Garbage In, Garbage Out: GOP Operatives Design Immigration Survey to Support Amnesty

Resurgent Republic, a Republican strategy group led by former party chairman Ed Gillespie and pollster Whit Ayres, is urging the GOP to get behind amnesty, a dramatic expansion of legal immigration, and the importation of more foreign workers, regardless of high unemployment. Not surprisingly, Gillespie, Ayres, and others associated with Resurgent Republic have close ties to the business wing of the Republican Party, which has traditionally favored large-scale immigration as a hedge against rising wages for workers.

Read my full op-ed in today’s DailyCaller.

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    i may not be of money nor may i have been taught the right words but as god is my witness every one that is againist legalizing immigrants are just plain wrong. what is wrong with the world today, these ppl all they want is to make a better future for their families their loved ones. theyre not asking for you to give up your life style. theyre not bothering you hell theyre not even asking you to support them they can find jobs themselfs many have done it many have gone without eating because they are trying to provide theyre family back home. and if you must know im married to a mexican and proud of it

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      Why Did Your Spouse Move from Mexico?

      Because it was a rathole….the same rathole America has become with all this recent unnecessary overpopulation.

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      John Thiesfeld on

      You say “they’re not bothering you hell they’re not even asking you to support them”. How can you believe this when these same immigrants you speak of are coming here asking for handouts such as food stamps and unemployment benefits when they aren’t even paying taxes? How can you believe this when the same immigrants are coming here taking our jobs?

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      Sir, WE are paying for their FREE medical care, FREE education, Food stamps, WIC, TANF, subsidized housing, etc. THE TAXES WE all pay are SUBSIDIZING their “lifestyle”! NOW, if You want to support ALL the illegal aliens, FEEL FREE. STOP sending me tax bills to subsidize people Who break OUR laws & FLAUNT IT! Forgot, or never saw, the T-shirts that say “Undocumented, Unafraid, Unapologetic”?

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    The net effect of the old guard GOP is that there will soon NOT be a Republican party. Between the “amnesty boys” especially the 2 losers from AZ the backlash will probably sink any chance Jeff Flake has for re-election and McCain already knows he is a goner at the end of this term. Add to that the agreement that there will be a Homosexual Republican Presidential candidate and you have a real party changer. In some areas the Republican party is losing ground faster than the Democrats. So GoProud and Log Cabin Republicans have done a great job for the liberal Democrats. They certainly lost me when they put McCain up for President, but I did vote for Palin.

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    I think it’s time for the GOP whom I have supported my entire life to get some good old fashioned American Guts.
    Why would this group make a concession on immegation when we all know it’s wrong.
    Let Obama and the Dems be Prostitutes, but by God it’s time we draw the line in the sand and nt alow these Anti America vote buying Dems and Liberals go their own way…..

    America is degenerating into a 3rd World Country with the attitude that the person with the most money is right.
    e need to nold the Morals and Pride that America was built on and the hell with these degenerate people in office now who willl soon be gone.
    The truth will prevail but First we need not make concessions on Millions on people who are here illegally and who also will sell their vote in a heart beat….

    We have a Constitution that this Great Country was built on and it has worked well for hundreds of years.
    Let’s stay there…..and forget these Anti America freaks who hold many offices in our Government, Many because they bought their ticket to it, This would include Barack what’s his name.

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      Perhaps you haven’t read this article or have you seen the likes of Juan McCain, Republican (sic) and others on the right clamoring for amnesty. NO ONE in Washington puts your needs/concerns over their own agenda. Sounds like you think GOOD is gonna ride in on a white horse and save the day. Good luck with that. They will be here longer than you or I, especially because of the type wishful thinking/do nothing attitude of yourself and others.

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      Don’t forget we have a number of clowns in the Republican party who want to hand amnesty out also. The all knowing Prince of stupidity Jeb Bush (or maybe I am thinking of George) thinks it is a great idea. the Democrats want to make illegals legal for votes, and the Republicans want them legalized to drive wages down on the legal American Citizen in order to please their corporate masters.

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    We the People,must, by all accounts derail any amnesty or path to citizenship. Once we accomplish this feat, we shall overhaul Congress and get rid of all the anti American, pro-illegal, hypocrite, so called ‘policymakers’.

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      It is sad when your own Government (whom you pay) is working against you.

      -Old White guy who is an independent-

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    Sure, get behind AMNESTY for ILLEGAL INVADERS Currently occupying this country. Help the country commit national suicide!
    Nobody is proposing that any form of amnesty be stopped when their phoney 11 million number is reached. Only then will we see the REAL NUMBERS of ILLEGAL INVADERS!
    Secure borders? Aren’t we seeing that trashed right now?
    Where are our representatives? Four Congressmen including two RINO TRAITORS see an ILLEGAL jump the fence right in front of them. Another sees 60 kids leave an AMERICAN SCHOOL and hike back across the border into Mexico without so much as a raised eyebrow!
    This is intentional destruction of our country centered right in D.C. One side of the aisle totally corrupted socialists, the other side totally lacking in the guts to protest much less to do anything to stop it!

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      Actually the facts point to Repubs being pro-illegal immigrant most of the time too. What happened to enforcing the first amnesty? Which reminds me, what happened to the right’s promise to post ALL bills online for 24 hours prior to a vote? They dont want you to see that they are as corrupt as the lefties. Allowing known muslims into high positions in our government, allowing ANY legislation to even be introduced that in any way restricts, redefines, or reduces the 2nd Ammendment. There are treasonous acts committed almost daily in D.C., officials convicted of crimes and forgiven by their peers, simply because these clowns know they may be judged next for their own high crimes and misdemeanors. We lost our government, and will soon lose our freedom too as we sit in wide-eyed wonder that such a thing can happen.

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      And let’s not forget the generosity of our representatives. In their all knowing wisdom they are going to create a new visa program (we have 10 or more now) that lets in another 250,000 people in each year..Call me stupid but with 20 million unemployed/underemployed I think it is time to ship illegals back and cut back on legal immigration until those “CITIZENS” find jobs..I know what you are saying. If I was to propose such a preposterous idea in the Capital they would take me away in a straight jacket!!

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      Tex rancher i totally agree with what you have to say. But dont you realize that these politicians are worried about the next election when they might lose their jobs as senators or congressmen? So after seeing Mitt Romney not doing so well with the Hispanic voters, now they are going to be in favor of amnesty, or comprehensive immigration reform, as they prefer to call it. What did John McCain say,that the Republican Party has to be in favor of amnesty because they are losing elections, dont matter if its not right for the country. Do you really think these spineless politicians want to have to go back to where they are from after losing election and have to look for a job and put in applications at different workplaces? Like normal Americans have to do? Well most of them have been in Washington so long getting their fat pay and have already earned their pensions, so if they lose their next election, they are still not hurting. Which is another reason they are so in favor of amnesty, they will never have to compete with an illegal alien for a job.

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    This Horrifying Amnesty Mandate

    Is like a broken record, skipping and playing over the same stanza, over and over….angerring Americans with no limit….