIOD. I don’t believe a word that I hear of see printed from them.

    Specifically with regard to immigration, all this HYPE about going to the back of the line and paying fines and taxes is just what they believe the American’s WANT TO HEAR. We do to some extent, but I don’t believe for a second that that is what is going to happen. Its all BS. It is painfully clear that all politician’s believe all of us are just plain stupid and gullible. That they say JUMP and we say HOW HIGH.


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      Does anyone believe that just because a law is passed that Obama will ignore the parts he doesn’t like and
      push the parts he does like. Look at our current immigration laws, look at DOMA and on and on. This is just a big push by the Dems to get more voters. I hope our Republicans are smart enough not to fall in to this trap.
      The Latinos have never voted in big majorities for the Republicans even when Reagan gave them Amnesty back in 1986. Our lawmakers and the MSM are just propaganda machines.

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    Retired but not dead on

    As the above article states, Amnesty was already granted by President Ragan and Congress (Immigration Reform and Control Act ) in 1986. It does not need to be repeated. Enforce the laws on the books. If a foreign national wishes to become a legal citizen, there is a process in place which has worked for almost a century.

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    Let us all be frank. Democrates want to keep the illegals coming in for their votes and Republicans want them for cheap labor. We The People don’t have a voice anymore.

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    1986 Amnesty……did they enforce border laws……NO, 26 years later 12 MILLION more illegals

    Don’t be fooled by Rubio’s propose immigration bill…..officials will not enforce anything

    Immigration laws are not broken…..the Federal government just does not want to enforce the laws….PERIOD

    immigrants from the past were invited into the young country…….we have border laws now and American people have a lot to lose, mortgage payments, car payments, college tuition and jobs. We cannot afford to provide for all the uneducated poor people who waltz in unannounced.

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    Rubio? Just another political panderer who’s selling out his father’s adopted (legally) country. Which makes him a political prostitute, doesn’t it?
    But then, just goes to show you- they’ll take their cultural brothers before adopting the new country’s. Did it before, will do it now, and do it everytime they’re given the opportunity.

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    Anyone who would think they can wave their “legislation” making law-breakers into law-abiding citizens is out of their minds. These people KNOWINGLY broke the law when they came, their continued ILLEGAL presence has been not only condoned but encouraged, they have contributed little to the taxbase while incurring outrageous taxes for the citizenry, over-taxed the social services, medical, and educational facilities- again at taxpayer’s expense, while the pandering politicians are ignoring their constituencies pleas for JOBS which are in short supply, and now those same ignorant, moronic, political prostitutes in their TAX-PAID cushioned ivory-towered jobs want to bring 12 MILLION (yeah, right.. that figure is low by at least 50%) people into this disastrous job market?????
    We don’t need dumber telling us (illegal)dumbs will be “good for the economy”- we’re not as stupid as the 51% who put them in office.
    As the movie quote went (paraphrased): “We’re madder than Hell and aren’t going to take it anymore!” Proceed at your own peril. Politically speaking.

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    America does not want AMNESTY America does not want AMNESTY America does not wAmerica does not want AMNESTY America does not want AMNESTY America does not want AMNESTYAmerica does not want AMNESTY America does not want AMNESTY America does not want AMNESTY AmericAmerica does not want AMNESTY a does not want AMNESTY America does not want AMNESTY America doAmerica does not want AMNESTY es not want AMNESTY America does not want AMNESTY America does not wanAmerica does not want AMNESTY t AMNESTY America does not want AMNESTY America does not wAmerica does not want AMNESTY ant AMNESTY

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    The Hispanic lobby wants an immigration system that works, but they mean one that works for them. Gwen Ifel interviewed Kansas Sec. of State Kris Kobach and La Raza rep. Clarissa Castro on Wednesday night’s PBS Newshour. Kobach pointed out that this amnesty will cost taxpayers trillions of dollars when all the illegals become eligible for benefits

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    My disappointment is that I went to rallies, wave signs and made phone calls for Rubio. He is just another politician gone to Washington breathed the air and discovered the easiest way for him to make millions is to sell his soul and the American people. Obama junior in the making.

