Sen. Grassley Gives Speech on Lessons Learned from 1986 Immigration Bill

Iowa U.S. Senator Charles Grassley took to the floor of the U.S. Senate late yesterday to give his perspective on lessons learned as a result of the last amnesty that was passed in 1986. Sen. Grassley voted for the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act, but after seeing how it failed miserably, voted against the 2007 amnesty bill. See the video of his speech below:

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    I recall the late great Senator Robert Byrd state during the debate on the passege of the bill take us to war in Iraq, the war that Senator Hillary Clinton supported, Senator Diane Feinstein supported, Senator Joe Biden, and Senator Chuck Schumer supported, but was opposed by Congressman Ron Paul, and Senator Barbara Boxer, Senator Ted Kennedy, Congressman Gary Condit, and Comgressman Nancy Pelosi, that “I voted for the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, and I was wrong”.

    We are facing another Gullf of Tonkin Resolution, just like we are facing another One Time Immigration Amnesty of 1986. The votes will be carefully watched. Political careers will **** in the balance. They better get it right. We wouldn’t be fooled again.

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    And it’s a lot of the same characters who were involved in the 1986 amnesty. Chuck Schumer was a leader for it in the House then and here he’s back again with more “trust me”. I wouldn’t trust any of these people if their tongues were notarized. And Ted Kennedy, though he’s gone, supported the 86 amnesty and then supported another amnesty now, after he had made a “promise” that the 86 amnesty would never be repeated. Plus he’s the same guy who denied that the immigration act of 1965 would bring millions of foreigners here. Liars, plain and simple.

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    “Fool me once, your fault. Fool me twice, my fault.”
    — Words I heard at my daddy’s knee,

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      And that is What Obummers Sheep are doing Right Now ? The Senate The Supreme Court controlled By Obummer And Laraza Probably ? Somebody Make me wrong on This also These Haters of America not Happy with anything American? Best thing send them back to Good Old Mexico Now Right Now