Rubio’s Charm Offensive on Immigration Misrepresents the Facts, and His Own Past

Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida) keeps telling the American people that the Gang of Eight’s bill is not amnesty, despite the fact that virtually every illegal alien in the country will receive amnesty (“earned legal status” is what the kids are calling it these days) six months after the passage of the bill. The de facto amnesty Rubio decries will become de jure amnesty, which he gives his full-throated support. The junior Senator from Florida also says that the bill will result in a secure border and tough interior enforcement, despite the fact that neither of these things are actually required by the bill. If the border and enforcement “triggers” aren’t achieved ten years down the road, the “punishment” for amnestied illegal aliens is that they have to continue to patiently wait for their ‘green cards’ while they enjoy their jobs and benefits of life in America.

The Gang of Eight starts from the premise that a full and immediate amnesty is the basis for any negotiation over immigration reform. In defending this bill, Rubio is demanding that the American people cut a deal with those who have broken the law in exchange for a promise from politicians that they will get serious about border security and enforcement sometime in the future; that this time Senator Chuck Schumer really means it when he says he will support enforcement and border security. How do we know Schumer really means it this time? Was it enough that he was standing next to Marco Rubio when he said it?

Marco Rubio is stressing three points in his recent media barrage. The first is that the bill requires that 90 percent of illegal aliens are apprehended at the border. This is entirely misleading because Rubio has neglected to say that the 90 percent apprehension rate only applies to “high-risk areas” where apprehensions exceed 30,000 a year. The apprehension rate is determined by dividing the number of illegal aliens apprehended at the border by the number that successfully reaches the interior. That figure will be determined by DHS according to a metric that does not yet exist. Remember, the existence of the plan, not its implementation, triggers amnesty.

The second, and just as misleading, argument by Rubio is that the bill can never be altered once it becomes law. He wants the American people to rest assured that every single “enforcement” provision will be honored in the future. The truth is that this bill, just like the Secure Fence Act of 2006, will get watered down so it becomes completely toothless (its teeth are already rotten as it is). If the Republicans cave and support this bill, are the Democrats going to stop pushing for more concessions on immigration policy? Will those who are fighting enforcement now become enforcement hawks once President Obama signs the bill into law? Giving amnesty up front for a promise of future enforcement maybe within a decade is not a compromise. It’s stupid.

Rubio understands that the American people don’t trust anything coming out D.C., especially promises to end illegal immigration. So, his third argument is that we should trust him on this, because, well, he is Marco Rubio. But that is the very reason we should not trust him. When Rubio was the Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives he pushed for in-state tuition for illegal aliens and blocked immigration enforcement bills from coming to a vote. He ran as far away from these positions as he could in his Senate race, successfully establishing himself as a fierce amnesty foe. Here are Rubio’s own words.

If you grant amnesty, the message that you’re sending is that if you come in this country and stay here long enough, we will let you stay. And no one will ever come through the legal process if you do that. – Marco Rubio, November 17, 2009

Earned path to citizenship is basically code for amnesty. It’s what they call it. – Marco Rubio, October 24, 2010

Rubio even said that he would have voted against the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill, which as terrible as it was, was not as terrible as what Rubio is now pushing.

As far as amnesty, that’s where [Charlie Crist] and I disagree. He would have voted for the McCain plan. I think that plan is wrong…if you grant amnesty…you will destroy any chance we will ever have of having a legal immigration system that works here in America. – Marco Rubio, March 28, 2010

Rubio has numerous times over the last few days said something that is undeniably true: “There are consequences when you elect the wrong person to office.”

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    No doubt, if this disastrous immigration bill gets any track it will be a big paday for the liberals. No doubt the illegal aliens with their new green card will be supporting and eventually voting for those who will increase their entitlements then the next millions more will follow. The top priority should be totally secure the border and bring down the illegal crossings to a trickle. Let’s put the National Guard back on the border while the double fence is completed and at least stop the tons of drugs from coming across.

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    You are 100% right we don’t need them and who ever else is claiming they parents made them citizens. That what I mean how could he be in the Senate not a citizen, this is really crazy. Who’s nuts here ? Now they are trained in every field there is and getting ready to go back home to their counties not just them others too especially doctors nurses to take care of their people and we will not have enough people to take care of Americans. Yet they trains on taxpayers money. Sounds like to me they had a plan.

