Amnesty Won’t Win The Hispanic Vote for the GOP

Amnesty Won’t Win The Hispanic Vote for the GOP

“[Ann] Coulter and her allies may have a point—up to a point. There is considerable evidence that Hispanics’ estrangement from Republicans is not just due to the well-known resistance of Romney and others to support citizenship for those here illegally. On a slew of issues, Hispanics are drawn to the Democratic Party, and it has become harder, albeit not impossible, for Republicans to pry them loose even with the lure of immigration reform,” says Matt Cooper in National Journal.

“Begin with the facts. No Republican presidential candidate has won a majority of the Hispanic vote in modern times, and this showing seems to have little relationship to immigration policy. Only 31 percent of Hispanics supported McCain—and he was coauthor with Sen. Edward Kennedy of an immigration-reform measure. (Opposition to immigration reform reduced Romney’s share of the Hispanic vote, but only to 27 percent.) Ronald Reagan passed an amnesty-style immigration reform in 1986, and two years later George H.W. Bush could only get 30 percent of the Hispanic vote in the election.”

GOP Divisions on Immigration Continue

“As bipartisan immigration legislation takes shape in Congress to grant legal status to the nation’s 11 million undocumented immigrants, a quiet civil war is raging in the Republican Party on the issue,” Bloomberg News reports.

“Republican leaders and many top party strategists are embracing the effort as a political imperative for a party smarting from its demographically driven drubbing in 2012. Meanwhile, a vocal law-and-order faction — including activists who form the backbone of the party’s electoral base — is increasingly motivated to block it, as it has done with previous attempts to revamp immigration policy. ”

House, Senate Groups Working to Complete Amnesty Bills

“Two groups of bipartisan lawmakers in the House and the Senate are racing to put the finishing touches on massive and complex legislative proposals for immigration reform that could be introduced shortly after Easter,” the Washington Post reports.

“A bipartisan group of eight senators has been meeting virtually daily to hammer out details of the bill, including how to structure new visa programs that would fundamentally alter legal immigration, as well as the politically treacherous issue of extending legalization and eventual citizenship to the nation’s estimated 11 million illegal immigrants.”

Border Security Still a Flashpoint in Arizona

“The issue of border security — hard to measure but easy to manipulate — has long been a sticking point in the debate over illegal immigration. The Obama administration, hoping to win congressional support for an overhaul of immigration law, increased spending on customs and border enforcement to a record $12 billion in 2012, and it claims to have reduced infiltration of the 2,000-mile U.S.-Mexico border to its lowest level in decades,” the Washington Post writes.

“Today, as the Obama administration seeks lawmakers’ backing for steps that would legalize millions of undocumented residents, Arizona’s conservative forces are rallying for another fight. This time, they have new ammunition from sequester cutbacks and reports of Mexican drug gangs muscling in on what was once a routine cat-and-mouse game between federal agents and poor migrants.”

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    Living in Az and having many friends who are police officers here I can tell you that the majority of the illegals and the so called dream act children have no respect for our laws or our country. The media likes to drag out those who are doing well in school but they are the minority as the bulk are gang members, criminals or pregnant teens who will give birth to several children by several different fathers and live off the system the same as their mothers did!
    These are not people who will ever vote republican because they want the freebies …so unless the republicans want to give them more then the democrats do…say a free car shell if you vote for us and then if you vote for us again a free motor its like spitting in the wind as they will not vote for anyone who believes they should earn things!

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      Carol you hit the nail on the head, but in reality the GOP and the democrats are all plutocrats so party labels mean nothing. You and I are just a commodity to be exploited in their lust for power.
      The plutocrats in Washington are a class unto themselves making a minimum of, I think it’s $174,000
      a year, have superior health ins and retirement compared to ours, so what would they care about except power.


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    Sometime back, the Latin American Countries met to discuss the economic strategy in the Western Hemisphere and the US was not invited to participate. Mexico initiated the meeting. It was obviously intended as a cooperative action to economic destroy the US. Shortly thereafter, Cuba, a participating country emptied its mental institutions of its mentally ill and prison criminals by talking advantage of President Carter’s open policy. The US wound up with floods of refugees placing them in the Orange Bowl and nationwide jails. Eventually these misfits were paroled out to relatives throughout the US seeking employment wherever they could find it. As it is, we are still dealing with some of the so-called refugees. After that, came the drugs wars which led to El Salvadorian Stay of Deportation for misfits and criminals as well. Some of the deserting soldiers who sought illegal entry into the US just to be caught and to recuperate from their civil war. They didn’t leave either. Then came the Nicaraguans who also fled their war torn country. They too remained in the US. And now we have to deal with the Mexicans who are fleeing their country not for civil strife but for economic reasons. We have let foreign countries dictate to us and whether you like it or not, we have lost our sovereign right. Open your eyes. Mexico told the US that it would take back all of the
    western states: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Washington, and Colorado. We have always been told to obey the law and to give our lives for God and country. Yet, when we grant Mexicans their American citizenship, guess which flag is raised to honor. I have attended footballs games in the border states and when the National Anthem is played or when the Stars Spangle Banner is sung or played, these so called Americans don’t even place their right hand over their heart. They completely ignore the showing of respect. But when the Mexican national anthem is played, they cross their chest with their right hand and sing the song. God Bless America

