Senator Sessions Hits the Mark on True Immigration Reform

We often lament the fact that most politicians in D.C. have abandoned their obligation to put the interests of the American people first when it comes to immigration policy.  The proposals put forward by the White House and the Gang of Eight in the Senate will reward illegal aliens who have broken our laws (and not just immigration law) and the narrow political and economic interests that profit from our current immigration system, while punishing American workers and taxpayers.  And the finagling to assemble a “comprehensive” bill is taking place in secret negotiations, including ones at the White House between the AFL-CIO and CEOs of mega-corporations.

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) had this to say when asked about the White House closed-door meetings by the Daily Caller.

Obama is meeting privately with the most powerful men in finance and business to discuss how to bring in more low-wage labor at a time when millions of Americans can’t earn enough to pay their bills.

Republicans should seize this issue as a crucial moment in history to stand up for the working people of this county, and to defend them against elite Washington interests.

This is an issue that ought to make natural allies out of the GOP, union workers and even the unions themselves … [it]also an important moment for a number of Democrats who were elected on the promise of defending workers: will they side the economic interests of the workers in their states or will they side with the powerful interests meeting at the White House?

If Republicans want to improve their standing with voters they had better take the advice of Sen. Sessions and start standing up for working men and women, and the beleaguered taxpayers who are subsidizing cheap labor for big business.

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    He was correct in calling NCLR a foreign special interest group. They get 95% of their funding from MicroSoft, WalMart, and other corporation, while only 5%. Its obvious who’s calling the shots.

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    We really do have some very weak politicians running America, to push this sorry amnesty or legalization for illegal aliens, they tend to make their own Americans look bad, by saying that illegal aliens are doing jobs that no Americans want to do! then they go on to say that that illegal aliens are law abiding people in America, when in really they have done so many wrongdoings in America, and now that they had found their way into America and had multiplied them selves so rapidly, just had become so over populated through passed amnesties, and our America birthrights, and perhaps another amnesty that Obama and congress are trying to force down American throats, all of what they do is suddenly alright.

    I just can not understand why illegal aliens welfare in America comes before Americans welfare, who are now suffering, because millions of them are so unemployed, I just cannot understand how millions of illegal aliens from another poor country are being so allow to work illegally in America while millions of poor and middle class Americans are left unemployed in their own country which they have legal status to! The most majority of American citizens that are out of employment are black Americans!! To say Americans do not want the jobs that illegal aliens are doing is a big lie, If millions of illegal aliens were force to leave millions of our jobs, and there were a lot of advertisement for those open jobs, there would be millions of Americans line up, mainly American poor and middle class and high school dropouts to those jobs,

    Another Amnesty is going to do nothing but put poor and middle class Americans in the back of the line to jobs in their own country, those who want this amnesty for some reason can not see this, this will not be a pretty picture, it will be another disaster, that will be force on Americans, Spanish language will be force on millions of Americans if they want good jobs, if you notice especially in California that the majority of people who are getting hired in our Hospitals medical positions and other employment, are Hispanics, why? because they are hired because they speak bilingual for this raising over population of Hispanics, This bilingual is now putting millions of Americans out jobs, you just can not be hired unless you speak bilingual in many places of employment! this in reality is not right or is it fair!!! This is suddenly alright with many politicians, our employment labor board does not see nothing wrong with this, so there are nothing no one could do to stop this discrimination, this is what it really is!

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    My congressman Raul Labrador says that Obamacare will cost 10,000 dollars per year for each of these ILLEGAL ALIENS! We Americans can’t afford healthcare already and it’s set to jump by 159% in some cases. So we Americans get to pay fines, fees, taxes, whatever you want to call it because we can’t afford the price tag, without getting any insurance, while the illegals actually get an insurance policy that we pay $10,000 per year for.

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      Does anyone think this sounds at all similar to the back door negotiations that were done for the Wall Street bailouts. So that a few special interest groups could make a pile of money at the expense of American workers and taxpayers.

