Reject the Gang of Eight’s Backroom Deal!

Last week, the Senate Gang of Eight unveiled its “comprehensive” immigration reform plan just after 2 a.m. Wednesday morning. The pro-amnesty and open borders lobbies are wasting no time in trying to ram this bill through Congress before the American people have a chance to understand the bill’s detrimental effects!

Proponents of the amnesty legislation argue they are allowing the bill to be addressed in a fair and open manner, yet they insist on holding hearings on the legislation before anyone has a chance to read the bill in its entirety.

In fact, the Senate Judiciary Committee held its first hearing on the 844-page legislation Friday morning, barely 48 hours after the Gang introduced it. Now the Senate Judiciary Committee is currently holding a second hearing on the legislation, featuring 23 witnesses—all of whom have unlikely had time to read the nearly 900-page bill either.

The Gang claims its bill is not a special path to citizenship, will secure the border, and will strengthen worksite enforcement. This is simply untrue. In reality, the bill: 

  • Grants amnesty (referred to as “registered provisional status” by Gang members) to illegal aliens who came to the U.S. before 2012. This will be done after the Secretary of Homeland Security merely issues PLANS to secure the border and add fencing—not actually secures the border;
  • Grants an expedited path to citizenship in just five years to illegal aliens who entered the U.S. before the age of 16 and meet certain criteria regardless of their current age;
  • Gives a green card in five years to illegal alien farm workers who pledge to continue working in ag for a certain period of time;
  • Allows previously deported illegal aliens to apply for amnesty if they are a spouse, parent, or child of a U.S. citizen or green card holder, or entered the country unlawfully before the age of 16 and meet additional criteria;
  • Grants green cards in 10 years to those given provisional status so long as the Secretary’s border security and fencing plan is “substantially” in place, E-Verify is simply “implemented” but not yet used by all employers, and an exit system is in place at only air and sea ports but not land ports of entry;
  • Waives the above conditions to granting green cards to provisional amnestied aliens if one or more of the conditions are tied up in court after 10 years; and
  • Grants millions of dollars to organizations to help illegal aliens submit amnesty applications.

Starting tomorrow, Organizing for Action, President Obama’s campaign arm is urging its members to call Congress to support this amnesty bill.
Don’t let their voices be the only ones your Members of Congress hear. Tell your Members you’ve had enough of the Gang of Eight’s lies. Americans need jobs and our immigration laws enforced, not more D.C. pandering to special interests!

Click here to find your Members of Congress and call today!

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    When we speak about illegal aliens in this country, we mostly refer to the Mexican citizen. Mexican citizens are used to lying to gain benefits in their country and I don’t think this attitude will change. We just have to look at our very own system. How many illegals have used fraud to gain benefits in the US. How many have come to this country to collect unemployment, social security, and free education? do we have any figures to disclose these totals. and how many have been medically treated in our county hospitals free without any compensation from their own country? So, what make our Representative believe these new immigrants will abide by the rules. One good way to control them is to grant complete access to our law enforcement officials to all our websites:
    We already have too many absconder in our country who have out smarted our systems and continue to evade our law enforcement officials who mostly have their hands tied by our politicians. We should establish such a website to aid our officials. Otherwise here we go again. In ten years another amnesty program. right now, individuals seeking the Freedom Act and Amnesty benefits wave the American Flag during their demonstrations for equality.
    Just you wait and see. The Mexican flag will fly higher than the Old Glory. God save our country.

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    Regretably, chuck schumer is one of my senate reps. The other kirsten gillibrand is no better. My correspondence to them, i’m sure is trashed because I do not agree with his tratiorous senate bill. I still bombard their offices with faxes, calls, and e-mails also to tgo8. No amnesty, secure the borders, attrition thru law enforcement, remove incentives that foster illegal aliens to cross our borders. This is the proper way to proceed.

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    They’re lying and cheating before this thing even gets voted on. Amnesty is automatic, and e verify and a secure border are merely “goals” five or more years down the road. And the whole bill is packed with exemptions and extensions that the secretary of Homeland Security can pull out at any time. Like an extra ace up their sleeve.

    When Reagan signed the amnesty of 1986, he actually thanked Chuck Schumer for his help in the House in passing it. And now Senator Schumer will tell us he really really really means it that we will have the promised enforcement THIS time. Sorry Senator, your credibility is zero. We could pass a bill tomorrow for an e verify program to be set up in a year’s time. But our politicians don’t care. They will hold ANY enforcement hostage to amnesty, and in the end will forget all their promises. Just like 1986,

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      obama is directing the gang of eight and is bending, manipulating, and breaking our immigration laws. Congress is out of control of the legal voters.

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    What happens to the illegals when they don’t comply with all the rules and regulations? ie: English fines etc? I know of many who are not going to learn English or pay the fines!!!

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      Answer, nothing. A magic wand will be waved and all those things will just disappear. Or at least the deadlines will be extended so many times they will become meaningless. Like Temporary Protected Status, some of which “temporary” programs are entering their fourth decades.