Napolitano Says Border Very Secure

Napolitano Says Border Very Secure

“U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano toured the Mexico border Monday to trumpet increased enforcement as she campaigned for an overhaul of immigration laws. The former Arizona governor highlighted “incredible” spending on border enforcement, 40-year lows in “illegal immigration numbers” and relatively low violent crime rates in major border cities like San Diego and El Paso, Texas,” the Huffington Post says.

“‘What we have seen now compared to 20 years ago is like the difference between a rocket ship and a horse and buggy,’ Napolitano said at a news conference after a helicopter tour.”

Obama Amnesty Push Targets CEOs

“President Barack Obama on Tuesday will continue efforts to build support for overhauling the nation’s immigration system by meeting with labor leaders and business executives from companies such as Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Alcoa Inc. Mr. Obama will meet with labor and progressive leaders, representing the NAACP, the Center for American Progress and the AFL-CIO, and will separately confer with the executives,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

Amnesty First, Enforcement Second May Derail Bills

“To hear Sen. Charles Schumer tell it, lawmakers crafting an immigration reform bill will focus on two big tasks. First, defining metrics that demonstrate that the border is secure, the New York Democrat explained at a Jan. 31 news conference. Second, defining exactly what the path to citizenship looks like and how it proceeds.’ For Schumer and some Senate colleagues, that is the short version of immigration reform: First, border security, and second, a path to citizenship,” the Washington Examiner says.

“But immigration reform as envisioned by the so-called Gang of Eight is actually a three-step process. Schumer left out the first part: immediate legalization of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the country. In the statement of principles released by the gang on Jan. 28, legalization begins the process, followed by securing the border, and then, after an as-yet-undefined standard of border enforcement is met, a path to citizenship.”

A Good Explanation of Why Interior Enforcement and Field Searches are Important

“Illegal immigrants do break the law, but they break the law in the sense that everyone breaks the law. Think of traffic laws, which everyone breaks but which are also only enforced selectively—largely against people suspected of committing drug crimes or other misdeeds. The law against illegal entry is (sort of) enforced at the border, but hardly at all against people once they arrive, except if they commit serious crimes, in which case they are sent to jail and then deported,” says Eric Posner at Slate.

“[T]he odds of being punished for participating in the illegal immigration economy are something like the odds of being given a ticket for driving 56 mph in a 55 mph zone. Despite the federal system E-Verify, efforts to force employers to check the status of job applicants have mostly foundered because of their cost and the risk that lawful residents will be mistakenly deemed illegal (though this is in fact rare). Which is just to say that we are unwilling to incur the enforcement costs because we don’t actually want to enforce.”

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    The Mexican border will never be secure, the Border patrol has their hands full.The real only way is bring the 1st Infantry, and a few more Infantry divisons in, As far as Ms Napolitano is talking about, she don’t know nothing.Shes just puting in her time.

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    What about reports of corruption among border patrol agents? It’s a mistake to assign any Mexican-American agents to the southern border, for obvious reasons. Like Japanese-American soldiers were only assigned to the European front. Assign Mexican-American agents to the Canadian and other border outposts, not on the line with Mexico. Too risky.

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      John F Kostrubal on

      Our southern border (1960 miles) is less than 50% functionally secure .We were promised a secure border after the 1986 Amnesty disaster , yet 27 years later, our border is still open .
      After 9/11, Congress approved a 700 mile barrier,, 125 miles a year from 2005 to 2010 .
      The Border Patrol considers 873 miles of the almost 2,000 miles as operationally secure . A report by the GAO states that 15% (129 miles) was classified as “controlled”, and the remaining 85% as classified as “managed” I guess over 1,000 miles is not managed, a pretty big hole in our Nation Security Department .
      This Administrations new plan consist of many plans to deter illegal immigration, secure border, E0Verify program, etc .
      The only purpose of this plan is to legalize millions of voters, period ! This Administration has no desire to secure our border, enforce our laws, or curtail the enormous foreign population in our nation .

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    Doug Rodrigues on

    “….between a rocket ship and a horse and buggy.” Lets see: 20 years ago agents watched illegals flood across the border, unable to stop 99% of them. Today, cameras watch the illegals flood across the border, unable to stop 99% of them. What’s the difference?

