5 Reasons GOP Should Say No to Immigration Plan

President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats need Republican support to enact a sweeping amnesty for undocumented immigrants, euphemistically known as comprehensive immigration reform. Democrats need political cover to enact legislation that is certain to make a substantial portion of the electorate angry. They need Republicans to cobble together the 60 Senate votes required to get a bill to the floor. And they will need Republican support to get a bill through the House of Representatives, which is controlled by the GOP.

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to ImmigrationReform.com, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    Notechnology on

    To Tobymor:

    It seems that you are full of excuses! My first question is, “Are you a law breaker?” If you are I have zero respect for you. The US has always had a pathway to citizenship. However the law breakers did not want to take that pathway. They wanted to cheat and jump the line ahead of all the law abiding foreigners. Yes the 11 million want to cheat the others that respect US laws and follow the established process to citizenship. People like you should not be deported to be reunited with your family and friends. The law breakers should be sent to life in prison in an outsourced jail in a third world country. What we need is, “Zero Immigration Reform” instead of “Immigration Reform”.

    And as for how luck I am, I am Latino with parents that followed the US system. I know better than you what it is to be poor. Many of my friends were so poor that in a family of 11 children they would share a few eggs for breakfast. They would take a photo with borrowed clothes. But as difficult as it was they did not stoop so low as to break the law. No I don’t feel sorry for you! To me you are no more than a common criminal.

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    Born in the U.S.A. on

    If I had lost a family member at the hands of an illegal alien I would be in D.C. telling my story. I would have photos in one hand tissues in the other. I would be telling congress they have broken our laws, they are still carrying our flag upside down and continually disrespect our laws, they deserve nothing from the U.S.A. but a boot back home.. If they are such an asset why don’t they go home and make their own country a place they want to be.

    No more anchor baby nonsense. It is a burden we can no longer fund. If they can’t support their children why should the taxpayers be forced to support them? The U.S. is about the only country that allows illegals babies automatic citizenship. Why must we support all the children of the world when we can’t support the senior citizens who have earned/paid into the system? Anchor babies parents have paid next to nothing or nothing at all but they are entitled to welfare, food stamps, healthcare, education, free lunches, and on and on and on. This is the entitlement that needs to be stopped so senior citizens receive what they have worked for.

    1500 pages of words for immigration reform? Way too much hidden in those pages. Put it in simple language so it can be understood and read by all. That’s a lot of wasted paper and ink. It’s time to get real and start working for Americans and get the message out the free ride is over and enforce the laws we already have. Break in our country or overstay your visa suffer the consequences.

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    I like the term: “illegal alien squaters.” Isn’t that exactly what they are?

    At every opportunity we should use the statement that: “They (illegal aliens) have broken into our homeland, evade arrest, become squaters and refuse to leave.” That statement should create an accurate preception of what illegal aliens are and neutralize the open borders lobby’s carefully chosen words that are designed to create a benign image of illegal aliens as poor, innocent little people struggling to make a living.

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    I thought that if you break the law you go to jail. Is not the constitution law and did not the president and the congress and senate swear to uphold it.

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      To biotechnology: First of all, you should learn to spell BORDER correctly since you are going to be using that word a lot in this blog.
      Secondly, let me tell you something you may not know and may not even care to know since you are obviously looking at one if the story here.
      The reason we are here illegally is not because we want to break the law. Do you think we enjoy being looked down on as you all in this blog obviously do? Do you think we like leaving our familes behind?. Illegal immigration is just a side effect of American citizens hiring illegal immigrants for cheap labor. Bingo!!!, so instead of criminalizing the illegal aliens and spending astronomical amounts of money on fences along the border, why not crackdown on employers who break the law and even give them fines which wil actually be a financial gain rather than a loss and once you get to the point where there are no illegal immigrants working for cheap labor, good luck finding those American high school kids that Veronica claims would do the work. That is not to say that American kids lack the work ethics, in fact, I have many friends who are very hard working people, but try sending them to work in the planting fields and farms. First of all, the food you eat will be twice or maybe three times more expensive. Young Americans don’t want to work in the fields. The United States has become too prosperous a contry for kids to settle for those jobs, hey why not aspire to more if you can? So, this country will always need the new immigrants to do those kinds of jobs, but I know you disapprove of that, so let me tell you something else. This is not to make you feel sorry in any way which obviously you don’t, but you should be grateful you were born in a place where possibilities were plenty because if you had to dig in garbage piles to get one meal a day I bet you will break the law to survive a swell.
      Remember that generalizations are a dangerous thing. You mentioned crimes by illegal people toward Americans. Guess what? Statistically, there is more killings and crimes in schools commited by American kids who are emotionally disturbed because the family values you conservative republicans hide behind and try to hold on to are completely gone and replaced by technology (just look at your name) and superficiality. Nowadays kids love teir laptop more than they love their own parents, they love McDonald’s more than they love a home cooked meal, so instead of focusing on spitting out your poison you should focuse your time and energy on doing things that you can have a greater impact on.
      Try practicing kindness and love, because so far I haven’t read one kind word in this blog from anybody.
      Regarding the use of public services and not paying taxes, let me tell you what I know. In order for many illegal workers to find a job they have to make up a fake ss#, taxes get deducted and they will never get a return. Guess where that money goes? (That goes for you too lynn) Furthermore, many people have filled their applications for a tax ID # with the hopes of one day become legally recognized. Those people pay taxes too.
      Notechnology, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall to see what the indians thought about your ancestors coming to this continent. If you have so little sympathy for those illegals, who knows how you would have felt about yourself if you we’re one of them.
      Rob, you say that Latinos always vote Democrat. That has nothing to do with the political party, it has to do with their more human and civilized way of thinking, so if Republicans show more advance ideas, you bet we will vote Republican.
      The truth is that demographics are changing very rapidly and people are afraid, but that’s just the way of the world. Read some history. Making yourself miserable over the issue is not going to fix it, so you better accept it.
      Softwarengineer, this goes for you too. Do you realize how contradictory you sound when you say America need depopulation? I bet you are one of those antiabortion advocates, aside from that, that is the smartest statement someone has made in this blog.
      If the American government really wanted to stop illegal immigration, they would have done it a long time ago.
      Word travels fast. After the raids of 2008 the flow of illegal immigrants decreased dramatically because people told their relatives about the crackdown and encouraged them not to come.

