Is Marco Rubio’s Immigration Plan a Blueprint for Smaller Government?

In his response to President Obama’s State of the Union Address, Sen. Marco Rubio talked about limited government, lower taxes, reduced spending, private sector growth – all things that resonate with conservative voters, including moderate Democrats.  But ticking off a list of focus-group tested talking points does not a conservative make.  Both John McCain and Mitt Romney learned that turning out conservative voters takes more than a few passing references to the Ole Gipper.  Many conservative voters did not trust McCain and Romney’s bonafides because both men had political track records that were not, to borrow Mr. Romney’s term, “severely conservative.”

Sen. Rubio has the rhetoric down pat, but he, too, has a political past that will get a lot more scrutiny as he positions himself for a run at the Presidency in 2016.  And that record makes Senator Rubio look very much like an establishment Republican.  Rubio’s political pedigree will likely help him attract the support of Super PACs, but it also may make it difficult for him to attract the conservative base voters he needs to win the Republican Primary, and ultimately the White House.

Now, political conversions do occur, and Sen. Rubio is working hard to convince the American people that he sees the light on government overreach and overspending.  What makes it hard to take him at his word is his stance on immigration “reform,” i.e. his support for amnesty and major increases in legal immigration and increased numbers of guest workers.  Granting amnesty and access to entitlement programs to millions of low-income individuals, displacing millions of American workers and suppressing the wages of millions more, while providing big business with a steady supply of cheap labor subsidized by American taxpayers does not seem like a recipe for a smaller government that spends (and taxes) less.  And when did the “rule of law” and national sovereignty cease to be hallmarks of conservatism?

In D.C., where even Grover Norquist can pass himself off as a conservative, Sen. Rubio can easily assume that mantle.  When it comes to convincing conservative voters across the country of his dedication to conservative principles, Sen. Rubio is going to have to explain why his opposition to amnesty lasted only long enough to get him elected to the U.S. Senate.

“If you grant amnesty, the message that you’re sending is that if you come in this country and stay here long enough, we will let you stay. And no one will ever come through the legal process if you do that.“ Marco Rubio, November 17, 2009

“As far as amnesty, that’s where [Charlie Crist] and I disagree. He would have voted for the McCain plan. I think that plan is wrong…if you grant amnesty…you will destroy any chance we will ever have of having a legal immigration system that works here in America.” – Marco Rubio, March 28, 2010

“Earned path to citizenship is basically code for amnesty. It’s what they call it.” – Marco Rubio, October 24, 2010

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    Our government doesn’t give a damn about the American people apart from the votes needed to keep them in office and the taxes which pay their exhorbitant and undeserved salaries. They (our elected officials) lie through their teeth to get elected and then forget the promises they made to the American people. They are loathe to give up any of the wealth and benefits their positions afford them but, continue to ask the American people to make sacrifices. Nancy Pelosi is outraged and says that cutting her $174,000 salary is an affront to her dignity but, the loss of the average citizen’s income through higher taxes and the falling value of our currency is of no concern to her whatsoever. They have so little integrity and such diminished understanding of and concern for the American people that they won’t even bother to read proposed legislation before they vote on it. Indeed the only “people” about whom they care are the lobbyists who line their pockets and the wealthy aristocracy and corporations who fund their re-election campaigns. With today’s economic troubles many of us average citizens can’t afford a vacation but, our taxes pay 4.4 milloin dollars so our president can go to Hawaii. Now they want to give illegal aliens amnesty which will end up costing the American taxpayer more in welfare benefits for people who have given us nothing except the need for higher taxes. The illegal aliens we are asked to welcome with open arms represent nothing more than a further strain on our society, a further drain on the economy and more votes to keep our ignorant, selfish and uncaring elected officials in office.

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    Percentage of residents living in poverty in 2009: 20.6%
    (7.2% for White Non-Hispanic residents, 25.7% for Black residents, 28.0% for Hispanic or Latino residents, 26.7% for other race residents, 12.6% for two or more races residents)

    Both stats from Los Angeles and Houston Texas Hispanic povery is always much higher in most US Cities , so Rubio’s thinking is flawed.

