MarcoPhones? Facebook Carve-outs? What else is in Gang of 8 Bill?

Drafted in secret and repeatedly delayed, the Gang of Eight bill was released early this morning.  FAIR’s Government Relations team is currently going through the bill in detail, but they created a helpful 1-page summary of what the bill contains.

While the Gang of Eight ignored the American people in drafting this bill, FAIR believes this process should be open and allow enough time to evaluate this 844-page bill. Help us review the bill and make notes for any particular passage or section you want to highlight. From there, please visit our Facebook page, and tell us your thoughts.

The bill was only introduced hours ago, and consider what we know is already in it:

In addition to the summary, compare S. 744 to previous amnesty legislation and analyze it for the 7 Principles of True Immigration Reform.

S. 744: Gang of Eight Immigration Legislation by Federation for American Immigration Reform

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    John Winthrop on

    Long Bill but the Congress is being paid premium to make sure this goes well and the best for the US’s future. There a few things similar to Canada but with Freedom…..such as in Canada a company cannot bring anybody unless it has 50% Canadians and makes a certain income…… opposed to paying 10k regardless of the company’s US citizens’ demographics…………………………which means we will still be ahead of Canada since the owner will now have to make sure the recruited non-national is even more valuable since he/she has an additional price owed to the gov….and be forced to hire instead the best US green-card, refugee or US citizen..or best non-national MUCH MUCH stricter rules…………………….at least this is an improvement to what we have now here with respect to other countries………………..The Freedom to Choose….which hopefully in better time will only benefit us as a country.

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    No Wonder Mexico is Sending Minors All Alone to America

    This Bill encourages child abuse and neglect. How many rapes of innocent teenage women from Mexico does this Bill encourage?

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    If it’s possible to give amnesty within six months, how about the background checks? Let’s see…when you try to get information on someone who has given a fake name, forged documents or stolen SS, where do you start? Now, multiply that by 11-20 million lawbreakers. We can be sure that among those who are given our most precious birthright – citizenship – will be the many pedophiles, drunk drivers and all the criminals our government so wholeheartedly welcomes. A new America is dawning and one we will not recognize.

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      John Winthrop on

      EASY you start with their countries’s back ground check and follow accordingly here. Here it takes 2 days…..your fear of change is understandable but this needs to be dealt ASAP……we need to know who they are and run background checks on them, collect the taxes and all monies owed from the ones that deserve a chance and make the system more robust…that is and provided The People is 100% compliance this time………………..

      You say Lawbreakers?… far as I remembered nobody ever cared about the illegals before 9/11 and they were used by us, The People, to create wealth. Definitely a good point to get rid of the criminals and therefore build a infra-structure to deter the terrorists from falling through the cracks and entering our soil.

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    Talk about voodoo math. It says the 90% border crossing effective catch rate is to be determined by “the number of apprehensions and turnbacks in a specific sector divided by the number of total entries.”

    So how will the total number of entries be determined? The usual estimates are that at least one of more persons cross successfully for everyone caught. Suppose they catch twenty thousand in that one sector and they claim twenty two thousand tried to cross. That would certainly meet the 90% standard, but there is absolutely no way to prove those are the real statistics. Smoke and mirrors.

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        John Winthrop on

        Well what Graham said it is true……America is an idea and nobody owns it………………hopefully we will still be its reality in the many hundreds of years to come and CIR will make this true as to how it will finally be enacted.
        Anybody that thinks the system is not broken is in denial.

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          America is a country of a finite size with only so many resources and available land. You show yourself to be the one in “denial” by insisting we can keep up this amount of immigration for “many hundreds of years to come”.