Senators Say Bombers Show Need for Amnesty

Senators Say Bombers Show Need for Amnesty

“The Boston bombings and the foreign-born suspects have become part of the Capitol Hill debates on legislation to overhaul immigration law — with critics of the proposal saying Sunday the terror attacks expose gaps in the country’s system and supporters saying the tragedy could be a turning point in fixing a broken system,” Fox News reports.

“‘Now is the time to bring all of the 11 million (illegal immigrants) out of the shadows and find out who they are,’ South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham told CNN’s ‘State of the Union.’ ‘We may find some terrorists in our midst who have been hiding in the shadows.'”

Michelle Malkin: Brothers Not the First Refugees to Attack the U.S.

“More details are seeping out about how the Boston jihadist brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev came to the U.S. and managed to stay here despite security threat red flags raised to the FBI two years ago. In case you’d forgotten, the Tsarnaevs aren’t the first set of refugee jihadist brothers to plot violence and terror against America — the land of opportunity that welcomed them. Here’s my column from May 2007 about the illegal alien brothers from the former Yugoslavia who were part of the al Qaeda-inspired terror plot against Fort Dix (NJ),” says Michelle Malkin.

Fixing America’s Ski Instructor Shortage

“Apparently the Gang of Eight blew past the early March deadline for completing their immigration reform bill because they wanted to make sure no group was overlooked — particularly not those who happen to affect their home states. The Wall Street Journal notes that the senators buried quite a few pet projects in the bill’s 844 pages, including provisions that benefit the cruise-ship industry, Irish immigrants, and the meat industry (and Marco Rubio, Chuck Schumer, and Lindsey Graham, respectively),” says.

“Colorado’s Michael Bennet pushed for a provision that allows foreign ski instructors to enter the U.S. under the same program professional athletes use, and like all of the senators, he said he has a good explanation.”

Immigration Bill May Depend on Farm Districts

“Any chance of getting immigration legislation through the House will most likely depend on representatives like Doc Hastings. While he has not been the most outspoken about immigration issues, proponents of an overhaul are counting on Mr. Hastings, a Republican, for one reason: His Congressional district, which cuts a wide path through the center of Washington State, depends heavily on agriculture, an industry with a significant stake in the outcome of the debate,” the New York Times reports.

Kurtz: Assimilation The Best Way to Prevent Boston Style Attacks

“Turning to the latest spate of articles on the Boston-immigration connection, it’s clear that including the missing assimilation issue would thoroughly transform the debate. One common argument, for example, is that Boston is irrelevant because the Tsarnaevs were legal immigrants. But if patriotic assimilation is failing even for legal immigrants with years of experience in America, then a path to citizenship would only aggravate the problem (in the absence of the deeper reforms proposed by Fonte and Nagai),” says Stanley Kurtz in National Review.

“Another popular argument is that the new bill will make us more secure by getting more immigrants on the books, thus allowing for more background checks. Yet the FBI did run a background check on Tamerlan Tsarnaev and failed to find the problem. Ultimately, a working system of patriotic assimilation is the only truly effective security system. If that system is broken, no amount of FBI reports will protect us.”

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