Hearing on H-1B Visas Raises Questions of Fairness for U.S. Workers

Hearing on H-1B Visas Raises Questions of Fairness for U.S. Workers

“The merits of the H-1B temporary worker visa program were called into question during a Tuesday hearing on high-skilled immigration held by the House Judiciary Committee’s immigration subpanel,” The Hill reports.

“While lawmakers and members of the witness panel all agreed that the existing immigration rules for highly skilled and educated workers are in need of reform, the hearing revealed that some skepticism remains over the H-1B visas.”

Guest Workers Sticking Point in Senate Debate

“The real hang-up in the high-stakes immigration talks is how senators will satisfy Big Business and powerful labor unions over proposals to attract lower-skilled foreign workers into the country. They are trying to construct a new program that would allow businesses to hire lower-skilled workers once they demonstrate they cannot hire an American to fill an open job,” says a report in Politico.

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to ImmigrationReform.com, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    The continuing argument of not having technically qualified people is a lie. Statistics show there are over 200,000 US born engineers that are unemployed. We can always find smarter people over seas, but that isn’t for the betterment of the country, only to line Wall Street’s pockets. We are way too investor (read Wall Street) oriented , and too little focused on production, which is why we are in huge debt for importers. Engineers are about production, and they are here ready to go.

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    My spouse is a director at a major tech firm and all they do is move them around to outsource jobs from American techs to Brazil, India and now the Phillipines. Everyone comes to American colleges to learn but we don’t have enough qualified IT people? This is insane. It makes my spouse sick to see how these other countries move people into management and then just steal our ideas and jobs and these large corporations can’t seem to do it fast enough because of their greed. They often see that the people hired don’t have the same work ethic as the hard working poeple they had to dismiss and they love to make excuses and pass the buck instead of doing the job. But upper management just won’t hear it because they are under pressure to make it work for some reason. The shocker is that these other people really don’t get paid that much less than the Americans they are replacing so its not even all about the money.. ? There are people not trying to bring other countries up to our standards but to bring us down to theirs.. hence devaluing the dollar and stealing jobs.

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    Peter Theodoropoulos on

    I can’t believe they are even wasting time on foolish debates. What part of illegal are these supposedly educated men and women don’t they understand. They should be deported as soon as they are caught not put in prison and costing hundreds of millions or more a year. Then we have the ones who are working not paying taxes and sending money out of the Country. This administration has done nothing for the roughly 25 million Americans out of work most through his first term and now looking at 4 more years without work. Now you have the Democratic controlled Senate trying to work out a deal to not only legalize the illegals but to find them jobs. What about the Millions of Americans who speaks for them. It certainly is not The Muslim or his Comrades. I wonder how many of these unemployed Americans voted for The Muslim the first time for change and then to move Forward. It seems for every step forward we move 10 steps back.

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      I am total agreement here..Screw those who come from outside – America for Americans First. I am also a proponent of deportation (YOU KNOW IN MEXICO IF YOU’RE CAUGHT THERE ILLEGALLY THEY THROW YOU IN PRISON FOR THREE YEARS). I also don’t believe that a child born here should be a citizen unless his or her parents are. Obama has done nothing for those of us who are unemployed or underemployed (I am underemployed – working part time with a Masters degree in Computer science). I love it when I get a rejection letter. It will say something like “we couldn’t hire you because you didn’t have all the skills we needed.” Whatever happened to training people who educationally qualified for a job (I love learning and would be glad to learn new skills if I could find a company who would pay for it). Instead we get this BS that we need workers from outside the US to fill these jobs. We also here that we need to provide incentives for foreign companies to build here. Yes, well if that company is from India you can bet everyone working there will be Indian. Companies like this would rather hire people on visas from their own country rather than hire Americans (I see it all the time in the tech field). I see this kind of scenario with legal aliens who start a business – (Let’s say that a Latino starts a cleaning business and gets some contracts – you can bet everyone working for him is Latino and many are illegal). This is done not because of wages, but is done because they don’t have to pay SSI, or unemployment, or medical. I mean what’s the low skilled illegal going to do write his senator. Let’s start taking companies like this to task – don’t hand out more visas. Put Americans in line first. If a company turns down any American who is remotely qualified for someone on a visa, that company should be fined heavily (I mean hundreds of thousands, and on top of that they should have to pay damages to the qualified Americans they turned down). If all this wasn’t bad enough with the Democrats, we now have the Republicans forcing cuts that are going to lay people off and hurt the middle class. Not the rich, NOT Wall Street (I mean look at Wall Street it is booming since the sequester went through). Damn it all this makes me mad.

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    Wayne P. Coffelt on

    Legal aliens are having a very difficult time becoming immigrants. US citizens are being denied employment for the sake of politicians’ power grabbing and false promises to “paid-for” aliens. Illegal aliens are law-breakers and should NOT be rewarded; should not be granted amnesty and “awarded” citizenship. Priority must be concentrated on Legal Aliens who are lawfully seeking citizenship according to INA. NEVER is amnesty appropriate for the good of immigrants, citizens, and the U.S.A.