Top ICE Agents Has “Zero Confidence” in Administration on Immigration Enforcement

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent Chris Crane (who also serves as president of the union representing thousands of ICE agents) while providing testimony during yesterday’s hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, expressed “zero confidence” in the Obama Administration when it comes to future immigration enforcement.

You can see part of his testimony below. Special thanks to U.S. Sen. Jeff Session (R-AL) for posting this to his YouTube page.

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    Why would anyone have confidence in their enforcement policies. Celia Munoz, formerly a high official with La Raza, sits in the White House and directs governmental operations on a daily basis. La Raza has always made some nebulous statements about the right to defend our borders, but I would like to see one enforcement program they have ever supported. We might as well turn the keys to the White House over to Mexico.