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      Totally agree with you. I live in a border state and work ata government workplace. Just about all the workers are Hispanic, and some of them you would think don’t even speak english. I know they do because have heard them speaking english when it was necessary. They can speak it as well as anybody, but it is very rare that you will hear them speak english because they prefer spanish. And most of these people were born here in the U.S. It is my opinion that the majority of the illegal immigrants are here not because they want to be Americans and to love this country, they are just here for all the benefits like increasd standard of living, ( at American citizens expense). And all the additional benefits they will get if these spineless poloticians are able to pass their amnesty. Because you know these politicians don’t want to lose their next election and have to go home to where they are from and have to look for a job like normal Americans have to do. Like John McCain said, the Republican party has to support amnesty becuse it is losing elctions.

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    Being the grandson of A great American ITALIAN whom came through Ellis island TOOK THE TEST IN ENGLISH passed and expected he was responsible to bear his own cross and his son my dad did the same . They both offered HELP to more than there community but it was help not A life style . My farther also taught me to fish but I had to clean and cook them.

    Something we need to really never forget HITLER was stopped by an army of multicultural people to protect ONE NATION UNDER GOD the U S A . WHO all spoke English and bore there on cross while helping others carry theirs,and they did not expect them to do it every day !

    WE only exist because we fought together as AMERICANS not as our ethnic origins. If Hitler made it we all would be speaking German and if you think the border is bad now ,you more than likely would not even be alive to cross it either way , UNLESS YOU WERE well like the devil himself !!

    Flat Tax
    No social programs food stamps etc…
    tax floor starting at 25,000single
    35,000 married
    5,000 roll over medical account tax deductible only on the 5,000 that that year
    counts as insurance coverage company can pay into it you decide which agency it goes to.
    There will be more.

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    First time I see a very , very excelent point of view . These is exactly rigth , The GOP will never gain the Hispanic vote because most of these population believe that the GOP is a Party of the Rich and only defend the view of the rich . To anyone : Please read carefully these and you will find how an Amnesty it will be the Tumb for the Republican in 2020 . I hope that legislation do not pass the House but if did , In 2020 it will be a big sign all over the U.S.A
    GOP — RIP

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    I read it will likely be a pathway to green card rather than citizenship. The lesser of two evils, in suppose.

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    Sounds to me like we need to step up deportations..I am not willing to hand my country over to the illegals without a fight! If they are illegal they shouldn’t be able to vote correct? (this is why the Democrats want amnesty so bad). The only people who will benefit from amnesty are those who want low wages and high poverty (the corporations and multi-nationals the Republicans support – that is why the Republicans want amnesty). We have 20 million legal Americans who are either unemployed or underemployed (I am one) and now they expect us to add another 12 million (law breakers) to the list. Once these illegals have access to food stamps, SSI, and other public benefits you can say goodbye to American as you know it. The states will begin falling like dominos into bankruptcy. At that point it will be bad for everyone including these law breakers who have invaded the country! I support tough fines and legal action to those knowingly hiring illegals, and I support deportation all the way…I also think that unless both of your parents are US citizens (or legal residence) you do not automatically get citizenship just being born in the country.

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    Isn’t this essentially winning over legal voting Latinos vs the illegal ones who cannot vote? And really, if these legal Latinos are voting on behalf of the illegal ones, simply because of shared nationality, who beds them?

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    Merrill Colby on

    Hispanic population will soon be great enough to elect govenors, cong reps and senators and eventually take control of our government. Can’t amnesty supporters understand this?

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      richard harris on

      These Hispanic legislators will also pass legislation to make America a bilingual country. Hispanics have and will continue to resist adopting English-American culture.

      Canada has suffered with the bilingual problem for 254 years. The English conquered the French in Quebec in 1759. They foolishly allowed the French to continue speaking their own language. By the mid 1960’s both French and English were made official national languages by the Federal government. All product labels on domestic and imported products across all 10 Canadian provinces must contain both French and English messaging.

      By 1979 the government of French-dominated Quebec outlawed the use of English in the conduct of business in the province. Businesses had to answer their phones in French. Business signs had to be in French only. All official proceedings (trials, court proceedings, etc) in Quebec were to be conducted in French only. By the late 70’s the French were demanding to be afforded special rights under the national constitution. There have been several referendums in Quebec over the issue of separating from Canada. In both World Wars I and II the French refused to allow themselves to be subject to conscription. This was a special privilege that English speaking Canadians did not enjoy.

      These are all examples of intolerable divisive, conditions that arise when a vocal minority becomes arrogant and bellicose. It results from the maintenance of a separate identity and culture owing to continued use of the minority’s language. The melting pot theory was never attempted in Canada. Canada has always had two separate cultures.

      If Hispanics are allowed to continue their invasion of our country we will be faced with the same kind of divisive intolerable conditions in this country that Canadians face. Are people in this country really foolish enough to continue going down the same path to destruction that Canadians are on.

