New Amnesty Proposals Aren’t Really New After All

FAIR’s Legislative team has been closely monitoring both immigration reform proposals from the U.S. Senate “Gang of Eight” and President Obama over the past weeks. Recently, they put together an easy to read summary that found both proposal to be no different than the 2007 McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill (S. 1639) that was rejected by the U.S. House of Representatives.

The summary of the 2007 bill and both proposals can be downloaded here.

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    Mass Immigration Is Unsustainable on

    Instant, permanent mass legalization followed by time certain path to green card (which citizenship follows). Employment verification “phased in” over 5(!) years. Easy to see what the priority is.

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      The 2007 Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act requires those illegally in the country to file 5 years of back taxes. I am sure that 2013 CIRA will do the same. This small piece is a serious issue. As former INS/DHS Officer here is the basic problem. Most and I do mean most of the immigrants seen over the past 20 years claim to make less than 20K per year. Now here comes the question.

      If 10 Million illegal immigrants file five years of back taxes, each claiming two or more dependent children. All making 20K or less a year, then how many have to pay back taxes? The answer is wait for it, wait for it. NONE.

      Now if 10 million illegal immigrants file five years of back taxes, each claiming two or more dependent children. All making 20k or less a year, then how many will received child tax credits and unearned income credit? The answer is wait for it,, wait for it.. ALL of THEM.

      Do not take my word for it. Ask a tax accountant.

      Now what is the average child, unearned income tax credit return? $5,600.00. You read that right!!!

      How much does each illegal receive from the federal government? $28,000.00

      How much does the federal government (IRS) potentially shell out for this reform? $280,000,000,000
      That is two hundred eighty billion dollars.

      How much does DHS take in for this program? Lets see if we go by current fees.

      I-485 $650.00 Roughly or what ever form they use. Perhaps an I-687.
      biometrics $90.00
      Penalty $1000.00.

      So DHS take sin $1740.00 per applicant. for a total of Seventeen billion four hundred million dollars $(17,400,000,000). For a deficit of two hundred sixty two billion six hundred million dollars (-262,6000,000,000)

      Of course that is if the number of illegals are in the 10 million range. What happens if that number is double to 20 to 25 million. Which is a much more likely number of illegals plus those who will rush in at the last minute.