President Napolitano?

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano might very well be one of the contenders in the 2016 Presidential elections.

According to the scoop from the Washington Post, “Napolitano is quietly making it known that she is considering the race, and there is reason to take her seriously.”

Sec. Napolitano, implementer of backdoor amnesty through DACA and prosecutorial discretion, who just this week said she “believes the border is secure” and “safe,” also believes she could be President of the United States four years from now.

Let that sink in for a moment, and then read the full story here.

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    She has always been a low profile and it appears she always will…..I am not worry she will become the president no chance…….but I might be wrong..

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    Napolitano was a bad Governor here for Arizona and I don’t think she would make a good president. Can’t trust her!

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      I agree she ran Arizona into the ground and now she is lying about what really happens on the Arizona Border. She hs the nerve to say our borders are secure. She is nothing but a bootlicker for Obama. Her as President? Of if pigs fly.

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    Here was something interesting that I read the other day. It was from a report called Climate Change in New York State, released in 2011 by a state agency. It more or less predicted an event like Hurricane Sandy. But here was the really revealing part:

    “Severe water shortages in western states, which are likely to become worse with climate change, may shift populations to to eastern states, including New York.”

    Then it addresses whether New York itself will have sufficient water. So why then are so many on the left, so many self proclaimed environmentalists, completely unwilling to address the point that a growing population, most of which is fueled by immigration, is going to make our water supply problems worse? Some put forth some absurd nonsense about piping water out west from the Great Lakes, but 1] that’s expensive, and 2] there was a report this week that the Great Lakes are at their lowest recorded levels in history.

    So it’s unlikely that we will have enough water for out present needs, but the so called environmentalists are in denial about the effect of immigration. They’re like the Sierra Club, which back in the 80s actually opposed more immigration for environmental reasons, but now sees any restrictions as “the greening of hate”. I guess that’s kind of like how Harry Reid was for outlawing birthright citizenship a dozen years ago, but now he needs to pander to the Hispanics in Nevada.