The Recovery Continues!

Thanks to the policies enacted by our dear leaders in D.C., the economy continues its miraculous resurgence.  Unemployment continues to drop, coming in at 7.6 percent for March.  The number of long-termed unemployed, those who have gone at least 27 weeks without working, was “little changed” (hooray!), and at 4.6 million they comprise only 40 percent of those unemployed.  There were 88,000 new jobs created, while 496,000 people dropped out of the workforce, bringing the labor participation rate to its lowest point since 1979.  Those of us old enough can recall soaring energy prices and stagflation with genuine fondness.  Relations with Iran certainly have never been better.  It seems the golden days have returned!

I hope young people today appreciate how good they have it, particularly those who are college graduates.  With the economy humming along, there is no shortage of great jobs available to those who are willing to do a little work to pay off the enormous debt they’ve incurred from student loans.  Just yesterday it was reported that a McDonald’s in Massachusetts was seeking a cashier with a bachelor’s degree and two years of experience.  If one were looking for a mark of genuine prosperity, this is truly it.

With half of recent college grads unemployed or underemployed, I hope at least one of those lazy bums gets off the couch and gets to work.  But I don’t have much hope that American workers will show any initiative (Don’t get me started on those worthless teenagers, or Americans without college degrees, who only want to sit around and collect welfare).  We all know, because the U.S. Chamber, the AFL/CIO, and the Gang of Eight tell us so, that there is a chronic shortage of labor in this country because there are two types of jobs in this country: those Americans won’t do and those they can’t do.

Thankfully, McDonald’s doesn’t have to worry.  The manager can just hire a J-1 worker.  That seems to have worked out well in the past. Or even better, the position could be classified as “data entry” and an H-1B worker brought in to do the job.  We all know that these positions afford workers a well-paid career in the fast-food industry, which is why it is so great that these types of jobs have accounted for nearly 60 percent of recent job growth. Just the other day, fast-food workers spontaneously gathered outside a Mickey D’s in Manhattan to serenade their employer.

I keep hearing politicians say the “immigration system” is broken.  With all the great news on the economic front, it seems to me the system is going gangbusters.  The only thing that would make it better would be to grant amnesty to 12 million illegal aliens people residing in the country without permission.  That would free Americans from having to do the jobs they aren’t doing anyway so that they could go to college and get a job as a cashier at McDonald’s.

Call the members of the Gang of Eight today!  Tell them how much you appreciate all that they are doing for American workers.

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    What we all need to do, in addition to being on here posting comments, is make sure we let the spineless politicians know that we are not in favor of am amnesty, or comprehensive immigration reform, like they prefer to call it. I guess the pro-illegal crowd is going to have a day of protest to voice their opinions in favor of amnesty sometime this week. We all need to do the same. But if we do, get ready to be called a racist or being full of hate, because that is the only response the pro -illegal crowd ever seems to have. Their really is no logical reason why this country should feel obligated to give the illegals an amnesty. This country has a sovereign right to control who comes here to work and live. It has nothing to do with racism. So if there ever is a day of protest of people who love and care about their country and who oppose amnesty, don’t feel bad if people try to call you a racist. I am just a high school graduate, but it seems like to me to be commen sense that an amnesty would be bad news for this country. And would lead to another amnesty in another 20 years. But we have all these highly educated politicians trying to convince us that an amnesty is neccesary to this country’s well being. Probably because they will never have to compete with an illegal alien for a job.

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    I am angry and offended when the open borders lobby starts that stuff that illegal aliens do jobs Americans won’t do. I am an old man and I worked hard my whole life. Years back I worked on a production line in a factory, literally slinging heavy iron parts, in over 100 degrees heat, with noise so bad you had to yell to be heard when talking.

    Picking tomatoes in the open air on huge quiet farms would have been like a holiday for me. I come from a long line of so-called “blue collar” workers. We all worked very hard for lousy wages.

    If some of these so-called businessmen can’t find American citizens to work for them, they haven’t been trying very hard. Believe it or not, one time I was rejected when I applied to work as a DISHWASHER at a restaurant. The owner told me quite frankly, he did not want to hire me because he was afraid I would only work for him untill I found a better job, whereas, an illegal alien (he used an euphemism but we both knew what he meant) would be likely to stay indefinitely. Apparently he was not worried that the immigration service might catch and deport a new illegal alien dishwasher.

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    cynthia curran on

    I keep hearing politicians say the “immigration system” is broken. With all the great news on the economic front, it seems to me the system is going gangbusters. The only thing that would make it better would be to grant amnesty to 12 million illegal aliens people residing in the country without permission. That would free Americans from having to do the jobs they aren’t doing anyway so that they could go to college and get a job as a cashier at McDonald’s.
    Well, its not a good job for a college graduate but if there is a surplus of college graduates getting employed in fastfood then illegal immirgants that are high school dropped outs will be pushed out. The college grad has a better ability to beocme the store manger or moved up in the company than an illegal immirgant does.

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      John Winthrop on

      Not true cynthya……….may illegal immigrants have higher degrees and experience……….amazing the term illegal immigrant is associated with no education, low IQ…………when in reality there are illegal immigrants those smarter than you and I put together…………SO there are all types…..that is my point,, you cannot generalize…

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    There is nothing to suggest we need any “guest workers”. In fact, the opposite is true. And this unemployment rate of 7.6 % is just a fake. We’re not even producing the numbers needed to keep up with a growing population. [pushed by immigration] People who are not working are still unemployed, regardless of whether they have run out of unemployment. And for the AFL-CIO to be involved with the big business US Chamber of Commerce in this sellout of the American worker is proof of their irrelevance. Thirty years ago the labor leaders would have said pay an American what it takes. Now they kowtow to business and endorse cheap labor.

    And younger people who have allowed themselves to drink the kool ade on immigration “reform” need to realize they are getting hurt worse than anyone else by the cheap labor of immigration. If immigration, legal or illegal, was bad for business it would be stopped tomorrow. It’s the very people who are hurt the worst by immigrant labor, young people and blacks, who should be raising hell about it. Instead they give it their approval and wonder why they can’t demand a decent wage and a decent job.

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      John Winthrop on

      OF course there is……………….a working force of ~1.2 million farmers out of which 300k are legal only……….there was a hearing in Congress about these numbers………………………….now the dynamics of this I have no idea

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      John Winthrop on

      SO WHAT HAPPENED!!!!? I thought the illegals take all the jobs!!! and we are having a recovery!!!??? isn’t that a reality check!!!