RNC Supports Amnesty

Embracing the false notion perpetuated by the open-borders lobby that the Party will continue to lose elections until it pushes amnesty, the Republican National Committee (RNC) today told its members they must support “comprehensive immigration reform.” (See Growth and Opportunity Project at p. 8, Mar. 18, 2013)

The call to support an amnesty agenda appeared in a report released this morning entitled the “Growth and Opportunity Project”. Commissioned by RNC Chairman Reince Priebus in response to the Party’s failure to win the White House or Senate in 2012, the report’s authors include Henry Barbour, Sally Bradshaw, Ari Fleischer, Zori Fonalledas, and Glenn McCall. (Id. at p. 1)

If Republicans fail to “embrace and champion comprehensive immigration reform,” the report warns, “our Party’s appeal will continue to shrink to its core constituencies only.” However, in making such a sweeping statement, the report’s authors neglect to consider the number of Americans opposed to amnesty who may either leave the Party or simply refuse to vote for Republican candidates as a result of such an about-face by the Party establishment. (Id. at p. 8)

Despite the fact that granting a reprieve to the nation’s 11-12 million illegal aliens will increase job competition for the 22 million un/underemployed Americans, as well as the number of individuals who are eligible for public assistance and ObamaCare, the RNC also claims amnesty will help grow the economy. “We also believe that comprehensive immigration reform is consistent with Republican economic policies that promote job growth and opportunity for all.” (Id.)

In issuing the report, the RNC appears to be taking its marching orders on immigration policy from President Obama. In a closed-door meeting with Republican lawmakers at the White House last Wednesday, President Obama told them they would benefit more from passing amnesty legislation than the Democrats. (Associated Press, Mar. 13, 2013) Only five days later, the RNC appears to agree, calling on its members to support “comprehensive” immigration reform.

To express your views to the RNC, call 202-863-8500. You can also email them through the RNC Website.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    I love the commnets here. But people, don’t stop with the Republican Party. It is very firghtening to see that Marko Rubio and Rand Paul were the big winners in the recent Conservative Politica Action Committee’s straw poll. This should be of great concern to everyone (common sense liberals, independents and conservatives) who know illegal immigration is destroying this country. There seems to be strong effort by certain people to manipulate conservatives into supporting amnesty (using euphemisms). ALL conservatives ought to be the natural ally of those opposing the open borders lobby; not long ago their support was a certainty. Something really suspicious is going on here

    Many of the neophyte Tea Party types adore Rubio and Paul and will readily accept anything these guys tell them. We even have Newt Gingrich on the amneslty band wagon, and Sean Hannity gushes over Rubio and Paul and brushes off citicism of them by say no one is 100% perfect.

    It is critical that we put a stop to this effort to hijack a portion of the conservative movement — here and now. We can not afford to loose a huge portion of those who ought to be our natural allies. We must call Hannnity and / or e-mail, tweet him and put him on notice that Rubio, Paul are totally unacceptable, unless they do a total 180% turn around — i.e. no legal status of any kind — period.


    We must send post to all of the conservative web sites and face book tell them the same. Red State,Town Hall — everyone. If we loose conservative solidarity against amnesty, that could well be the end — of everything.

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    We do not trust our politicians because of things like this, We were told in the 80’s there would be no more AMNESTY’S.

    I switched to the Republican party and voted for Marco Rubio because of his strong stance on illegal immigration. I will not be voting for him next time.

    I feel he and the other Republicans that are putting forward another Amnesty have betrayed the Working Citizens of our country.

    If the Republicans push and help pass another AMNESTY, they will never win another national election again.

    You can call it anything you like, but if the 11 million illegal aliens are allowed to stay her and continue to work or be allowed to take any new jobs the become available. IT is AMNESTY.

    It will not help in any way the 14 million unemployed American workers or the 20 million under employed.

    These people came her illegally by walking across the border or over staying a Visa. They knowingly broke our laws and the Knuckle heads in Washington want to Reward them with a job. What is wrong with this picture.