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        You’re making “generalizations ” about American children in your post. American children are as varied in behavior as “undocumented’ aliens. There are American children who are willing to work hard, but they’re being displaced by “undocumented immigrants” in the workforce. The “undocumented” aren’t just working in fields , but in fast food, construction etc.. That is a stereotype that could be challenged by anyone who lives in a Sanctuary state that Illegals only work picking fields. Who do you think worked in many minimum wage jobs prior to the influx of non citizens? i’ll give you a hint…it’s the American citizens that are being displaced by cheaper labor.

        The negative generalized statements in your posts about American children still dosen’t negate the fact that many “undocumented” people started their life in the US by breaking the law.


        Who do you think helped implement Civil Rights in the US? Here’s a hint, Black Americans who wanted equal rights, but the irony is the Illegals who are using Civil Rights , are displacing Black people in the workforce. Maybe if you decided to fight for your rights in your countries of origin, like you do in the US, then you wouldn’t have to leave your families.

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    Notechnology on

    For all the political positioning on immigration reform; logic provides an opposing view.
    Politically they are undocumented; logically they are law breakers. Politically they
    should be rewarded for just being in the United States; logically they should be
    penalized for breaking United States immigration laws. Politically we should find a way
    to keep them here; logically they would be jumping the line ahead of all the law
    abiding foreigners that are in line via the current immigration process.
    Politically there are 11 million; logically nobody knows how many millions there are as
    they do not step forward to be counted. Politically they are educated and affluent;
    logically they are uneducated and poor or they would have stayed in their country.
    Politically they would pay back taxes; logically they don’t pay taxes now, why and how
    would they pay back taxes. Politically they would provide cheap labor; logically they
    only provide cheap labor because they are illegal and avoid our tax laws. Politically
    they would add value to our system; logically they would deplete and strain our
    government programs, healthcare system, education system, etc. Politically we need to
    secure our borders; logically if the consequence of breaking United States immigration
    laws was increased our borders would not be crossed. Politically we need immigration
    reform for those that are already here; logically we don’t need to provide any benefits
    to law breakers. Politically we need to provide a pathway to citizenship; logically
    there has always been a pathway, however, the law breakers decided not to follow the
    established pathway. Politically granting stay to the 11 million would resolve the
    immigration issue; logically it would “exponentially explode” the immigration
    migration as the estimated 11 million would then bring their wives, husbands, children of
    immigrant parents, etc. increasing the total number by 2, 3, 4 times or more than the
    estimated (not actual) 11 million. Politically the immigration issue is complicated;
    logically prison & deportation is a straight forward option.

    The fact is that law breakers should not be rewarded. We should be rewarding the
    foreigners that have not crossed our boarder. We should be attracting law abiding
    foreigners that have respect for our immigration system and go through the established,
    legal process to make the United States their home and become United States citizens if
    that is their objective.


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    What legal recourse do the People have if Senator Leah continues to block further talks on immigration hearings, and, the prospect of them altogether. It seems to me, this conduct is breech of contract to sworn oath to represent the People, but also constitutes breech of power, in many ways.

