Rep. Black (R-TN) Introduces U Visa Reform Act

Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) introduces the U visa Reform Act of 2013. The bill limits chain migration, requires that U visa holders be actual crime victims, and makes the U visa a true nonimmigrant visa. Watch her speak on the House floor here.

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    As you can see, under VAWA, any foreign woman, married to or dating an American man, can immediately get a greencard by claiming domestic abuse. The VAWA was recently turned back in the House because the allocation of U visas was doubled. The Representaive from Tennessee is right. The U visa is not a path to a green card and citizenship. It is just a temporary stay in order to testify in acriminal investigation.

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    I wish the so called “leaders” had the sense and spine of Rep. Black. She should be the Speaker, or at least Majority Leader. Eric Cantor announced his support for the 2 million illegal alien DREAMERS today. While African-American unemployment for those under 30 is 50%!

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    Oh my gosh. There will certainly be much wailing and moaning at this. Expect people to actually obey the law and leave when they’re supposed to? How heartless.

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    Sounds Good

    Now really step up to the plate and implement E-verify at 100% of all TN employers….do that and the U Visa and chain migration seems like a moot point in comparison.