    All the talking heads in Washing ton and the media can not be trusted. They are far removed from the plight of the working class in the U.S.A. and now will give job preference to illegal aliens.

    This administration will not enforce any part of an immigration bill that it does not like or agree with, or if the Democrats’ control the house again the wont fund the enforcement. They never funded building the entire fence authorized in the last bill. Janet Napolitano has dragged her feet on this and many other enforcement issues. She just let over 2200 criminal illegals go.

    How can we trust them.

    If President Obama does not like the enforcement part of a immigration bill, he will just issue another executive order to by pass it.

    I don’t believe we can trust him at all.

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    I DO NOT favor amnesty and I still think the ILLEGALS should be deported. If we had stuck to our guns with E-Verify, we’d be getting them out of our American jobs now. i think the Republican Party is failing and should drop their name in favor of some new and positive one. (And I don’t mean something like “progressive”. ) The fact that the Republicans are saying they are now in favor of AMNESTY, is just looking like the lies Obama has been spitting out since he’s been in the White House. People aren’t stupid and can see right thru this give-’em-amnesty cr*p. I stopped being a Democrat because I was ashamed of them, and now that I am one, I can’t stand the Republicans either! Being Independent doesn’t solve anything either. The Independents only water down the vote and let the stronger party win. This is how I see things, but basically, I have no answers.

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    I just received my RNC letter in the mail wanting me to contribute. I’m definitely sending it back as I always do but this time instead of a check they are getting a letter outlining everything that has been talked about today.

    And yes I will no longer support the Republican party in any way!!!!!

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    The politicians of both parties are only interested in any way to get more votes.
    They don’t care about what’s good, for the American people.

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    This is but one of the many reasons that I am changing my voter registration status from Republican to Independent. Aside from the Rand Paul’s and the Marco Rubio’s and a host of other RINO’s, we have that pack of vultures known as McCain, Graham and Flake who are in a bloodlust to maime, kill and murder more american soldiers while subjecting our citizens to the kind of invasion that will only succeed with inside help….and that happens to be “THEIR HELP!!” My withdrawal from the GOP is effective as of today and I would hope that every Patriotic American who is on the rolls of the Republican party will do the same. Let’s see if they can replace our votes with those of the law breakers they want to sponsor over the Constitutional rights of american citizens and in violation of the Rule of Law. If we can’t beat them, so they say, then we should not support them with our money or our vote. Let’s just see how fast GOP Congressional Districts come under the control of the demoncrats.

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      I did that very thing this morning online, I’m now registered as independent

      Sounds awful like goal 15 (I believe it was 15) of the 45 goals of the communist goals. On Jan. 10th 1963 congressional records shows were a list of 45 communist goals was submitted to congress. It derives from the Naked Communist. Looking over the list, most all the goals are in process or already fulfilled.

      Those that are interested, search “congressional records jan 10th, 1963” or “45 Communist goals” to view this list and compare it with todays society

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    Charles E. Penrod on

    We have attended this dance before. Tell it to the dead Border Patrol Agents and Sheriffs’ deputies. Tell it to the victims of illegals, terrorists and foreign agents invading the U.S. We need more American rebels (patriots!) in government, or …………….(fill in the blank for yourselves).

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    The vast majority of illegals are low skilled workers who depress the wages of American blue collar workers. Many Americans need living wages and illegals have kept them from working and working for more. I would gladly pay an extra 20 cents for a Big Mac knowing I was served by a legal American worker who keeps his money in his country.
    Illegals are a drag on our economy and should be deported at every chance.

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    The RNC is committing political suicide. Amnesty will only split the party and ensure the Democrats remain in power. Secure the borders and penalizing companies that hire illegals. After that is completed, we can start talking about the illegals left in this country. A path to citizenship with no voting rights for at least 10 years might be a good starting point.
    Also time to start reforming the legal immigrations system. If there was better system for legal immigration we might be able to start getting this under control.

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    A political suicide by GOP for losing a mass number of traditional GOP voters right away. In the long run, there will be a more significant loss for supporting a big government which provides excessive social welfare. In the end, riches and high-skill immigrants will be out-numbered by the poors and will flee out of this country.

