Boston Bomb Suspects Identified as Chechens

Boston Bomb Suspects Identified as Chechens

“They blasted across the nation’s airwaves as the mystery men on the run from the FBI in the Boston Marathon bombings, both carrying backpacks, one wearing a white baseball cap turned backward and the other clad in dark glasses and a white T-shirt. On Friday, after a chaotic night in which one of them was killed and the other became the target of a massive manhunt, information was slowly emerging about the two men — who are brothers and the prime suspects in the attacks that killed three people and injured more than 170 Monday,” the Washington Post writes.

“The family is originally from the southern Russian republic of Chechnya, according to an uncle of the Tsarnaev brothers, and two law enforcement officials said there is a ‘Chechen connection’ to the bombings.”

Democrats Pleased With Senate Bill

“The Senate’s Gang of Eight delivered an immigration overhaul bill this week that was far more generous to their constituencies than Democrats and Hispanic activists expected . . . [W]hen Democrats got a look at the 844-page measure, they discovered that their negotiators extracted more concessions than they thought possible. Those include an expansive version of the DREAM Act and subtle but meaningful tradeoffs on all the major pieces of the system, from family reunification to legalization and border security,” Politico reports.

Boston Bombing Raises Concerns About Amnesty Plan, Says Senator

“Speaking at the start of the first Senate Judiciary Committee hearing that began as a manhunt continued in Boston, Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) accused Democrats of ‘rushing’ consideration of a bipartisan immigration bill unveiled this week and urged careful deliberations ‘given the events of this week,'” the Washington Post reports.

“‘While we don’t yet know the immigration status of the people who have terrorized the communities in Massachusetts, when we find out, it will help shed light on the weaknesses of our system,’ Grassley said. ‘How can individuals evade authorities and plan such attacks on our soil? How can we beef up security checks on people who wish to enter the U.S.? How do we ensure that people who wish to do us harm are not eligible for benefits under the immigration laws, including this new bill before us?'”

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    On the news, some say that the Boston bomber was “self-radicalized” by the Internet. So when did we start having elves or ghosts, not people, behind web sites?

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    There is another devastating effect of immigration that most reports have missed.

    The cancer of socialism has metastasized from Russia (and formerly Soviet Union) to America. Some 2 millions of Russian socialists managed to move in here after the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act was passed, and are changing the course of this nation as we speak.

    In comparison to that, the Boston bombing is a piece of cake.

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    And still they come. From every nook and cranny of the world, our government reaches out in their obsession of filling this nation full of every third world inhabitant and even those from enemy countries They say we don’t have anyone who will do the “blue-collar” work – wonder who did it before the invasion? Then, they bring in, or keep the STEM graduted because the US has no one smart enough for white collar jobs. Guess we’re just here to pay taxes.With having a nation full of stupid people, as our government believes we are, I can’t imagine who built he greatest nation on earth and who led the world for centuries. Now…not so much. Can’t they put two and two together?

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    John Winthrop on

    By now Senator Grassley realized that these guys are not Mexican illegals,,,,,,,,,,,,what this shows is that the FBI knew a lot more before hand. They already knew they were armed and dangerous….but how come? if they did not know who they were….also by letting out the videos may be put the public on alert BUT if they knew it makes more sense to have followed them and catch them without any more casualties…in any case I have no idea of the details

    BUT one thing is for sure that is to implement no differently from medical tests, psychological test to see the person;s state of mind and document his/her background……………………………………….

    To take this as to stop CIR, it makes no sense; actually, what makes sense is to do this and run background checks on everybody we have no idea who they are, they are already here and deserves a chance to stay.

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      You are incredibly naive. Terrorists won’t submit to background checks; they’ll just continue to live here illegally. And exactly why do people who broke our laws deserve a chance to stay?