    I seriously want to hurt them all where it counts most. To me, that is via judicial hearings and prosecutorial action. These Senators are criminal, and their deeds of dishonesty, corruption and greed have gone way too far. I demand we, the proud opponents of illegal immigration, demand for their resignations, and file lawsuits on behalf of the People, for such conduct. We are more than entitled than this bunch of illegals, who, ironically, gave no regard for our laws when they entered illegally, drained our economy, and yet now demand for their rights, and to remain in US.

    Enough is enough!

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      YES sooo true….they also fill up our Prisons after committing crimes against Americans.
      Deport Now…These Senators are TRAITORS committing Treason.

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    We need to start calling them “law breakers”. They are much more than “undocumented”. They are law breakers as they have broken our United States immigration laws and have no respect for our United States.

    Instead of “immigration reform” we need to advertise “Zero Immigration Reform”. We have always had a pathway to citizenship so there is no need for immigration reform.

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    we have way too many illegals that are putting a strain on our welfare system and taking too many jobs away from honest Americans, and our government is treating them better than its own citizens.

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    Bottom line if this passes and the representative allow this, it has disgraced all those who followed our laws and became citizens the proper way. Why should we change our policies because (illegals) feel we should grant them passage for breaking our laws. They know they are here illegally so what is their reason of not taking the proper steps. We pass this, and they will do it again and again. Give 90 days to leave and if they want to return , take the proper steps. No amnesty, that’s will open up 11 million more jobs, and opportunities to those who are citizens, and reduce cost that these folks put on us by not paying taxes, paying for medical care but using medicare and the many other frauds like identity theft . If they vote this through they should resign, those are the laws and no matter how we look at it if a citizen breaks the law and gets caught there are consequences, they should have the same treatment. NO favor, time to go home Illegal, you have been given your eviction Notice!

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      i agree 100 percent..but if they give amensty then they need to let all the crooks out of jail don`t do for one without doing for the other..

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      Veronica M reimann on

      Yes I agree. When I married my husband an American over seas in the mid 50’s we were informed at that time that it did not give me an automatic right to enter this country and I would have to go to the American Embassy and apply for immigration status if I could qualify and pass all the laws and health status, No exceptions . Myhusband was also required to prove he could support me finacially and pay all medical bills if so incurred

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    We need to install Military bases from one end of the border to the other…they can train there as easy as anywhere
    else….we need to establish some Air Superiority….followed by blanketing this terrain with tanks and troops..
    I think the Cartel will get the Hell out of Arizona..where Maricopa Sheriffs are getting shot at…..we should consider these Invaders as enemy combatants……they need punished in a Big Way.

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    Donahue..at the chamber of Commerce WAS the president of American Trucking Association..
    His Donors want him to continue like a rabid dog to PUSH Senators forward with AMNESTY for ALL!!
    Sohis DONORS will fill up the trucking industry with CHEAP LABOR……The Huge Fleets are
    foaming at the mouth praying this “deal” comes thru to further Fatten their Billionaire Wallets!
    American Trucking Association is another Delerious sponser of this Traitor legislation.
    It is Treason to be invoved with this Bill.

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      This is the real reason that the Republicans want amnesty. Their corporate masters want to keep wages down and poverty up in the US. If the Republicans think they are going to get votes from Latinos they are fooling themselves. The Latinos almost always vote Democratic. The problem the Republicans have is that their economic polices don’t work, they are in denial if they think handing amnesty out is going help them!

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    Walking away from this bill might be the best thing Republicans could do not only for themselves but for the country. A recent Washington Post/ABC poll found that 80% of Americans want border security to prevent illegal immigration. That was far more than supported a “path to citizenship”, i.e. amnesty. Fact is, we know from experience that amnesty won’t endear Republicans to Hispanics and we can bet that, if legalized, most Hispanics would become Democrats. Amnesty would hasten the demise of the Republican Party, both by adding more Democrats, and by reducing the Republican base who oppose amnesty. Walking away, especially on an issue such as border security, may well appeal to many disaffected Democrats and Independents, especially those of us who believe that our immigration policy should be for the good of AMERICANS, not “immigrants”, not Business, not various Religious groups, and not Ethnic identity groups.

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      Many of these illegal aliens are Criminals..and are comitting crimes AGAINST Americans right now!
      We dont even know their Names!!!! They are NOT the cutesie “amigos” senile john Mccain likes to
      paint them as. Vote NO….Kill this Bill.

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    Yes Dan We Need to Put Americans First

    You can’t put it directly, without ruffling political feathers of foreign corporate slavelords [but perhaps you should anyway, your call?]….America needs depopulation now, for its budget. America needs a much higher tax base [higher wages] with less low wage overpopulation feeding off it and preventing the higher wages [you hit that point excellent] we need in the first place.