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    How can Ms.Napolitano say that? The borders are in no way secure, not matter how much taxpayer money is being thrown at it. I am sick of the lies.. So sick of it. Secure borders don’t result in 11 and a half million (that we are aware of) illegal aliens living in this country, And it doesn’t matter what we don to try to secure the borders. They won’t be secure until we 100% stop rewarding the criminals who outsmart the border patrol and break into the U.S. Don’t come into the U.S. illegally, but if you do, we won’t send you back, any baby born to you will automatically be a citizen, all your children illegal or not will get a free education, no questions asked, free breakfast and lunch at school, free innoculations and medical care, bilingual classes, bilingual interpreters paid for by the taxpayers at everything from parent-teacher meetings and staffings, free legal help and so much more. Even voter ballots must now be provided in foreign languages! At tax payer expense! (And I thought you had to learn English to become a citizen entitled to vote!) The federal government MANDATES that we provide all these services to illegal aliens, and FORBIDS agencies to even ASK about immigration status! If they do ask, then the service agency is denied desperately needed federal funding (YOUR tax dollars). If we ask about legal status, our schools will be denied OUR MONEY (taxes) desperately needed to educate OUR (legal, tax payers) children!


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    What it takes to stop this amnesty situation is for the American public to call their representatives and force them to abandon the amnesty proposal and threaten them with a NO VOTE when they come up for re-election. Enough petitions and calls will surely I hope, wake them up.

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    Janet would tell a lie even if the truth sounded better. Anyone that believes her drivel or the Kenyan’s fabrications is either a moron or in denial!

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      American Citizen in Kentucky on

      Amen. Janet Napolitano cannot be trusted to tell the truth. What about all the drug wars and killings on the Mexico side that is spilling over into the U.S, on land and in underground tunnels. These tunnels can not be seen from a helicopter. Did she get close enough to see all the trash and plant life trampled by the stampede of illegal law breakers. How many bridges have we built to cross the Rio Grande for illegals to cross, earn millions of cash money, take back to Mexico to spent it, how does this help our economy? They are making our government look plum stupid. They also get free health care while they are here, pretending they don’t speak English, legal Americans can’t get free health if they have a low wage job, and pay taxes on what little they earn.

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    Janet is a Liar. If jobs were available…..illegals would be pouring in. The traffic has stopped because there is no work. Otherwise, it is easy to come over via land or plane.

    The only way to stop them is zero tolerance. Americans need to stop hiring them for babysitters, gardeners, housekeepers, really go after employers with heavy fines, etc. Stop providing incentives and especially allowing them to have US babies…crazy.

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    There should be no amnesty and all of our borders should be seccured. What other country leaves their borders open for anyone to come in including terrorist? Obama hates the American people. He wants to destroy America. He does not follow our Constitution and thus wants to destroy it. He should have already been impeached for treason and many other issues!

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      WOW!!! A new survey of Americans, that asked non-loaded questions, and gave Americans a totally free choice, 53% said Illegals go home!!!
      Janet is every bit as big a liar as Obozo, our Liar in Chief…she is helping illegals come into this country!!!
      Eventually we may have a war against DHS!! Obozo is arming them to the teeth with assault weapons, and millions of rounds of hollow point ammunition!!

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    She is such a liar that even barrack hussien Obama is in a race between number 1 and number 2 LIAR OF THE CENTURY!

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    Oh yeah the border is ‘secure’…Does ‘secure’ mean the fence? What a joke. Mexican drug lords dig tunnels under it, illegals tear holes in it, one news story even showed photos of how Mexicans put up a board AND DROVE OVER IT!!! It has no razor wire at the top to keep people from climbing over it.

    The Berlin wall. Now THAT was a secure fence.

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    She has no idea about the borders or anything else, she was a sorry Governor, and even worst as the head of Home Land Security. Obama whole Administration including him are the worst we have ever had in my life time, of 54 years.
    The media needs to stop covering up for Obama the American people deserve the truth. That is why he flies off the handle at Fox News, they at least try to tell us the truth.

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    Steve Paramore on

    No amnesty, no way…no how. Any way it is looked at, it is a reward for being a criminal. We are supposed to PAY fines for criminal violations, NOT BE PAID for committing crimes.

    11 million + illegal, undocumented aliens…invaders…..criminals…….given a free ride….WHY?……political self-serving…….that’s a lot of free votes isn’t it D.C. ?