Senator Rubio’s Amnesty Reversal

Since coming to Washington in 2010, Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) has made an about-face in his once adamant opposition to amnesty.

While on the campaign trail, then candidate Rubio told his future constituents that “[granting]amnesty in any form… will destroy any chance we will ever have of having a legal immigration system that works here in America.”

But once candidate Rubio was elected to Congress, suddenly his opinions changed. Now Senator Rubio says he supports a plan that will give illegal aliens “the access to make their status at this moment legal.”

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    If you can not or will not control your borders you will lose your land, your gold and your nation will fall.

    Ask the Apache.

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    Please make sure to share your address, phone number, & state so it may be distributed through INS to all newly forgiven illegal’s & family they would feel so loved if you did that for them…. As most of us can not afford to care for anything/anyone more a lot of us are unemployed, but you get paid very well and have big homes where you can house them and large properties for trailers for them to live with you….This IS a great thing that you do GOD LOVES YOU!!!

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    Well, he lost me in the process of changing his position regarding his positive support of amnesty. He, as do the illegal aliens, has no respect for our Rule of Law.

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      They want them they should take them home with them. Us citizens cannot afford anymore burdens.

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      That is not the only thing he has no respect for John.

      He has used his Government (tax Payer funded) credit card to fund a personal family reunion

      and to buy materials to remodel his home. He also used his position to help a personal friend

      secure a Government contract in return for a brand new CADILLAC for his mother.

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    At this point , I thought he had reversed his reversal. this is February 2013. This was over a year ago that he included Amnesty in his “platform’.

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    Anmesty is losing by a big percentage. Coming soon national e-verify in 2014, 2 to 3 million will have to return home.

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      E-verify will be controlled by the long knives of government.

      Rubio is the progressive republican answer to Obama. He thinks he’s a brown wolf in white sheep clothes. Another Soros parrot! I really don’t know anyone obsessed with their race or anyone else’s, except progressives who want to start races wars in order to destroy our free Constitutional government

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      I thought they had disbanded the idea of e-verify, the original e-verify was to build the fence and start with the employer with the highest number of employees and have them e-verify everyone, and then continue with the next highest employer, but they cut the money on the fence so did that not stop e-verify? I hope not.

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    SW IT flip flopping is common in Politicians……………….It is ironic Rubio talks about illegal immigration when his grandfather came here illegally……………….

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      That is why it is a win/win for Rubio. As a Cubano, they get the Wet Foot/Dry Foot policy that no other group can employ. Isn’t it nice to be soooo special? Anyhow, the other groups in FL hate the cubanos for it. Further, the cubanos have long given up even the pretense of “persecution” under Fidel Castro or his brother. They know they don’t even have to do that anymore, and they will come out and tell ya that. Just like they gave up the playacting of long days at sea, being sunburned, no water, all in the name of “freedom!”. cough cough

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    When It Comes to Flip Flopping 180 Degrees On Amnesty Support

    The Open Border Republicans remind me of the Exorcist, where the possessed girl’s head is twisted completely 180 degrees around….