Funding Bill Cuts Illegal Alien Lobbyist

Before embarking on their two-week Easter recess, Congress passed a bill that would continue to fund the government through the end of the fiscal year.

An amendment to the bill by true immigration reformer Rep. Diane Black (R-Tenn.)—which passed and was signed into law—prohibited any of the funds appropriated under the Act to be used to pay for the Obama Administration’s illegal alien lobbyist: the Public Advocate.

“With illegal immigration costing U.S. taxpayers roughly $113 billion each year, one of the last things we should be doing with precious taxpayer dollars is funding an activist for illegal and criminal immigrants who are detained or have been ordered to be deported,” said Rep. Black. “The administration needs to instead be using this money for its intended purpose of securing our borders and combating illegal immigration,” she continued.

You can read more about this story on the Washington Times.

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    Is anyone thinking ahead to the fact that citizenship for 12 million illegals will bring at least 20x that amount with families, extended cousins etc allowed to enter?

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      @Mary this is particularly true since our National Security is in the hands of Janet Napolitano who has prevented, curtailed, or stopped all together any effort to keep foreigners out who try to bypass the traditional entrance or require some sort of tracking system for people admitted on visas who overstay more than 50% of the time. Or who come just to have a baby born an American, a few of them return home afterward except our nearest neighbors. Our country is descending into chaos and Obama knows it, that is why he has so many military forces performing training activities in or around major American cities. This is what happens when the law is not applied to everyone, including foreigners. They should be made to know that American soil is sovereign soil. My thoughts.

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    Its a wonder someone has accomplished anything that seemd to defunk or defund this administrations pandering to illegal aliens lobby.

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    You are all on the wrong side of history. You will not stop comprehensive immigration reform. It’s needed and will finally happen. I’m on the side of the undocumented and my family came to our country in the 1600’s.

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      Nancy Cuddeback on

      Whether you like it or not, all of the First World Nations were founded by White people. And if we keep absorbing all of this Third World Poverty, we wiill soon become a Third World Nation as well. You must be married to a Third World Invader!!!

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      Mary Anna B Leverett on

      Christopher Columbus discovered the new world in 1492. The Pilgrims arrived in the new world in 1621. So please tell me where is says or states in history that your ancestors are more entitled to be here than mine. I’m a WASP, if you know what that means, and I don’t mind the slang or slur at all. I believe history shows that the white and other European immigrants did more to make this a great country than what is crossing America’s borders today. The immigrants of yesteryear wanted to be Americans, speak English so as to become productive members of the American society and they did just that. NOT today’s immigrants because we have elected such liberal bleeding hearts that have GIVEN away so much of the working Americans’ hard earned tax dollars that we now have a gigantic flood of leaches coming into this country for nothing else but the handouts by the liberals just so they, the liberals, can stay in office. Some have become professional politicians for LIFE!!! NOT what our Founding Fathers’ had in mind when they so brilliantly wrote the Constitution which made this the most wonderful country to live in that the world has ever seen. Do you see anyone in America trying to get out? I think not, but there are millions trying to get in any way they can, legal or illegal. Is Mexico or any other South American country experiencing that phenomenon? Again, I think not. Too bad that the Mexicans, who, by the way, are sitting on a gold mine in their own country, will not get rid of the dictators and drug cartels that have taken over and ruined what could be a great democracy with the beautiful beaches, great food, unbelievable history and could become a money making tourist business for everyone of its citizens. Too bad all these illegals that come over the border don’t want better for their own country but are Hell bent on making the United States of American into the United States of Amexico! What a waste……………………….

      So your saying that your ancestors came over here in the 1600’s is Moot as my Nordic ancestors, Eric the Red and the Vikings came over here centuries before that. Your remark holds no water whatsoever but I’d be willing to bet that your ancestors that were here when the Founding Fathers formed this republic wanted to be Americans and be productive members of the American society AND contribute as much as they were physically and mentally able to do so as to make America the great country it USE to be.

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      @ sue I need to know what you think comprehensive immigration reform will do. It is long overdue, but the amnesty should not be part of it, these people should not be allowed to have a grassroots movement in a sovereign foreign country. The same laws of the land should be applicable to them as well. American has long declared that it would make no more laws for or against any particular race as was once done in the past. So please explain to me just what is conspiring now?

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    The topic of illegal immigration needs to include outsourcing and insourcing. I have friends who have advanced degrees from top US colleges who have lost their jobs due to outsourcing. Pressure needs to be put on large corporations, especially in the high tech sector. Why are the CEO’s of these companies insisting that the US needs to import high skilled foreign workers – when there is an abundance of skilled US high tech workers? Why is Steve Jobs still regarded as an American hero when his products were made in China under brutal working conditions? What happened to the strong union leadership in this country?

    Illegal immigration and outsourcing are not only related to picking lettuce, gardening, or working in the back of restaurants. Any job involving a computer (which is the majority of all jobs today) can be outsourced. Today, Americans cannot work at fast food places because the salaries are too low (You can feed a family on $10 dollars per hour?). They can’t work in the construction, gardening, general handyman trades, etc. because illegals have taken these jobs and in the process devalued them- not just via low salaries but also quality of work, and craftsmanship.

    They can’t work as telemarketers or customer service reps since these jobs are now in India, Mexico, or the Philippines – at a fraction of the salary. They can’t work in the high tech sector because jobs are being both outsourced as well as insourced (not everyone can be the founder of Facebook).

    When politicians speak about “the jobs” – they mean low paying jobs with no benefits or pensions. The issue is not just “jobs” – there is always a Help Wanted sign at Wal-Mart or Burger King. It’s about salaries, benefits, and respect. Yet, due to cowardly politicians, big business lobbyists, weak union leadership, and other key factors – our future looks bleak.

