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    If the Senate plan doesnot provide for the completion and maintenance of a REAL,NOT a VIRTUAL fence on our southern border the entire agreement and proposed legislation are a fraud.It is only the presence of a continuous fence that has shifted virtually all illegal border crossing from the western part of Arizona to its central and eastern sections.The Israelis have proved the effectiveness of a true fence.Along with our own experience,unless we adopt the one aspect of prior immigration policy that actually worked we’re just buying into the fraud of an Obama administration that enforces only those laws it deems politically expedient to pursue. Shouledthis be the case, the Republicans who have agreed to this,INCLUDING RUBIO,should resign.

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    its a shame all the president men&women to the left or center blow dust in the face of the american people their is no need to have reform 22milion illegals in america while 12mill americans out of work being a democrat since 1976 its the poor &middle class that are getting let down soon as that bill passes you people with jobs are going to be let go to make room for the.come to houston tx and see what i mean so many houstonians looking for its not funny but the illegals are working.ohyeah they have been saying 11million ille since clinton was in office.

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