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    Vote for no amnesty for tese Illeagals. We need to close down our Borders for at least five or sx years
    to regain control of our borders and give us time to repair, replace or install ny new security items
    that we need to use to protect our borders now and in the future.

    The only way I would agree to any amnesty at all is, any illegal the received amnesty could not Vote in
    any National General Election (every four years) or any State General Election which would be the same
    for six to eight elections in a row. They would go to the back of the line and could not receive and type
    what so ever of any social security or any other benefits, to include medical which they would half to pay
    for in cash, them selfs in U.S.dollars. There would be a special fee for that special amnesty
    Certificate which they would carry. Fee to be decided on. No special benefits for students going to school.

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    joyce meadows on

    Why do you still do what we dont want ? It is becoming clear that they do not work for us and pushing your own agenda.

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