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    The shame I feel for being one of those that believed, supported and voted for Rubio is overwhelming. I should have known better because like our president he has done nothing in his life but be a politician not knowing solutions only what he needs to do in order to raise campaign money. He has sold his soul to provide cheap labor at the expense of the suffering American lower and middle class workers

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    Why Should Law Breakers Get Amesty when they broke the United States Law coming here illegally in the first place? We need to enforce the laws we have in the books, Obama Clones what an Open Border so they can get more democrats voting them in. Illegals have cost us dearly through there stay here, some are productive but a vast majoruty are a strain on our wallet. The 18% Tax Payer in Washington wants this past because we have to pay our Fair Share. He’s not so we have to do so he can spend more on the illegals
    programs. Don’t mention Voter I.D.’s because that’s offensive, I say the heck with Potical Correctness. Law breakers are just that, America needs to wake up. Voice your opinion and let them know that we’re a country of Laws. Let’s enforce them, don’t let OBAMA Keep the door open for more illegals and tettorists. Secure the border now and make everyone get back in line in their own country for the proper documentation. This why they’ll come here legally. Wow, what a consept!. Thanks!

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    Unintended consequence of immigration reform and Obama care are under the gang of 8’s plan the illegals will not be eligible for any benefits including health coverage under Obama care. If the illegals are not entitled to health coverage will an employer that does not provide health coverage have to pay the penalty tax or will the employer get a tax break for each illegal hired versus hiring an American citizen?
    This would definitely put the American citizen at a disadvantage.
    The only reform immigration needs is enforcing exiting law and going back to country of origin quota system.

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    FedUpAmerican on

    Rubio isn’t ever going to become POTUS as he isn’t Constitutionaly qualified. His parents were NOT U.S. citizens when Rubio was born here. The American people will not allow another unqualified politician to occupy the White House. The American people also refuse to accept another amnesty!

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    If Rubio is doing this in anticipation of a presidential run, I question his sanity. I am so sick of these RINOS. I swear that I will vote for Hillary Clinton before I’ll cast a ballot for Rubio. These Republicans think they can shove anything down our throats and that we’ll accept it. They think that we have no alternative, “they won’t vote for a flaming liberal, they’ll hold their nose and vote for us”. THE HECK I WILL. I WILL vote for the Democrat in 2016. I am beyond fed up.

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      I am an American who has spent nearly a decade in the armed forces and have seen the political landscape change by both parties. You have an UNQUALIFIED US President placed in office by the ultra liberals in the Democratic party (who are controlling the Press) and you wants to do it again in 2016. Really?! Why not cast your vote for a pro-American candidate who will support the Constitution which put us where we were the center of world-wide prominence instead of lowering us to the status of a 3rd world country losing all our culture and values. To start with, stop the criminals (illegal immigrants) from crossing the border, restore jobs to all Americcans first, and ENFORCE the laws. No one will take you seriously unless you stand up for your rights and speak with some sort of common sense and knowledge!!!!

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    I doubt most Americans are charmed any longer by ANY OF THE GANG OF EIGHT, or for that matter most other politicians. If one reads internet blogs, then it will be found that thousands, and possibly millions of American citizens have had it. They are sick of the utter lawlessness and corruption. They are sick of always coming in last to Mexico’s and other nations citizens, for example, who come here illegally and proceed to suck dry, Americans, jobs, social services, and culture. No, charm from polticians is now something Americans don’t dig, especially when that charm goes with being stabbed in the back.

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    Marco Rubio is the Latino equivalent of Barack Obama. Neither man has a record of achievement; both come from a minority du jour; and both empty suits possess one talent – glib speakers (aka con men). Rubio is Jeb Bush’s protege. Jeb Bush is a passionate open borders/amnesty advocate.

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    I am so angry steam is coming out of my ears!

    I noticed all the pro amnesty stories dropped off the pages of all news feeds simultaneously after the Judge told Big Sis that she must enforce the law. a couple hours ago It is so obvious that Operation Mockingbird is still going strong.

    They are regrouping, prepare for another wave of lies and push back twice as hard against them.

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    After seeing Rubio in a commercial this morning on TV where he looked into the camera with a straight face and very piously explained all the things that would keep illegal aliens (my words – I’m not PC) from the path to citizenship – back taxes, no criminal history, pay a fine, etc., I wrote to him. I asked one question, stating that all it required was a “yes” or a “no” answer. The question was “For illegals who do not pass the qualifications, will they be deported.” Can’t wait for his answer.

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    I think what Rubio is doing is planning a presidential run, and he will say whatever it takes. Like most politicians. Like the president said he couldn’t pass the Dream Act by executive order, and then did just exactly that.