    Read more: for White Non-Hispanic residents, 24.6% for Black residents, 25.7% for Hispanic or Latino residents, 22.5% for American Indian residents, 28.0% for other race residents, 13.7% for two or more races residents)

    Read more:

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    He is just another politician looking out for his own bank account while turning his back on hard working unemployed Americans. It is very unfortunate that our so called leaders once elected are set for life not having to compete for jobs with those that were given amnesty or brought here through increases in the number of legal immigration, even if voted out they either get appointed to another government job or they work as a lobbyist for the people who bought them through campaign contributions.

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    Rand Paul for pres in 2016. I am sick of nominating RINO’s because we think they can win! Rubio had me fooled but not now. I guess we won the “war on poverty” since we insist on importing them now. Face it, the Repubs want them for cheap labor and the Dems want them for votes. We The People no longer have a voice!

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    We just do not have Good Leaders…… American voters we are always left voting for the lesser of two evils.

    Officials have allowed MILLIONS of poor, uneducated illegals to enter & stay in US………claiming the system is BROKEN……immigration is not broken……federal government just does not want to enforce the laws.

    By looking the other way……forms corrupt legal representatives, powerful organized groups to pressure and tip the scale to vote for their cause.

    Congress justifies and passes little by little pieces in allowing law breakers to remain in America

    We the American people need to put pressure on our representatives……because if they don’t hear from us….they think everything OK.

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    Pete Sanchez, Jr. on

    It is great to express ones opinion once in a while. In this case I will just let Mr. Rubio burn up in flames, and he will.

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      Rubio of Florida reminds me very much of Brown of Massachusettes,both used the Tea Party to get elected and once elected their true liberal colors came to the fore; if he is the Republican nominee I see Hilary winning in a landslide.Rand Paul, would be someone I could vote for.

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    What is the purpose of calling yourself conservative and Republican when you go along with what the liberals want. The liberals have the upper hand because they are getting what they want. Giving in to law breakers is sending the wrong message and our immigration laws become a meaningless. Obama keeps violating our Constitution and no one challenges him. Senator Rubio needs to think long and hard about amnesty, no matter how you label it ‘s giving in to law breakers. This is just an invitation for millions more to break our laws and make more demands with the help of their activist.

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    He is so smooth. almost unctuous. Makes me think of how they say someone will come that will entice, seduce the masses and be a false prophet. so many even at TEA PARTY rallies here at the Capitol had signs with Obama and the Apocalyptic descriptions . I went to the web and many talked about that and said it was not to be him… With all the swarms falling at his feet he had to joke that he was not Jesus and did not walk on water.
    Then I hear Rubio talk and it is even better.
    But you do know them by their fruits. We were told 2,000 years ago.
    Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin say he is the real thing.
    So last year when I heard at first that Rubio was espousing Amnesty a I called his friend Joachim
    also from Cuba who lost everything and then came here and is a super patriot and told him. He called Rubio and they said if he is to have any chance he needed to.
    We were both dismayed as I called him to hear Rubios response. We must be wise here.
    Not emotional like Levin (almost a shocking surprise) because they are just listening to his words and delivery.

    We have to see what he does and what he is willing to implement
    just to do that old time honored beltways two-step-…”I CAN’T DO ANYTHING IF I DO NOT GET ELECTED”

    I do not know if we are up tho the challenge of not going on emotion and using our wisdom and mental dicipline

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    In D.C., where even Grover Norquist can pass himself off as a conservative, Sen. Rubio can easily assume that mantle. When it comes to convincing conservative voters across the country of his dedication to conservative principles, Sen. Rubio is going to have to explain why his opposition to amnesty lasted only long enough to get him elected to the U.S. Senate. Well, norquist and bunch think that the US will become Mexico where his kind will profit from low wages and little welfare state but illegals and legal Mexicans will not lt the USA have no welfare state but just cheap wages.

