Lunch this Wednesday: Call Your Member of Congress

Amnesty 2013Do you have plans for lunch this Wednesday, April 10?

We know that pro-amnesty groups are converging on Capitol Hill for a rally and setting up meetings with Members of Congress. With the help of labor unions, the big amnesty groups intend to bring “tens of thousands” of protesters to Washington, DC.

Join with other FAIR activists in calling your U.S. Representative and Senators during your lunch break that day. Remind him or her that the government never made good on its promise to enforce immigration laws when it granted amnesty to roughly 3 million illegal aliens in 1986. Rather, the amnesty only encouraged more illegal aliens to come to the U.S. with the hope of a future reprieve. If you need help, FAIR has put together helpful suggestions for discussing amnesty with your elected officials in our new activist toolkit.

Now that the number of illegal aliens has quadrupled to 11-12 million, the pro-amnesty lobby wants Congress to make the same mistake again. The American people must tell Congress that despite new marketing and talking points, another amnesty won’t work in 2013—especially with 22 million Americans unemployed and underemployed.

Let’s challenge their efforts with a national call-in day and make sure that while our elected officials are visiting with the pro-amnesty lobbyists, their phones are ringing off the hook! You can look up the phone numbers for your members of Congress by entering your ZIP code here.

Amnesty groups are meeting on April 10 to commemorate a rally they held that same day in 2006. Their efforts failed when supporters like you helped defeat the amnesty legislation Congress was considering at the time. On Wednesday during lunch, we need your help in reminding Congress why these previous attempts failed.

We also need your help in letting new Members of Congress know that Americans oppose amnesty just as much now as they did then. In fact, more than 40 new Senators have taken office since the last time Congress took up comprehensive immigration reform.

FAIR has all the information you need to find your Members’ numbers and express your opposition to amnesty for illegal aliens compiled for you in our activist toolkit. Check it out now.

Invite all your friends and make plans now to call your U.S. Senators and Representative on Wednesday during your lunch hour!


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    Does anyone else find it odd that the Washington Post and New York Times don’t seem to have word one about today’s march on the capitol by illegal aliens, much less a story on the front page? During the Dream Act push in 2010 and in the 2006/07 amnesty debates, they were all over the marches promoting them.

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    The Open Border Propaganda Permiates Everywhere

    Lower Waged Unions
    Businesses’ Chamber of Commerce
    Our Supreme Court
    Automotive Manufacturing
    Federal Worker Protections
    Dumbed Down Schools’ Lame Excuses
    Mexican Drug Cartel Invasion of America
    Football Halftime Sponsers

    Its brainwashing us to accept lower waged/skilled overpopulation and destroy our American engineered innovations. Its best tool against America is lie everything is fine and meanwhile freeze our total labor force while bringing in overpopulation, alleging lower unemployment falsely.

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    this is nothing but true. we gave our bussinesses,and jobs away,our gov. granted amnesty.they destroyed the u.s. with these bright ideas of theirs for years. obama was for change,and we were duped into voting for him,with hope that he would be un-doing damage instead of doing more.

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    Maybe we should fire all the senete and congress plus vote in a president that really cares about our country. Close the boarder send all illigals home, repair our inferstructure and double our farms. Why not make it a requirement to get welfare checks you do farm work? And to all those bleeding hearts that want the illigals to stay, guess what there children are being taught to distroy the neighborhoods so value goes down, they are being taught to **** our flag upside down under theres and the gangs are getting out of control, our prisions are stuffed full of hispanics and things are not getting better they are getting worse they have no values for the nation all they see is a nation to turn into mexico. and why do they get a free education when tax paying Americans can not?