Jeff Flake Plays Russian Roulette with Terrorists

How do you carry out meaningful background checks on 11 million people? The Gang of Eight has repeatedly offered assurances to the American public that illegal aliens seeking amnesty under their bill would have to undergo rigorous background checks.

So what’s their plan for fulfilling that pledge? Well, they don’t exactly have one. “It will be a daunting task to do it, but we need to,” admits Gang of Eight member Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.).

Yes we need to. As if we needed a reminder about why thorough background checks are vital, see Exhibit A: the Tsarnaev brothers. And yes, it is a daunting task. So maybe Sen. Flake and the other seven gangsters should have a viable plan in place to carry out this “daunting task” before the Senate takes a vote on their bill.

Running fingerprints through databases is not going to screen out terrorists. Our default assumption must be that there are sleepers in this country who have not committed crimes that would have resulted in their biometric information winding up in some database.

Even more importantly, the Gang of Eight’s bill grants illegal aliens Registered Provisional Immigrant status and immunity from detention or removal, from the moment they file an application. So, even if a background check actually turns up evidence that an individual poses a threat, it could be months or years before authorities find out.

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    Mass Immigration Is Unsustainable on

    In 1986, we got amnesty immediately and promises to enforce later. It failed. In 2013, the Gang of 8 is offering amnesty immediately and promises to enforce later. This time will be different. LOL.

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    I agree with just about everybody here that is against illegal immigration. One other thing to remember, these politicians, especially gang of 8 member McCain, are always so willing to get this country involved in conflicts around the world. Mccain seemed to be the most in favor of us getting involved in Libya, now he wants us to get involved in Syria. McCain and alot of these other politicians think we should send our young military people to where ever in the world, and while these young military people are somewhere in the world risking their lives because these politicians think they should, these same politicians are back here in the states giving away their jobs to illegal aliens. Most of these young military people joined straight out of highschool, so when they get out of the military, they will have to compete with illegals for jobs. Because alot of the illegals already don’t work in the fields, and the ones that do now, if an amnesty is passed and they get their work permits, they are going to look for an easier job that pays more. The war in Iraq ended last year I believe, and supposedely we are out of Afghanistan next year, so there will be alot of young soldiers who have risked their lives getting out of the military, and looking to start to start their lives as a civilian. How does giving amnesty to these illegals ( a group of people who for the most part don’t love this country and never will, who don’t want to learn and speak english) help these young people who love their country? We should be thinking of them first.

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    Background Checks Don’t Work On Uncontrolled Immigration/Overpopulation

    The good terrorists have become citizens in America for decades, pass any background check and still plan to destroy America.

    We MUST depopulate to get a handle on this.

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    CAPS 2007 Study suggests up to 38 million illegals occupy the USA..

    enough of this 11 million illegal alien undercutting lie

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    FedUpAmerican on

    As the number of illegal aliens in the U.S. increases, so does the number of American victims. As the number of asylum seekers or refugees increases, so does the number of American victims.America’s most forgotten are the innocent American people and their families who have been victimized by illegal aliens and murdered and maimed by poorly vetted foreigners allowed into our country.

    Elected officials have allowed the problem of illegal border crossing and failed enforcement of other immigration policies to fester and grow to the point that we find ourselves now. Americans remain unprotected from this unwanted invasion of unidentified people from across the world. No region of the country has been spared. Americans should not have to live in fear in their own cities, towns, and neighborhoods.

    Congress and the president have a moral and constitutional obligation to use all resources already available to protect the security of the nation and our citizens. Why, almost twelve years after 9/11, do we not have operational control of our borders? Why isn’t there a solid and reliable Entry/Exit system for foreigners in place? Why isn’t there a reliable screening process before you admit foreigners into our country? Right now, America has 75,000 Muslim college students with visa’s and 20,000 can’t be accounted for, and we’re supposed to believe that a new Amnesty Bill will make America and our people safe?

    The new immigration bill by the “Gang of Eight” is filled with benefits for the current illegal aliens in the United States. Rubio says that the bill will result in a secure border and tough interior enforcement, despite the fact that neither of these things are actually required by the bill. If the border and enforcement “triggers” aren’t achieved ten years down the road, the “punishment” for amnestied illegal aliens is that they have to continue to patiently wait for their ‘green cards’ while they enjoy their jobs and benefits of life in America, paid for by the American Taxpayers.

    Millions of Americans are unemployed, hungry and homeless. Mass immigration, legal and illegal are killing the livelihood of American citizens. Congress’s job isn’t to work to make life better for millions of illegal aliens, their job is to work to make America better for the American People, to defend our Constitution, to defend our nation’s sovereignty by securing our borders and enforcing our immigration and employment laws. Pitting American workers against immigrants for jobs is morally reprehensible. Our nation is broke, now is not the time to increase burdens on American families.

