Poll Shows Low Support for Amnesty

Poll Shows Low Support for Amnesty

“A new poll shows that only 11 percent of likely voters strongly back a conditional amnesty for 11 million illegal immigrants, while 39 percent of the voters strongly favor the immigrants’ gradual return to their home countries,” the Daily Caller says.

“The poll clashes with results from other polling companies, some of which show apparently much higher support for letting illegal immigrants stay in the country.”

Rove: Obama Should Let Congress Lead on Amnesty

“There was rare good news from Washington last week, as eight senators—four from each party—announced a ‘Bipartisan Framework for Comprehensive Immigration Reform.’ The so-called Gang of Eight proposed a ‘tough but fair path’ to citizenship for undocumented immigrants that would commence only after the federal government secured the borders and put in place systems to prevent foreigners from overstaying their visas and to help employers verify that any new hires are legal,” says Karl Rove.

“To resolve this issue, Mr. Obama should play it low-key. In this instance, unlike in foreign policy, the president ought to lead from behind. That means supporting the framework agreed to by members of Congress, not insisting on his own. That should be easy enough. After all, Mr. Obama hasn’t offered a concrete immigration proposal for four years. It would be good if he didn’t try now.”

Rubio Tries to Clarify Plan in New Interview

“Weekly Standard‘s John McCormack interviews Sen. Marco Rubio, who offers a defense for putting quick legalization (of currently unlawful immigrants) ahead of guaranteeing that border enforcement mechanisms–like the E-Verify system for checking new hires–are in place,” says Mickey Kaus at the Daily Caller.

“Any amnesty bill will that can pass will have a cutoff date–say March 1, 2013–after which you aren’t allowed to sneak into the country and claim an amnesty. You’ll have to prove you were here before then through purchase receipts or other evidence, which some people who “rush” in after March 1 will try to falsify.”

“Under Rubio’s plan, apparently, there would be a second cutoff–say a year after the first cutoff–after which even those illegals who were here before March 1 couldn’t obtain their ‘probationary legal status’ even if they’d qualified.”

Victor Davis Hanson: Our Incoherent Immigration Policy

“Nothing about illegal immigration quite adds up. Conservative corporate employers still support the idea of imported, cheap, non-union labor — in a strange alliance with liberal activists who want the larger blocs of Latino voters that eventually follow massive influxes from Latin America. Yet how conservative are businesses that in the past flouted federal law — and how liberal are activists who undermined the bargaining power of American minimum-wage, entry-level workers, many of them minorities?” says Victor Davis Hanson.

“The politics of immigration are just as weird. Democrats, buoyed by the two election victories of Barack Obama, now welcome large pools of new Latino citizens to vote en bloc for Democratic candidates. But if the border were actually closed and immigration were once again handled through a legal, systematic process, then in time Latinos — in the pattern of Greek, Italian, and Armenian Americans — would follow most other ethnic minorities and decouple their ethnic allegiances from politics.”

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to ImmigrationReform.com, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    What in the hell do we need more illegals for?they come in for the harvest, and are looking for higher paying jobs, so when they go for other jobs, then we need more laborers.And that is why we have 12 millons here, and more coming across the border at night.

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    I came legally and do not understand why these people are not returned. (1) They are taking jobs from American
    taxpayers and receive all kinds of benefits amounting to millions Why??? This is a travesty.!!!! It is certainly
    beneficial to come Illegally WhY?????? It is unbelievable how they are catered to for anything and everything????

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    This nation was founded on a check and balance system, not the system which evolved from one of pride and patriotism to one in which all elected officials in Washington consider themselves to be above reproach: legally, morally and ethically!

    Gee, our president grinds out threat after threat to Congress and to the American people (to whom he must ultimately answer), that it is his way or the highway regarding the mexican illegal aliens, as he proceeds to rape and plunder our nation’s Constitution.
    He no longer even attempts to conceal the fact that he has overwhelmingly allowed these illegal aliens to purchase his favor. This man has gained access, once again, to the highest office in our land by courting the illegal votes from people from another country…..what other nation in the world would allow this travesty?

    This is a sad epitaph for America’s future: control from razaunida and other hispanic radicals who, within two days of the inauguration were already dictating that no one is to refer to the mexican illegal aliens as illegal aliens! This is the arrogant attitude which is now “powering up” to replace the rights of the American citizens with the demands of the mexican radicals, controlled by razaunida!
    Excuse me, they are not citizens, regardless of the lies and manipulations which have enabled them to remain in this country. Americans do not want them but this corrupt government has broken our laws to appease the mexican political powers. Thus, America’s numbers will swell by 18 million and more when these people and their myriad family members make their move to remain intact within our borders.
    Mexico is simply cleaning house, and due to geographical proximity and the combined constitutional crimes dictated by Janet Napolitano and our current president, America is on Her way to becoming a Third World country!

    If the members of Congress and the current administration were to walk the walk within our cities and schools and not just talk the talk, the laws which are already in place to protect our borders would immediately be enforced! America’s trained Immigration and Naturalization patrolman would again have the right to arrest, detain and deport the illegal aliens!

    America’s future looms dismally on the horizon due to the apathy of a cowardly citizenry who insist there is no crisis within this nation’s borders. Please know that razaunida and the mexican radicals are well aware of this attitude, and therein lies the danger.