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    We can’t support all these people nor should we. We need to have a process for allowing immigrants from any Country. What a mess this President is trying and has made of this Country. President G.W. Bush also wanted to do this but he did listen to the CITIZENS OF THE USA and stopped. The Americans have stopped birthing large families and that means that eventually Social Security, Unemployment funds etc will run out as our youth grow older. There won’t be enough people contributing. “CONCERNED”

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    It is remarkable that Republican Party leaders continually fall for the notion that they can outbid the Democratic Party in pandering to the Latino separatists; that will never work. Such “solutions” not only endanger the civic traditions that have made our country a success; they are foolish even as a political strategy, since pushing amnesty and unrestricted immigration alienate the natural voting base of the GOP.

    It might be pointed out to ‘softwarengineer’ that not ALL ‘Open Border Fanatics’ are liars; a good number are simply delusional. In that respect they have something in common with the ‘progressive’ wing of the GOP.

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      As a staunch Republican voter, I was amazed last week to learn about the party’s contemptable change of venue in regard to advocatinging pro-immigration.
      Somehow it hasn’t crossed the RNC’s awareness that for every Hispanic vote they’ll gain (if passed) will never equal the two lost votes from Republicans who leave the party in disgust.

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    I give up. Thought Rand Paul was the answer to my Republican prayer. Now with him joining the voices for amnesty does anyone believe we have someone who will stand up for us?

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      Don’t feel as if you were alone in being ‘duped’. Give some consideration to ‘what if’ Marco Rubio would have done for immigration IF he was even qualified to hold the VP position, and he and Romney had won.
      It’s time to circle the wagons my friend…
      We are surrounded by the BAD guys, and even are under seige from within., .

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    We should open our borders to everyone who wished to come to the USA. Make no distinction between the Mexican People who wish to emigrate to the USA and everyone else. If these people want to come here, so be it. We are a rich country and can afford to have these new residents become part of our great society.

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      Veronica M reimann on

      You are wrong. Just go into any hospitals, clinics & welfare offices in any part of the country, especially the border states they are full draing off the tax payers money. It is long pass time to control our border both north & South, Go back to pre-sixities law on immigration, then we will once again know where our legal immigrantes are which we do not now, let alone the illegals. We do not want to get into the uncontrolable mess europe is in. We are strongly on that road now . Stop extended family immigration, no more anchor babies make it law that at least one parent has to be an American Citizen

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      Have you lost you mind? If you haven’t noticed we are BROKE we cant even take cars of our own much less millions more. You must be from down south.

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        Isn’t it strange that we can’t afford to do a mass deportation, and yet the Fed’s are willing to invest another 450 million upgrading Guantanamo? That sum would allow us to build a whole bunch of cattle cars. No.. I am not inhumane, but that mode of transportation would be a lot better condition then most endured while sneaking into our country.
        Hey! Give the South a break, Pal.. at least ’till you read about Georgia’s stand on the illegal’s.

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      richard harris on

      We’re a rich country? We’re 16 trillion dollars in debt in case you didn’t know. We’ve got 23 million people unemployed. We can’t afford to look after our own, never mind the rest of the world’s castoffs. Are you sure your name isn’t Georg von Starkravingmadmann?

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      have you been living under a rock for the last few years? this country probably still can be considered a rich country, but we are $16 trillion in debt. this country is spending beyond its means. so our economic condition is not that great. last i heard was that 46 million americans are on food stamps. millions of americans have given up looking for a job or a full time job. the income disparity between the rich and poor is getting wider all the time. but you think our country is just doing great and we should legalize anybody who has come here illegally and absorb the economic hit? i think you are probably one of those people who will never have to compete with an illegal immigrant for a job, that’s why you are so in favor of amnesty. if this amnesty goes through, many of our veterans who have risked their lives for you and this country in Iraq and Afghanistan, when they get out of the military will have to compete with illegal aliens for jobs. most of these young people are in their early to mid 20’s and joined the military straight out of high school. do you not see a problem with that? because all the illegal immigrants are not going to stay working in the fields once they have been given work permits.

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      have you been living under a rock the last few years? This country probably still can be considered a rich country. but the country is spending beyond its means. we are $16 trillion in debt. last I heard 46 million americans are on food stamps. millions can’t find a job or a full time job. the gap between the rich and the poor is getting wider all the time. but you think this country is in such great economic condition, we can and should legalize everybody who came here illegally and will be able to absorb the economic hit with no problem. you are probably one of the people who will never have to compete with illegals for a job, which is why you are so in favor of amnesty. if the illegals are given amnesty, that means that many of the soldiers who have risked their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan to make your life and this country safer, when they get out of military in next few years, they will have to compete with illegal aliens for jobs. Because the way I understand it, if an amnesty passes, the illegals will immediately be able to get work permits to work wherever they want, and am sure alot of them will not be staying working in the fields. Alot of these young veterans who will be getting out of the military are in their early or mid 20’s and they joined the military straight out of highschool. why should they have to compete with illegals for jobs, answer me that Georg.