Senate Bill Contains Slush Fund for Pro-Amnesty Groups

Buried within the Gang of Eight’s 844-page “comprehensive” immigration reform bill is a boon to the pro-amnesty lobby and immigration lawyers. Section 2537 authorizes the Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, on behalf of the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, discretionary authority to award newly-created “Initial Entry, Adjustment, and Citizenship Assistance” (IEACA) grants to “eligible public or private, non-profit organizations.” (S. 744, at p. 384)

The IEACA grants “shall be used for the design and implementation of programs that provide direct assistance, within the scope of the authorized practice of immigration law” primarily to amnestied aliens throughout the “earned” path to citizenship. (Id. at p. 384-86) Specifically, this section identifies the following tasks grant money may be used for to assist illegal aliens seeking amnesty:

  • “screening” applicant’s eligibility for RPI status;
  • completing applications for RPI status, green cards, or citizenship;
  • compiling “proof of identification, employment, residence, and tax payment;”
  • compiling “proof of relationships of eligible family members;”
  • applying for all applicable waivers, and
  • “any other assistance that the Secretary or grantee considers useful to aliens who are interested in applying for registered provisional status.” (Id. at p. 385)

The legislation, which was crafted behind closed doors in consultation with pro-amnesty special interest groups, appropriates $100 million for IEACA grants for the first five years and “such sums as may be necessary for fiscal year 2019 and subsequent fiscal years.” (Id. at p. 392)


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    When I see these politicians trying to convince the American people that an amnesty is necessary and good for the country, I really begin to worry about the future of this country. It seems they really don’t care about their fellow American citizens who can’t find jobs. Nor do they care about the country. I guess they think more about their political party, their carreers, and the pocketbooks of themselves and their friends in big business. Have our politicians always been so willing to sell out their country? How has this nation gotten to be the #1 superpower in the world with politicians like these. Well we’re probably on the same path as ancient Rome and Egypt. The illegal immigration issue is not rocket science.

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    The Immigration reform bill reveals what the people in Washington really really think about the American people in general. They do not care that the majority of the people are not in favor of the immigration reform bill. The money that will cost the American taxpayers to provide all the programs they will be apply for will have an impact on the budget deficit. This article points out the reality of spending money in the near future. If the immigration reform bill passes, then millions more will come for the next amnesty in the future. That is what happened after the 1986 amnesty. There is no hope of saving America from being a Third World country.

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    HeyJudeOregon on


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    No this has nothing to do with being mean to people or insensitive. What this has to do is show the world that we are a nation of LAWS. I have many LEGAL immigrant friends and they are the first to tell me while laughing by the way. Your country is a joke, just because you make a law , we pull out the me don’t understand no enlish.. and get the free pass. They the kids are taught this as well. If you tried to sneak into thier countries it would be go to jail or worse out back with the shot gun. And this is nothing more than a vote grab. Listen the Dems don’t care about you , just about your vote come down the road. THey are a mirror of thier Union buddies, THe union doesn’t care about you either just about your dues, IF not why do you think they scream about right to work which is no more than a stipulation that they have to quit stealing the dues automatically from your paycheck and that good believing union members would send thier dues in.. Are you kidding they know most thier useless members wouldn’t send their dues in. No I think come 2014 the people that vote this through should be reminded they are elected officials not part of one big happy obama family.

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    Long disputes and less active approach will only prolong the status of the problem. From 1986’s one million or so illegal immigrants to 2013’s eleven million or so, the numbers are growing in full pace and to project a worse scenario for the coming years will result in a more difficult phase to solve. A clean up is what is needed now and future order will stabilize the system. The decision is now , with an open mind mind and heart. It is more humane to think people as people than giving them classification because the situation created it and no options was left to them. We all need to live in freedom guided by peace and order, live with equality and justice. Let a man be man ……

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    Barbara Griffith on

    I went to Sen. Lindsey Grahams facebook page just to see what people were saying to him and about him. It didn’t look good. Most were saying that they would never vote for him again. He was getting slammed out good by all of them. i didn’t see one comment that had anything good to say about him. I’ll bet he gets kicked out of the senate in 2014. All of the these sleazy politicians that have been pushing for amnesty should be voted out. What needs to be done is the voters in the gang of 8’s states start a recall petition to toss them out instead of waiting for their reelections. I haven’t finished looking through all of the gangs facebook pages yet but i did notice that McCain’s didn’t have any or very few complaints against him, I think one of his staffers keeps it cleaned out. With a politician as dirty as he is you know hes got complaints and some nasty one.