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    As a European-American,I will no longer support the Republican party in any way, because they do NOT have my best interests at heart. Scr-w them and the anti-European-American Democrat Party.

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    I was under the false impression that many of the illegal immigrants were religious and espoused family values … statistics state loudly that they do not. Not only is this a population that will dramatically swell the welfare rolls but it is a population that will potentially cripple and incapacitate our medical system. I have been reading with great alarm the numbers of these individuals who are carrying life threatening diseases such as drug resistant TB, dengue, malaria, parasites that can incapacitate and or kill and illnesses that the west has not even seen. The facts are that these illegals are coming from some of the most squalid, unsanitary living conditions in the 21st century. There have been outbreaks of TB in Maryland, NYC, Texas and throughout California. It was reported that 60% of those who are infected with the drug resistant TB will die! The numbers of children born to illegals in this country is crippling major hospital financial resources across the country. This is a population that will vote for a continuance of progressive/socialist policies that reward the non contributors to society with food stamps/medicaid, drivers licenses, free cell phones etc. They would never vote for a party or policies that would seek to limit access to these “government” programs. I guess that in the final analysis it really doesn’t mean that much to be a “legal” American anymore. As far as the government is concerned … our value lies solely in the tax dollars we contribute through our paychecks. I served proudly in the U.S Army but lately haven’t found too much to be proud of in this country that seeks to dramatically diminish what it used to mean to be an “American”.

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      That’s why the comparison to immigration a century ago is false. Those people got nothing from the government, they made it on their own. As you say we are importing a huge underclass of poor into a welfare society and give them all kinds of tax payer funded benefits. This kind of immigration is a huge negative, not a plus.

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    they are all on welfare, and speak no english, the biggest tax hike on American citizens. they dont even like the USA, they want amnesty to retire on to go back to Mexico and live off social security, thats what they tell me. Why would we support more welfare dependancy? and they vote dem always!

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      John Winthrop on

      JJ i have seen many that speak not only English but other 3 languages, they love the US and the US would brnrfit from them………………………………………..you must be above your 50’s…………..

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        I’m not above my 50’s and I agree with everything JJ wrote, BECAUSE IT’S TRUE. I also live in California, chump. So you can’t fool Californians about illegal foreign nationals and the millions of ways they scam the state here and the taxpaying public. But good try trying to bigotedly bring age into it. My aunt is 92 and smarter than you are.

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          John Winthrop on

          Bobby you missed the point as USUAL……………I never said THEY ALL SPEAK ENGLISH,,,,,I said I have seen many that are in the minority which makes JJ and your point MUTE. After Immigration Reform is finished AS LONG AS it is done correctly like the Canadians……………………then you will see by the time you are 92 you will be smarter than your aunt………..which by the way I can picture how smart she is by gauging at your comprehensive skills…………………….ignorance is a bliss!!

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    I am voting for Independents then. i will not support a party that rewards illegal behavior.

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    Mass Immigration Is Unsustainable on

    They are laying their cards on the table and admitting(!) that they have no principles and embrace of amnesty is purely out of perceived political expediency. The policy position itself turns off pro-rule of law Republicans and the naked expediency motivation will keep from convincing potential converts that they really mean it. Open borders-lite seems like a dumb strategy: turn off people with principle but not go as far as the hardcore sell out party so you get outpandered on that flank.

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    I have been a republican all my life. If the republican party supports another amnesty program I will not vote for ANY republican candidate who votes for amnesty. If the RNC is changing the focus of the party from the top down then it is no longer the party I can believe in. If they believe by embracing amnesty they will gain votes they are delusional as they will lose votes from those in their own party who are against any form of amnesty. The republican party is losing because they have become no different than the democrats, so the democrats stay loyal to their party while the republicans have no place to go so they simply don’t show up. Look at the 2012 elections! Far too many just didn’t vote at all. I do not foresee the republican party honoring the wishes of the grassroots within the party, so I fully expect another loss in 2014 and in 2016 yet again. A third party, which will take time to form, may be the only answer. I only hope it will not be too late.