    I will restate from a previous comment: Will 2013 be recorded by historians as the year the American people regained control of our nation from a cowardly and corrupt government? We must try.
    The alternative is to awaken one morning to see the mexican flag flying above the White House!

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    I am so sick of hearing that they only take the jobs that Americans won’t take. First of all, my family has been in the construction business for 50 years. It is very hard work but we have put many kids through college and lived the perfect and happy middle class dream. We have seen though the years how the illegals have brought down our pay and the pay for our family because we refused to hire them, We have lost many contracts because we paid our employees a good wages. Now we have closed up our buisness and retired leaving many many people who we loved without jobs. It has been really hard on them and us. Next time you pass a construction site take a moment to notice how many of them are mexicans. Every one of them ARE taking jobs that we Americans would have taken!!!!

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      Alfred Van Guilder on

      I could not agree with you more! I’m one of the carpenters that lost his JOB because of illegals coming here to work for free! This message needs to be sent to the President! I’m sure there are plenty more people like me out there. We could save plenty of TAX DOLLARS too. The TAX DOLLARS we waste on illegal immigrants could go to creating JOBS for LEGAL AMERICANS!! I’m so tired of the TIME, and TAX DOLLARS being WASTED on this ISSUE!! Our President, Senators, and Congress need to wake up, and take care of HOME BASE first! Then help who ever you can help! I really have a HARD time comprehending our elected officials! We need to help them get their priorities in order! Thanks for the comment Suzanne.

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    American Citizen in Kentucky on

    When a poll comes out promoting amnesty, no one knows how many illegals voted in that poll. Why should anyone be rewarded for breaking our laws? Everyone is looking for a better life for themselves and their family, this is a poor excuse for breaking our laws. Can I rob a bank because I am looking for a better life for my family? Does that make it OK? We don’t split families when someone is deported, they can take their family with them. They split their own family when one or two members came here illegally. Also, clarification of birthright citizenship should ONLY to babies born to legal American citizens.

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    I am glad to seen the polls are showing low support, because there was some definite problems with the way I which the question was being framed, leading the reader to believe amnesty is supported by most Americas, overwhelmingly. Nothing can be further from the truth.

    Its quite perplexing why Congress is so up in arms, over this issue. I mean, there are existing laws on the books, so how hard can it really be to enforce them? To an outsider, it would seem like we are asking Congress to re-invent the wheel. We are not.

    What is true in all this mess, two decades in creation is that Congress is partially to blame; illegal immigrants just exploited the massive cracks and, convenienty(for them), slipped through each and every one of them. Panic set in with growing numbers, and it was one idiotic move and decision after the next..I.e issuing social security numbers, drivers licenses, college tuition, the list goes on and on. Meanwhile, the forgotten American Taxpayer is expected to absorb the incredible debt of their mistakes and whims as if we don’t have children of our own to invest in and plan a future for-with 11mil inherited overnight, I fail to see how it would be feasible. Employers will be free to hire the lowest bid presented by the now legal illegal, rather than college degree prospective employee. I heard the new trend is a high school degree will be the expected level of education for jobs for next decade. Disheartening. This country is losing its values and fast. One guess on the culprit ?

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    Shocker! A restrictionist organization finds lower support for citizenship than every other national poll! I wonder why? Could it be that CIS doesn’t like this policy, but most Americans are fine with it? So, while mainstream newspapers and independent think tanks show increasing support for creating a clear pathway to citizenship for 11 million immigrants, CIS screams “no way” and FAIR reports this as news.


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    Steve Paramore on

    No amnesty, no way…no how. Any way it is looked at, it is a reward for being a criminal. We are supposed to PAY fines for criminal violations, NOT BE PAID for committing crimes.

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      I agree no amnesty. Send them all back and let them do it the right way. This might seem like a far fetched idea but what would happen if we were to widen the Rio Grande. I mean we have millions of Americans out of work. What if we were to widen the Rio Grande and use it as a canal. Why pay Hundreds of millions or more to an unstable Panamanian Government when we can help put millions back to work if we widen it enough say a mile and a half we make it a lot harder on illegals. No locks just one long wide river from the Gulf to the Pacific. We also have a labor force of millions sitting behind bars. Why import labor when you can have non violent offenders picking vegetables. Pay them a decent wage say 80% goes toward their upkeep the other 20% they get when they get out. An incentive to keep them from trying to run (there would be guards of course) would be to make it a felony if you were to escape and 20 years would be added to your sentence no appeals no court right back as soon as possible no parole you do the full 20.

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    Rubio is proposing a “cutoff date” of March 1, 2013? Nothing like letting people know they have to rush in now before any amnesty. The broken system keeps getting more broken. There is no reason anyone who has been here a week should become eligible for an amnesty. Weren’t we told all the enforcement would come first? Ho hum, lied to again.

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    One time I don’t like about Victor Hensen is honesty, he trys to blame blue states for the messed but doesn’t include Texas which ties California for Hisapnics and is in the top 5th for percentage of illegal immirgants and is number 2. Hensen uses the typical Republican thinking that is not alos blaming Republicans. Hensen came from the Frenso area and doesn’t discuss the connection with the Inland Counties which are still republican like Kern that bend over backwards for agri-business hiring illegal immigants. Kern voted 59 precent for Romeny. Kevin MCCarthy who opposed e-everify is also from Kern. Hesen whould mention the Republicans in his state like the Lincoln clubs that support guesworker prgorams and legalization of the HIspanic illegals instead of just blaming the Democratics.