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    To our leaders. If it is immoral to punish someone who has done nothing wrong, why is it moral to reward someone who has done nothing right?

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    You know you live in a Country run by idiots if…
    You can get arrested for expired tags on your car but not for being in the country illegally.

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    The Republicans have already prostituted themselves on this issue, having recognized the need for immigration reform only after recognizing the need to win Hispanic votes only after losing the last election. We cannot depend on this party, or the other one for that matter, to do what is best for America, which is to limit immigration in a way that facilitates temporary workers who must return home and demands that those desiring citizenship assimilate.

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      I agree Fritz, both Party’s are to share in this mess. Republicans who favor this amnesty are doing it just for votes as well as the Democrats. I say out of the 11 million illegals, how many are Islamist verses Mexicans? Any debt we owe Mexico & the Arabian’s is paid in full if we are to house and maintain their people in our Country. All illegals get paid with their monies back home, this will stop American currency from passing through the black markets. When Americans are fined for breaking the Law, they also usually have their car impounded, loose their homes, loose their jobs and generally have to start over from scratch. But what Obama wants to do or is willing to do is to fine them, give them a home & a job, kinda ironic would you say? This Amnesty is a crock and anyone in favor of it should be “Impeached”!

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    ok so we all call out Specifically the AFL_CEO and their mega corps and have them do the sweeps like the Arkansas chicken factories that weeded out illegals and found Americans lining up to take jobs.

    We vilify them as un American which they are.

    When they attack truth with the same crap ..”no one is illegal” say no not in their country of Birth (that is what I say)
    Well, we are kind and care-taking in this country to the poor–what about the American poor ?

    We need them to do the work Americans won’t do…prove it- Americans line up to take jobs raided and freed of illegals and it has been documented

    Put the elitist under the microscope and point out that it is never to have occurred in the USA it is anathema to our constitution and our CONSTITUTION.

    The problem is-until we act –truths has nothing to do with their ascendency as Robber Barron s and modern
    servile under-class purveyors. We have been designed to be apathetic -so get out of our non-comfort zones

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    The reason Republicans lost was they tried to compete with the democrats and failed. They did not discuss or offer a solution for the 23 million unemployed Americans or what the effect giving Amnesty to the illegal’s and raising the Quotas for new immigrants through comprehensive immigration reform will have on them. These people stayed home because there was no one willing to represent them.

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    Nothing will change until each one of us gets involved in writing faxing e-mailing phoning and yes as I type and hear JD. Hayworth talking about the congressional prayer breakfasts-PRAY before during and after the footwork

    The overwhelming majority say I hope… or they need to….or someone has to…blah blah blah

    No it takes all of us doing what we can and not deferring. i am not saying those posting here have not -but you must see everyone who does not saying this and doing nothing.

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    If we had 20 million aliens costing citizens $20,000/yr in food stamps, education, medical care, and endless other “government benefits” paid for by taxing citizens and adding to prices paid by citizens… the cost would be roughly $400 billion.

    Because of the 20 million aliens working in citizen jobs we have 20 million unemployed citizens on unemployment compensation, food stamps, healthcare that they can’t pay that’s passed on to citizens, etc. etc. etc., which would be another $20,000 each and $400 billion total cost directly passed to the working citizens.

    Those two issues alone could cost citizens $800 billion, especially if we consider tax revenue lost and an endless array of other costs, issues, and burdens on taxpayers and government benefits they paid for. Of course, this money is recycled into consumption of Chinese imports and none goes to capital investment! Pick a number – any way you look at it, it’s huge, beyond comprehension, and paid for by taxing US citizens who are working!!!!

    If the aliens send half their pay “back home”, 20 million times $10,000 is anothert $200 billion and the total becomes $1 trillionj; none of which is recycled into US capital savings or investment!