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        John Winthrop on

        Ron it is interesting your feedback …….that is the reason for immigration reform,,,,,,it is not just the illegals whom by the way HAVE PROVEN Not to be terrorists…… this case the refugees from conflicting countries coming here would be subject to background checks………how do you propose or assume that somebody will jump CUSTOMS??????? YOU ARE AMAZINGLY NAIVE!!!! well and the ones here eventually caught as the system gets tougher…….I am amazed at your critical thinking if any……………………….about time you start becoming a bit more knowledgeable and mature your reality………………….

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          You are incredibly incoherent as well as naive. Terrorists will either stay “undocumented” or they will provide fraudulent documentation, as many are doing now, and as over a million illegals did to get the 1986 amnesty. By the way, the immigration “reform” bill does not even require face-to-face interviews with the illegals who apply for the amnesty. Also, it would allow in well over 50 million immigrants and foreign temporary workers over the next decade, more than triple the current flow. An increase in the number of foreign-born terrorist attacks is essentially guaranteed by this bill. As far as how to jump Customs, just ask any of the millions of illegals who walked in across the Mexican border.

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    The granting of refugee status to the Tsarnaevs in 2002 demonstrates once again the need to reform our refugee program, which has been approving fraudulent and unnecessary applications for refuge in the US for decades. In this case, why couldn’t they have returned to either Chechnya or the nation of Kyrgyzstan, where they previously were living? Or, like the vast majority of other Chechen refugees over the last two decades, why couldn’t they have moved elsewhere in Russia, or to any of a number of other neighboring nations, or to the EU? There was absolutely no justification for granting them refugee status in the US. Not surprisingly, the 8 gangsters’ so-called “comprehensive immigration reform” would not reign in our out-of-control refugee program.

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    And now, because the president of Chechnya is blaming the way they turned out on their coming to America, a lot of the usual suspects in this country are lining up to join that chorus. Somehow it must be us, something thing we did. Never mind the fact that all across the Islamic world, car bombs and suicide bombers are an everyday occurrence.

    Not to mention political and religious intolerance of others, and second class status of women written into their laws. But for many in this country, it’s impossible to criticize another culture, so they have to find fault here and make excuses for barbaric behavior.

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      Just to add to this, the older brother made the statement “i don’t have a single American friend. I don’t understand them.” Of course not, the average young American is not entranced by Islamic fundamentalism.

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    John Winthrop on

    Senator Grassley is sleeping………………so far most of the attempts have been by our own people and he is still sleeping…………………

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      You’re just another excuse maker who wants to pretend there haven’t been numerous plots by Muslim fundamentalists.

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        John Winthrop on

        And you are just another free-rider of our reality that is not able to see the big picture and think serially……and is sleeping like some lawmakers…..this calls for a tougher asylum program for conflicting countries SO just another paragraph to the Bill stressing the fact that these refugees are to be cleared through a tougher system ……but because of this you are not going to stop the country’s everyday business…………………………………AMAZING!!

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    Another attack on US soil by what looks like Islamic Terrorists. Do you think it might be a good idea to decrease Muslim immigration and increase border security? Duh.

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    Concerned Citizen on

    My understanding is that the terrorists immigrated to the USA after 9/11 and one became a naturalized citizen in 2012. They came here as refugees. The point here is that making illegal immigrants legal through a new set of laws isn’t going to change something more fundamental: even legal immigration is a problem for a number of reasons that have to be properly vetted.

    This country has become far too immigrant-oriented at the expense of everyone. It’s time to cut out the nonsense, special interest biases and saccharin rhetoric in order to treat immigration with the serious, careful deliberation that is desperately needed.

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    The Timing of the Immigration Bill

    And the Boston Bombing, especially if the guilty terrorist type immigrants just got here illegally, or even on temporary visas….makes the immigration bill’s assumption it doesn’t weaken national security a complete joke now.

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      Concerned Citizen on

      Oh yea, it’s a complete joke. The Gang of 8 and their allies just think they’ll be safe because they have so much personal security. Naive to think that way (just ask a wealthy Brazilian friend of mine whose son was kidnapped).