    I think that changing Congress is our only way out of this. Regular people in regular towns and cities across the country running campaigns focused on one issue and one issue only: The protection of the American worker.

    Let’s get to it guys.

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    Assuming 12 million illegal aliens (no one knows how many exist!)
    12+ million citizens are NOT EMPLOYED! LOST INCOME IS 12million @ $43,500 = $522 BILLION
    12 million citizens on unemployment + food stamps, welfare, etc: 12million @ $20,000 = $240BILLION
    12 million Eliminate alien food stamps, welfare, education, etc. 12million @ $20,000 = $240BILLION

    Average US wage is $43,500. Almost 50 million people are on food stamps, plus untold millions on housing allowances, child allowances, etc., etc. The education cost of illegal alien children and law enforcement is staggering! The US poverty is roughly $23,000.

    The fact that $522billion unemployed citizen wages plus billions more credit card debt, depletion of savings, and bankruptcy is not a direct government expenditure, doesn’t diminish that catastrophic loss affect on the US economy and citizens!


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    This is what all of our elected officals should be doing, stop the goverment wasteful spending. We need more to step up to the front line and take action against Obamas over reach and wasteful spending.

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    Good job rep. Black. This is what we elect people to do. To stand up for common sense even if it might cost them a couple of hispanic votes. It seems these people coming across our border illegally are being allowed to take over our country, all for the reason of getting their votes (legal or illegal). A lot of republicans seem to be selling out. I am a life long Democrat that cannot bring myself to vote Democratic any more. If the republicans get into the same boat this great america is over with

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      This can leave little doubt about the position of both parties. First they give us a bunch of free trade deals to ship US jobs overseas. Now not only do that want to hand out amnesty, but they want to create another guest worker program – like we need another one. I think everyone of these idiots should be charged with treason against American. They sure as hell don’t care about the middle class American worker. Here is the true reason why both of these moronic parties want amnesty: The Democrats want a new voter base to keep them in office. The Republicans want slave labor for their corporate masters. And on top of all that, they are letting the Chamber of Commerce decide what to pay these illegal’s (and of course everyone else will have to take that wage otherwise the company will just hire that illegal alien who is waiting 10 years for that amnesty to take full effect. Our government has become so corrupt that now they want to control wages rather than let the free market decide the wages. The only people who benefit from this are the people who want low wages and high poverty. I guarantee once these illegals have access to food stamps, SSI, and other public benefits you can say goodbye to American as you know it. The states will begin falling like dominos into bankruptcy.

      We need to step up deportations..I am not willing to hand my country over to the illegals without a fight! If they are illegal they shouldn’t be able to vote correct? (this is why the Democrats want amnesty so bad). The only people who will benefit from amnesty are those who want low wages and high poverty (the corporations and multi-nationals the Republicans support – that is why the Republicans want amnesty). We have 20 million legal Americans who are either unemployed or underemployed (I am one) and now they expect us to add another 12 million (law breakers) to the list. Once these illegals have access to food stamps, SSI, and other public benefits you can say goodbye to American as you know it. The states will begin falling like dominos into bankruptcy. At that point it will be bad for everyone including these law breakers who have invaded the country! I support tough fines and legal action to those knowingly hiring illegals, and I support deportation all the way…I also think that unless both of your parents are US citizens (or legal residence) you do not automatically get citizenship just being born in the country.

      What America do you live in? They just closed 53 schools in Chicago because of budget woes. After two costly wars and the loss of millions of jobs thanks to free trade deals the country is the poorest it has been since the Great Depression. If you just let everyone in as you suggest Education, Welfare, and wages will collapse sending all the states into bankruptcy. You are either greatly misinformed or you preside on another planet

      Looks like our Government wants to hand amnesty out which will literally destroy this country. I will vote against anyone who supports this gang of five’s treasonous legislation. If this passes, I will support anyone from any party who will work to repeal it.

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        Nancy Cuddeback on

        I couldn’t agree more, we are the Rome of the 1st century. And we are rotting from the top. Civil War some day? I see it coming.

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      I agree with namron, rob, and nancy, this country IS over with because legalizeing 386,000 people that were here illegally in 1986 nearly sent the US back into the stone age. The only jobs available were low paying without benefits and Americans rightly snubbed those jobs at the time because Americans know what things cost and do not want hand outs. Taxpayers will be left to salvage what is left of America from the taxes on meager earnings when the politicians are done. We are effectively a socialist country where everyone has low earnings and get government assistance except the very wealthy who are always threatening to move to another country where there are low taxes. This would be worse than the recession, depression, and possibly war. How many legalized illegal aliens will be required to for fight the freedoms that were just handed to them for free? It boggles the mind to see our representatives working so hard to put 11-20 million illegals to work, while 22 million Americas cannot find work, and the millions who have simply gave up and stopped searching and hoping that our government would one day become normal again!!

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    Patricia Travitz on

    Crazy, NO COMMON SENSE (CS) NO WAY we should be funding this kind of Crazy Stuff. Is there something beside Crazy that our Congressmen are? We can’t afford to keep the WH open and we fund Crazy Stuff like this and elephant dung crap, bug research etc. When are they (Congress) going to STOP this Crazy Stuff. It is OUR MONEY!!! When do we have a SAY in where OUR Money Goes???

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    Hades, La Raza Has Infiltrated American Government Positions

    The IA lobbyist funding limitation is good, but the open border “rotten in Denmark” is on-going….

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      It is imperative to stop the use of taxpayers money for the sake of alien immigrants,who are pampered by Democrats,usually their voters, and concentrate on using these funds to secure the border.I would find this a matter of urgency,so as to put a stop to illegal immigration.