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    When will politicians learn that amnesty is outsourcing? The only difference is you’re bringing the worker here. The American worker is still replaced with foreign labor. You see the same politicians railing against outsourcing all the time but they can’t see this?

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    If you dont like it that immigrants are winning the tech jobs and university openings then you and you kids should train – work harder, get smarter, and stop expecting such big reward for small effort and weak skillset. If there are more green cards issued, then F1 STEM students will stay here after they graduate and make the USA economy grow. The world is very connected now so please stop whining and just compete. Otherwise, stand aside and let brilliant, motivated immigrants do what you cannot.

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      Americans cannot compete with the out of country labor because big corporations are hell bent on outsourcing every tech job available. My former company outsourced all of the software programming and support to India. Americans need not apply because the Indians are so much cheaper. We found, however, that their code was junk and meetings with them absurd because their grasp of English was generally poor to incomprehensible.

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      Tech prince, if H1-Bs are so smart, then how is it so many are complaining about having to wait for years for a green card–years in which they are effectively indentured to their employers? Fact is, AMERICANS don’t need green cards to work so won’t accept lower wages/salaries, something H1-Bs and foreign students will do. And you know what happens when H1-Bs get green cards? They find out that employers want CHEAPER more controllable H1-Bs who will again put up with being controlled until they get a green card.

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      tech_prince I must agree with you…….the reality is that most of our schools are not flooded with American students for science……………………unlike 20 years ago…………..

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    Steve Paramore on

    No amnesty, no way…no how. Any way it is looked at, it is a reward for being a criminal. We are supposed to PAY fines for criminal violations, NOT BE PAID for committing crimes.

    Given’em Hell Jeff……and make them do the right thing for America and Americans….not big business and big Government.

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    A nation use to mean something, the USA use to mean more than any other nation. Instead of being the torch to light the world, the traitors have flooded us and extinguished the light. We are a 2nd world nation on the road to a third world dictatorship.

    Isn’t it funny, the Democrats always claim they fought for the American worker while the Republicans claimed to stand for principles. The only thing I see them doing is tag-teaming Americans and ruining us for their own enrichment. They couldn’t care less about the will of the people, have no use for our existing laws, or standing up for the principles they swore an oath to uphold and defend. Both parties are full of absolute traitors.

    Sessions is among the few who speak the truth on occasion but I don’t trust any of them at all.

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      Louis Gomert took on the lying Napolitano with it seems no back up but protest from the other side which allowed her to slide just like Hillary on Benghazi.

      Even the loud mouth talking non stop- during their campaigns to be elected politicians –sit silent when they should use their mouths to support the only stand outs for truth .

      You see why WE are needed. Sessions and Gomert will not be here forever-they are older. Where will we be then? WE are CALLED.
      We don’t have to trust them I trust us.

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    There are so many Americans confused on the issue of illegal immigration as well as legal immigration. They don’t understand. It isn’t quite clear to them. Even some one as sharp as Glenn Spencer of American Patrol, doesn’t seem to get it, when he constantly says that Congress is lying to the American public on border security. NO GLENN!! Congress, is not lying. Congress is carrying out something that Bill Clinton pushed and had Congress sign some twenty years ago, known as the NORTH AMERICAN FREE TRADE AGREEMENT, or “NAFTA”. Now, what is NAFTA’S main point. It says so right in the agreement, ‘TO PROVIDE FOR THE FREE MOVEMENT OF GOODS AND PEOPLE ACROSS THE U.S. AND CANADIAN BORDER. Clear now??????

    To put it another way, Congress, HAS NO INTENTION OF SECURING THE SOUTHERN BORDER, no matter how many times U.S. citiznes(remember them?) jump up and down and have sh-t fits. Congress does NOT CARE ABOUT THE AMERICAN CITIZENRY, AND NEITHER DOES THE SENATE. If they did, they would not be importing over one-million people a year into the U.S. “LEGALLY”, year after year in an economy that is failing. To wit, Americans are being replaced by cheap third world labor. Again, CLEAR NOW???