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    I will not support any group or person who supports illegal aliens over American citizens.

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    I was a registered Democrat for years although I voted Republican as often as Democrat. After the voting fiasco durring Bush’s election I no longer wanted my name associated with the Democrats so I reregistered as Republican. I wil not support the Republican if they support amnesty and I will drop from their rolls as well. I like more of what the Tea Party is about anyway. I don’t need a party to belong too and I will continue to vote for who I believe is the best for my country and uphold the Constitution. God forbid if it comes to a fight I will be there on the side of the Constitution.

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    You are NOT supposed to profit from illegal activity in this country. One can make the argument that being granted American citizenship, while entering the country illegaly, is just that. I am shocked that no one brings up, or has brought up, this valid point. Anyone convicted of criminal activity must forfeit ANY AND ALL gains made as a result of that activity. Just check out all the auctions the government runs for forfeitures from drug smuggling cases. Instead, we grant individuals flaunting our entry laws by supplying free housing, food, medical, and education to these scofflaws, while citizens by birth must struggle to PAY FOR THEM. NO AMNESTY…get to the back of the line and wait your turn.

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    Karin Menghini on

    I switched from Democrat to Republican becasue of their strong feelings against Amnesty and so did my husband…..I guess I will vote Democrat again and so will my husband…They just signed the Death of Republicans…becasue Hispanics will vote democrat…..How stupid are they? And why is everyone pandering to the Hispanic voters/?

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    Betty Shreeve on

    The point of Amnesty isn’t who gets votes, it’s “Can we afford to keep illegals in this country”. And, the answer is NO we can’t. If they don’t want to do what millions of people have already done in years past to get citizenship, than GO BACK TO YOUR HOME COUNTRY – WE CAN’T AFFORD YOU. PERIOD. People say America is the “Melting Pot” of the world – well the POT is FULL!!

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    There is no gray in Illegal. It’s a black and white issue. If you are here illegally, then you must be deported. Do the necessary paperwork or go home.

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    Mr. Stein, you, Kris Kobach or someone had better talk to these fools.. Donald Trump warned them about this foolishness . They are commuting political suicide if they think that me as a Independent Conservative is going to vote for them.. we all know that the illegals and their angry anchor babies are NOT going to vote for them.. OH well, they are going to lose more then they counted on.. Treason should never be rewarded.

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      The irony is that Cesar Chavez was totally against illegal immigration when he was president of United Farm Workers because he said growers were using illegals to undercut wages of legal American farmworkers. He actually led demonstrations against illegal crossings at the border.

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      The RNC is heading towards the left and are committing political suicide.. I will NOT vote for them. neither will most people that I know.. Giving amnesty to 10’s of millions of illegal aliens is NOT going to endear them to the party

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    There’s nowhere else that their “core constituencies” are going to go. Pretending that Republicans are going to get some big huge jump in the Hispanic vote is totally unrealistic. This baloney about Hispanics being a “natural fit” for the GOP because they are “socially conservative” is nonsense. They favor big government spending by the Democrats by large margins. They need to appeal more to women and the working class. That would be more votes and ones they are far more likely to get. Every election for the last forty years has seen the Hispanic vote go overwhelmingly to the Democrats.

    Reagan tended to be pragmatic at times and he appealed to blue collar workers, but he would probably be seen as a wild eyed liberal by many of the right wing in the GOP today, who have taken it as their mantra that they must drive out of the party anyone not meeting their test of ideological purity. But they chased a lot of moderate voters away also.

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      Leland, and the one thing that don’t tell you, is that when they say 71% voted for Obama. Guess what? That’s 71% of 14% and that 14% includes their illegal family members. This whole scam is being perpetrated with the blessing of their corporate masters.. Again i ask? What is it about the word mass invasion do they NOT understand? Then they reward the invaders and we pay for them all. no Amnesty11 This is NOT a done deal yet, you noticed that they won’t have town-hall meetings and such, because they don’t want to face the rath of the American people.. WE don’t need them in the same room to sound off on them.. Make it so!!