Geraldo: Releasing Illegal Aliens Transparently Political

Geraldo: Releasing Illegal Aliens Transparently Political

“As the White House and reporter Woodward negotiate what really happened between them, the ham-handed tactic of releasing illegal immigrants on unsuspecting communities without notice corroborates the view that the sequestration impasse made the president fighting mad,” says Geraldo Rivera.

“Don’t get me wrong. I actually smiled when I heard that the first 300 immigrants released by ICE were in Arizona, hotbed of the anti-illegal immigration movement, home of “papers please” and the scolding angry lady governor. No other legal provocation could provoke such indignant howls.”

Immigration Restriction Party Makes Strides in U.K. Election

“British Prime Minister David Cameron’s ruling Conservative party has suffered a huge election defeat, as Friday parliamentary voting saw the scandal-ridden Liberal Democrat surge to first place. The election was for seats in Eastleigh. Mr. Cameron’s Conservatives came in third — behind the party that has received widespread attention of late for sex and perjury scandals. Second place went to UK Independence, a right-of-center party that wants Britain to leave the EU, The Telegraph reported. UKIP also supports a crackdown on immigration laws,” the Washington Times says.

House GOP to Hold ‘Education’ Sessions

“House Republican leaders will begin to engage next week on the contentious issue of an immigration rewrite, launching a series of listening sessions to educate members [. . .] While immigration is still likely to be overshadowed by budget issues and fiscal maneuvering this month, the move signals that party leaders are beginning to look at how they could move legislation aimed at addressing the issueSeveral sources said House GOP leaders are disinclined to attempt to move comprehensive legislation that would cover all aspects of immigration policy, preferring instead to tackle the overhaul in pieces, beginning with components that would immediately garner broad support,” Roll Call reports.

House Hearing Points to E-Verify as Solution for Hiring

“An electronic system for verifying a worker’s legal status and enforcing the laws must be part of any immigration overhaul, a House committee hearing on Wednesday indicated,” the Washington Free Beacon says.

“Congressmen on both sides of the aisle expressed their support for the verification system, known as E-Verify, while witnesses testified to the system’s accuracy and benefits at a hearing late Wednesday afternoon held by the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security.”

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    Good to see some of the old names on this forum, still fighting the illegal invasion of our nation by illegal foreign nationals arrogantly and lawlessly invading our country. Too bad our corrupt congress and Senate doesn’t care about any of it. I don’t like President Obama, but he couldn’t do a thing if our Congress and Senate cared about the citizens of this country.

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    Is Geraldo finally waking up to what Presient Obama is about!! Are there people on the left that actually believe in law and order!!!??? “Golleeeeeee, sergeant Carter”…

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      Bobby, don’t think Geraldo has “reformed.” Later in the articles he says he smiled when he found out that many illegals had been released in Arizona because of it being an anti-immigrants state. He’s not convinced that anything but total amnesty should be conferred on the border jumpers. He’s still very much left-leaning and approves of the Hispanic invasion.


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        mobilebay, (love that name, but I like June also) thanks for being a kind of internet guardian angel to me. I should have known a clown like Geraldo cannot be reformed in any way. I remember a story about him as a young reporter in which he received some mild criticism by a much older reporter. His reaction was to punch the older man in the face. Unfortunately, I forgot this about the “true” Geraldo Rivera. People, as psychologists have truly said, “do not change their basic nature when they get older”. Thanks again June for the heads up.

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    This is a story from south Florida:

    “Aris Chiciu, his wife and son, tried to illegally enter the US from Mexico in November 2011. Hoping to find a place to call home in California, they were instead arrested. Released on bond pending removal proceedings, it appears Chicui found a way to make a living in the US, according to federal documents. The now 23 year old man is facing a criminal charge for his alleged participation in a ring that obtained personal bank information by using small devices and cameras lodged in ATM machines.”

    And just to add another layer, there were five others in this ring, and four of those had also been previously arrested for illegal entry and then released. But why is this any surprise. Because the fact is that all those people who are portrayed as somehow worthy of a “path to citizenship” are here because of a continual and repeated flouting of our laws. Illegal entry, over staying visas, obtaining drivers licenses under false pretenses, using false or stolen Social Security numbers, obtaining government benefits when they are not entitled to them, and all we do is reward them and portray them as victims “living in the shadows”.

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      Leland, I think that phrase “Living in the shadows” is ridiculous too.. Rather than the shadows, illegal aliens can be found marching in the streets for their “rights,” lined up at the welfare offices, in schools, emergency rooms and prisons. They are on construction jobs, mowing lawns, doing house work, on farms, in restaurants, etc., all the jobs that Americans used to do before the invasion and wages were driven down. This has passed the point of insanity, but at least it lets us know which of our elected officials approve of illegal immigration and the destruction of our country. Sadly, most of them do. They have not thought of the future and what their grandchildren and ours will face. They can only think of the votes and the support from the cheap labor lobby. We are bound to become a third world nation if this amnesty is passed.