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    abimanu mathoorasing on

    I find the comments ,dating from 2008 to 2010, of Senator Rubio before his election as a Senator of Florida dubious, as he wanted to get the Spanish votes,when he espoused amnesty for the illegals. His stance has subsequently changed,which leads me to the irresistible conclusion that he is ruling himself out of the Presidential race in 2016, to have the Republican nomination.

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    Amnesty to brown criminals becauswe they are brown has everything to do with racism and corruption!

    We welcome all visitors, especially those with Spanish heritage – a fine culture.

    Most of us don’t like criminals!

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    What is also funny is that Obama gave a speech that was hardly arguable and Rubio made a ridicule himself……it appears he gave his own State of the Union speech,,,,,,,very pathetic.

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    If we can’t do anything else – do the simple math – 11 million illegals putting 11 million citizens out of work @ gov;s avg. salary of $43,500/yr is $435 billion in salaries, wealth, etc., lost to citizens! Citizens on unemployment, welfare stuff, etc @ $20,000/yr is another direct $220 billion lost. 20% tax on $435 billion is $87 billion revenue lost to government – total is $742 billion down the drain If the head count is 22 million – the number is double – $1.5 trillion! Pick a number from $3/4 trillion to $1-1/2 trillion flushed down the amnesty toilet!!!

    PUT OUR CITIZENS TO WORK! LET COMPETITION SET THE WAGES & TERMINATE THE FREE STUFF! If it takes $20/hr to clean toilets, so be it!

    BE BOLD _ PASS IT ON – Challenge those who are destroying our country and sovereignty!

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      Concur. The basic premise of unfettered immigration seems to be that there is a shortage of unskilled labor in this country… Really? The problem is that no one is allowed to get hungry here. It’s time to put the US to work. We don’t need immigrants to do unskilled labor, and we don’t have to pay high wages for it either. Just stop the free lunch – when they get hungry they will work. Since the beginning of time, hunger has been the biggest motivator and the government has very effectively destroyed that motive. During the dust bowl people got hungry and went to extraordinary lengths to find work – and they did, and they succeeded, and they (and the US) were stronger for it.

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    Fairly weary here of hearing Senator Rubio’s name in conjunction with POTUS candidacy as he does not qualify IAC Article II of the US Constitution because neither of his parents were citizens at the time of his birth, no matter where it occurred.

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    Marco Rubio is not a naturalized citizen himself. He was born BEFORE his parents became citizens so all this talk of him running in 2016 will come up against those of us who still SUPPORT THE CONSITUTION.

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      You’re correct, Betty. Because of his status, Rubio is not eligible to be President any more than the present occupant of the White House. He is also not a native born citizen,but what the heck! We’ve strayed so far from the laws of the land and our Constitution, nothing seems to matter anymore.

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    Suzanne St. John on

    Rubio is NOT eligible to be president since he is NOT a Natural Born Citizen as required by our Constitution as both parents must be US citizens at the time of the child’s birth. Same for obamanation. Congress was asleep and did not do their job as they took an oath to do. Results TERM LIMITS on all the idiot politicians.

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    I am tired of “Rubio for President”
    He is not eligible, and I am disgusted that YOU would support this idea!
    We do not need another illegal prsident!

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    Rubio….funny guy!!!… that is exactly why the cubans have been doing and his grandfather did… ironic!!!!…..

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      Rubio a Funny Guy?

      In your opinion, I find his amnesty support and ignoring immigration laws currently on the books not funny or Conservative [Liberal either]….its clear foreign/corporate Fascist thinking and to think both parties’ leaders embrace this anarchy.

      No, not funny at all.

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        SW IT Again you missed the point…………….what is my point? to see if your Algorithm classes, logic and intellect not mentioning reading comprehension skills helps you….please help me understand you……..

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        Unlike most immigrants, though, Cubans don’t have to wait years for a visa, or sneak across the border illegally. Once they’re here, they’re fast-tracked to legal residency, with a clear path to citizenship.