Pro-Amnesty Groups Target Hill This Week


The pro-amnesty lobby is mobilizing its base this week, organizing a national call-in campaign to Congressional offices to urge Members to grant amnesty and work authorization to the 11-12 million illegal aliens in the United States.

Scheduled to take place March 12 through March 14, the call-in campaign is the latest attempt by the pro-amnesty lobby to drown out the voices of hard-working Americans who oppose granting a free pass to law-breakers.Going by the name “Interfaith Worker Justice,” the organization spearheading the campaign says it is “made up of coalitions, committees and community groups of interfaith worker advocates, congregational members and clergy.” Notably, the organization is funded by pro-amnesty entities such as the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the Ford Foundation.

We need your help NOW to counter these voices. With 22 million legal Americans unemployed or looking for full time work, we must prevent special interests from dictating our immigration policy! We need to work harder than the opposition to make sure Congress does not pass an amnesty bill.  Call your Senators and Representative NOW and tell them to OPPOSE AMNESTY! Tell them:

  • You want immigration ENFORCEMENT, not another amnesty.
  • Amnesty legislation rewards those who broke U.S. immigration laws and only encourages more illegal immigration.
  • U.S. immigration policy must meet the needs of hard-working Americans—not those of special interests!

To find out how to contact your Members of Congress, click here.

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    Mass Immigration Is Unsustainable on

    Tell them that they can chase votes which will probably go against them anyway or they can guarantee that you will NEVER vote for them if they support legalization. The choice is theirs.

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    We nleed to remind Republicans of the obvious: virtually all of the phone calls they receive FOR AMNESTY are Democrats/hard leftists who will never vote for them no matter how they vote on amnesty. Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan institute has virtually proven that Hispanics vote Democrat because they are Democrats. They believe in big government and big welfare. Amnesty will not result in any significant increase in Hispanic votes for Republicans. Voting history also gives further evidence that this is true. Any legal status — any legal status — will certainly quickly morph into full citizenship and huge numbers of new voters for the Democrats.

    Instead of worrying about delusional Hispanic votes, Republicans had better worry that by promoting amnesty they will loose massive numbers of conservatives and some blue collar Democrats ( who hight have voted for them because of competition with illegal aliens for jobs).

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    they broke the law coming in illegally. Breaking the law makes you a criminal. What part of that do the folks WHO WORK FOR US not understand! Send them back where they came from & make them come into this country legally!

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    Too Bad We Can’t Send Carrier Pigeons to Our Open Border Senate/Congress

    Telling them NO AMNESTY again!

    Perhaps the pigeons could splatter ’em too, with waste products…for wasting our time.