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      I’ve been screaming about this for years and no one would get it in their thick skulls that the jokers they vote for are not going to repersent them. All both parties are doing what the corparations want. Lobbist get what they want, cheap wages and will do anything to get it. No one in their right mind would listen and believe what any of them say. Read the White Papers and Agenda 21 and you will get what these idiots are banking on. I’m smart enough to know that you can never compete with countries that pay its workers pennies on the dollar and have free trade without destroying your own! Now we will be under U.N. control and now if they can get the idiot people to turn in the guns, all bets are off. They will show you their true colors and I feel sorry for anyone thats to stupid to understand whats in store for them. They race baiting will detroy us from the inside out. Look at Obama care no one fully understands whats comming down the pipe line. We will have to pay 20,000. a year for insurace. Hope your happy because you will pay thru decreased care and death panels. Now the idiot wants to kill any american they clain to be a terrorist! The american people don’t understand or care that this is what is waiting for them. All it will take is for them to say something against the goverment and the will be put on that list. No trial or jury…. just death! Gotta ask youself is this the country you want to leave to your children? Look at the bullets the goverment is buying up… remenber when Obama said that he wants a cillivian army that is strong and more powerful than any standing army. The people are on there way to getting their wish!

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        What are we gong to DO about it?. Faith without works gets ya nutin You must have some ideas. I am sincere . I want to hear what you have been thinking.

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    The main problem is that we have TOO MUCH IMMIGRATION.- both legal and illegal. Especially in a lousy econmy, there is no reason to be importing so many people from all over the world. Illegals should be deported and legal immigration numbers should be reduced.

    The DC Elites are replacing native born Americans because they know that native born Amerians tend to be slightly conservative and thus tend to vote GOP. Immigrants are mostly poor and thus vote for more government social programs that the Democrat/socialists specialize in.

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    The big unions are having trouble getting the average American to join now days and they think the uninformed latinos will join them. And they are right.

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    The Republicans Tried Panderring to the IA Latinos

    And it blew up in their face. Hades, the legal citizen Latino [most of their group in America anyway] thinks like most of us FAIR bloggers too: they want a future for their kids….not an overpopulated quagmire.

    But the cheap labor foreign corporates still fund the Republican coffers, until those money puppet strings are severed; I see little hope with the Republicans in general too.

    Just more hotair foot draggin’ with no immediate E-verify.

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    Parties have switched places before, so maybe it’s time that the Republican Party become the Party of the AMERICAN working man and woman. A prosperous American middle class is GOOD for business as well as the country.

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      I fully subscribe to your opinion. Read the NY Time Business Section of February 7,2013. It is about the great many
      laid-off workers who have a very hard time finding jobs. Here is the qoute: “Americans were most likely to attribute high unemployment to cheap foreign labor. Four in 10 also said they believed illegal immigrants were taking Americans’ job opportrunities-which does not bode well for political support for an amnesty program (the NYT’s term, not mine-R.)now being discussed in Washington–Rachel

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        Correct Sam. If most Americans had their credit cards pulled and had to deal in cash, they’d be doomed. They’d be as poor as people living in the third world. Our economy is a sham, based on Wall Streets criminal ways and supported by the politicians Wall Street and the corrupt elite in this nation have bought. Here’s a statistic of some interest. A mere 400 people in the U.S. have 50% of all the money in the system. Fifty percent of the dough for 400 people and the rest for 320million people,etc. I certainly don[t believe in income redistribution, but this is insanity. The U.S. is the nation with the greatest income inequality of any Western nation in the world, yet the outsourcing and insourcing of jobs and whole factories, continues. It’s sick.

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        That’s the point. Ours is shrinking. We’re becoming more like Mexico. At least its middle class is increasing with the return of illegal aliens who start businesses using what they earned here.

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      Ali so are you saying the Democrats are the best for having created a middle class to lead the US a power?