Gang of 8 Releases 17-page Outline of Bill

Earlier today, the Gang of Eight released a 17-page outline of the immigration reform bill that is expected to be released tomorrow.

Click here to read the outline.

  Outline of Gang of 8 Bill by Federation for American Immigration Reform

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    Charles Moakler, Louisville, Kentucky on

    E Verify and border security are ruses. EVerify is gotten around by paying workers cash and calling them contractors. it is a criminal conspiracy violation of the tax code and a felony. Its enforcement is the job of the IRS which is not enforcing on orders from the White House. Border Security is a diversion away from the White House’s prohibition against ICE enforcing the law against employers and subcontractors. Two employer actions were brought last year. Thirty million people working illegally in the United States and two enforcement actions. The criminality is at the top.

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      Charles Moakler, Louisville, Kentucky on

      The congress has all the facts. They know exactly how much the importation of tens of millions of new low skilled laborers is doing to American workers. They also know the precise damage the Gang of Eight proposal will do to poor workers in America. They are willing to let Americans lose their respect for the law, as George Bush said it, “The Law is Nothing but a G^% D@&#^ Piece of Paper.” When people get desperate over being screwed by their government it is hard for public opinion, or even jurys, to hold them responsible for their actions, and we are way past that point. Anarchy is not far off. At least we are able to get the traitors to admitt in public which side they are on. Not that violence is a solution to the treason going on in Washington but what percentage of the population would drop flags to half staff if congress were abducted by Martians?

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    They Get Ag Green Cards and Dream Act

    Ohhhhh….border security is flaunted first, BUT NO IMMEDIATE 100% E-VERIFY in the workplace…..our porous border is a joke without immediate E-verify.

    The excuses to delay E-verify are pointless and IMO CLEAR anarchy against our country.

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    Concerned Citizen on

    Immigration is a national security issue and I don’t see the Federal government doing what it takes to ensure public safety. There is a clear rush to “get something done” without assessing the impact of legislation.

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    It does have mandatory E verify for every job, but that’s after 4 years. I can see three and a half years from now a bill passing that extends that deadline by a few years. You cannot trust any of these people. But actually, La Raza and other groups may object to some of these provisions, so maybe the whole things goes down in flames and the Republicans can say we tried.