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    Against Amnesty on

    The “Gang of *’ Are all IDIOTS! Nothing but a DISGRACE! All I keep hearing is comprehensive immigration reform, comprehensive immigration reform, comprehensive immigration reform. How about some comprehensive ENFORCEMENT reform to get the illegal aliens out of this country? How’s this for an idea? Make entering this country illegally a felony. Make the fine $2500 plus one year in Federal prison. Make this the same on overstayed VISAs. If drugs are involved, triple the fine. Then, apply this to all the illegal aliens in this country now. Leave or if you get caught, the fine will apply to them. Maybe, just maybe, this will take the place of a fence that is costly and doesn’t seem to work all that well. It may even cut down on the cost of deporting these illegal aliens. The other thing is this birthright citizenship. We MUST end it. E-Verify in EVERY business and check EVERY employee. End FREE medical care for illegal aliens. End schooling illegal alien children. They have NO RIGHT to be here. Yes, let’s start with this..

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      I have been saying the same thing myself about birthright citizenship. I live in a town that is overrun by illegals. The school have to provide English for these children while it takes other programs from our children. They need to deport along with their children. I see women that have 4 to 5 children all about a year a part. My town tried to pass a law that no landlord can rent to illegals and no company can hire illegals. But of course the illegals got lawyers saying the illegals have rights. Our town did not have the money to fight this lawsuit; so it was dropped. We as Americans have no rights but the illegals have rights. What is wrong with this picture. They don’t like us at all so why do they come here. Because the know the awards they get all the free handouts that us as Americans can not get. Look what happen last week in Boston with the bombing. They were not Americans they come here when they were young. If the government gets their way to pass this bill our country will not be the same. They don’t even obey the laws of the Constitution. How sad is that….. They are looking for votes in their favor by these illegals. It is sad to see our country going down the toilet by the people in Washington. I hope this bill is not pass and if it those in government favor will be unemployed. But they will get their retirement and all medical paid for them. But that is another issue.

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    How tragic would that be? La Rasa has already hit the jackpot, with BO & his useless cabinet appointments approximately tripling the funding to this racist organization. Lets END THIS UTTER STUPIDITY NOW!

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    When is Obama going to Quit Playing With America and Legal Citizens? Why there is great doubt out there he is not a Citizen of U.S.A get him into a Legal Courtroom solve the Mysteryman puzzle 2 in Office not Known?now he wants Background Checks to Own a Gun ? Tell Me is that more Important than Being President of America come on now We Americans were not Born Yesterday like His Followers.These Stupid Questions is He Muslim / Michelle dont like America your worried about something there in both places? Which is more Important A Loose Nut Conman Running U.S.S. or Michelles Hairdo not Right Tell me Real 100Percent Legal Americans>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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    Yeah, here we go again!! Why do caucasians vote? The same Mexican power groups are going to be given millions of hard working, stressed out Americans taxes, so they can print more posters like, GO BACK TO EUROPE, THIS IS OUR CONTINENT, YOUR’E OLD AND DYING, ETC.–ALL SIGNS THAT WERE SEEN AT THE HUNDREDS OF GRAN MARCHES THAT ILLEGAL ALIENS PARTICIPATED IN. Of course, those marches were organized by the communist democrat party,etc. But the RINOS are just as bad and are selling out millions of american citizens to Mexico’s,etc. citizens.

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    Whenever someone suggests cutting back on immigration, especially from countries where there is a large amount of Islamic fundamentalism, we then hear that we have domestic terrorists on occasion too. Yes we do. But those are American citizens. We have had one plot after another that involves origins to Islamic fundamentalism in other countries. I don’t care if it’s one percent that sympathize with their aims in this country.

    The fact is that we are spending huge amounts of financial resources to guard against and uncover these plots. Look at the train plot that was just uncovered, the second in a week. Are we supposed to live on constant watch? Yes, they uncovered the train plot, like many others, but three people died and dozens were maimed for life because we didn’t catch the one in Boston.