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    Rubio is on his way to being just another elected dope. The guy has his foot so far down his mouth he is touching his brains. This supposed “saviour” is just another character out of a bad dimestore novel and fast on his way to irrelevancy.

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    The National Review released a great editorial today, criticizing Obama’s — and Rubio’s — amnesty framework.

    It’s encouraging that the main conservative publication is not buying into Marco Rubio’s “enforcement triggers first” pro-amnesty talking points.

    We must counter Rubio’s “charm offensive.”

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    Concerned Citizen on

    The path to citizenship makes this a general amnesty. Rubio sounds stale and retro with his rehash of the 2007 plan. I had high hopes for him after the GOP convention, but he’s proving he’s not yet a leader for the future. It’s more the same old same old.

    Senator Sessions, on the other hand, is talking like a national leader and it’s very refreshing. He actually pointed out in a recent speech that some Americans are immigrants and others are native born! Who within the MSM and Beltway Establishment knew? Apparently, Senator Sessions can read census statistics. His simple statement of fact, said almost in passing, shows that he has clarity of mind and integrity, especially when many people assume we’re a nation of immigrants — as if we all immigrated here. I was born here. My parents were born here. Their parents were born here.

    A lot of people migrated here before immigration laws even existed in North America. Certainly, Native Americans, Mayans and Incas were not violating immigration laws thousands of years ago. Nor were the early European settlers from Spain, England, Italy, and France.

    It’s all about creating immigration policy that’s in line with the national interest: not in the abstract, but in terms of actual, living, breathing U.S. citizens. That is what we FAIR activists expect from Washington.

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      How do you know that if you never lived with the native Indians and the Incas???,,,,throughout history and the Indians in New England killed each other for territories…………and the Incas also conquered part of South america and fought to conquer part of what it is Chile nowadays……………isn’t it familiar………..?…………..

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    The president’s proposal is way short on specifics. The only thing that is specific is that legalization and citizenship has to be the starting point and done before anything else and not dependent on any other actions. Exactly the same thing that got us into this to begin with. Vague promises of enforcement to be put in place some time in the future. And naturally promises of quick family reunification without any of the details of that. Exactly who is he proposing as family members eligible to come here? How many “guest worker” visas is he going to hand out and what qualifications? He doesn’t say. And yet he insists on “swift action” for a proposal he has yet to spell out specifically.

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      Leland you tend to blame the government for unaccountably when it is THE PEOPLE that failed and benefited from this due to non-enforcement AS SIMPLE AS THAT. Remember where we live………We the People NOT we the government…… is both………….

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      This is more of the same, remember “we have to pass the law so that we can find out what is in it”. Once again first paas the law then we’ll determine what the law will be. How stupid does Obumer think we are?

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    Passing Obama’s plan on immigration will only give amnesty to all illegals and, of course, I am definitely opposed to it. It is simply an encouragement for completely open borders.
    The Republican Party will experience it’s DEATH if Obama’s plan passes. Below is a simple rough outline of how the Republican party will lose very significant votes in any succeeding elections:

    Assuming 11,000,000 illegals become legal and that 70% of them continue to be Democratic, the Democrats will gain 770,000 votes, the Republicans gain only 330,000 votes.
    But there will very likely be a significant drop in current Republican voters. Let’s say, conservatively, a drop of only 20%. For every 100,000,000 current Republican voters , there will be a reduction of 2,000,000 voters.
    The net loss for Republicans, assuming very liberal adjustments, would be 2,000,000 minus 330,000, or 1,670,000 while the Democrats would gain 770,000 voters.

    Ron Redlin

    My figures are probably crude, but the idea is clear. If the Republicans let Obama get away with his miserable plan, it would be the death knell for Conservatism.

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      What it is clear is that The Republican Party is at the brink of extinction…………….

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        What is Clear

        Both parties are already extinct, they’re now two peas in a foreign/corporate Fascist Government pod for amnesty and blatantly break Constitution immigration laws on the books [anarchy].