    The level of corruption in the U.S. Congress rivals third world countries. With straight faces, those men and women pretend to represent American citizens while they lie and cheat us at every level. This president, the Democrat Party and some RINOS are willing to sacrifice the lives and safety of innocent Americans just to pander to illegal aliens for votes. How many more American lives will be destroyed before the men and women we send to Washington take seriously their oath to defend this nation?

    The people we’ve been sending to Washington to represent our interests are more concerned with kissing up to the Mexican government and not offending Hispanics than they are with fulfilling their responsibilities to their constituents. We, the American People, have had it. We are sick of the utter lawlessness and corruption. We are sick of always coming in last to Mexico’s and other nations citizens. We are sick of having to pay the salaries of elected officials that continue to thwart the Will of We the People, those who continue to work hard to aid and abet illegal invaders, those who have turned their backs on us and they need to be removed from office. We were lied to before and we’re being lied to now.

    It is unacceptable that the citizens of this nation be betrayed by their own government especially where border security and the enforcement and administration of our nation’s immigration laws are concerned. We, the American People say NO to anymore amnesties! We demand that our immigration laws be enforced and that our borders and ports be secured. Every poll that is taken makes it clear that a majority of Americans want our borders secured, illegal immigration stopped and also show that a majority of Americans want lawful immigration levels greatly reduced. This is not about extremism, racism or xenophobia, it is about common sense, the survival of our country and the survival of American families!
    NO amnesty ever again! Keep calling & faxing your Reps, post your messages to them on their FaceBook pages, do it every day!

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    A mandatory E-Verify law that ends the job magnet and gives America a legal work force is the key to ending illegal immigration. That is the reason President Obama, Senator Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi so strongly oppose E-Verify. They want these undocumented democratic voters to stay here and get citizenship so they can vote. They understand E-Verify works and would lead to the self-deportation of millions of illegal immigrants destroying their dream to fundamentally transform the U.S. into third world socialist state.

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    Finally, FINALLY!!!! on the American Patrol website, I saw a headline story that explains what I have been trying to tell my friends, relatives, family, etc. for years, that, these rotten, traitorous, people who claim to be OUR REPRESENTATIVES, the representatives of American citizens, are offering food stamps to Mexico and Mexicans. Why??? This is what I'[ve been trying to explain. IN ORDER TO CARRY OUT, THE NORTH AMERICAN UNION, to integrate the U.S. economy with Mexico’s. Think of it?/ Think of the vast amount of whats left of the middle class’s money in the U.S., will now be distributed to foreign nationals by the millions. If The SENATE AND CONGRES, now represented by the EIGHT TRAITORS, gets its way, what American kids have known as the U.S., will perish.


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    I am depressed. I am also embarrassed to admit that I actually voted for this fraudulent RINO many times when he was in the House and only ONCE for the Senate. He is really a very stupid man, but then he is also bed buddy with McCain. If Flake is so stupid to think an FBI background check is of any value, ask him to explain how that same FBI had the Boston Bomber on the “Watch List” but didn’t watch him? What about his mommy who was also on a “terrorist watch list”? Flake is just actually corrupt rather than all that stupid.

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      How could you not see Flake for what is was and is, Art? He’s been a pro-Amnesty RINO since day one. He only began to talk “semi-tough” on illegal immigration when he ran for Senate a la McCain. Pretty dumb, I’d say!

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        It utterly blows me away, that so very many Americans seem so very clueless. My GOD!! These traitorous politicians, practically spit in the faces of the citizens of this nation with impunity. They never seem to get thrown out of office, not even challanged publicly. What is it with American citizens? Do they love being put down?? Flake, McCain, Durbin,Schumer,Bloomberg, Rubio, Feinstein, Boxer, Hickenlooper, …the list is so very long, are ALL POLITICIANS THAT HAVE BETRAYED AMERICANS ON EVERY CONCEIVABLE ISSUE THAT IS IMPORTANT TO THEM. WHAT DOES IT TAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I would bet the background check will go something like this: Have you ever committed a crime? Illegal’s reply: No
    Okay, you have amnesty. Next.

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      Mass Immigration Is Unsustainable on

      Affidavit. Which means nothing when nothing will be done to those caught lying.

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    Does the background check mean a background check in the United States or in the country of origin of the illegal immigrant. I suspect it’s the former. Legal immigrants have to submit to a background check done by the US embassy in their home country. I’m sure many of these illegal immigrants have extensive criminal histories in their native countries. Now they will be our problem.

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    I just bet the bad guys are going to show up for this the same as they will for tougher gun law checks. I am always amazed at how stupid politicians think we are. Maybe they are right we seem to keep reelecting them.

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    One way and the only way to stop illegal immigrants from crossing our boarders, would be to fine business big bucks for hiring illegals in the first place. Our leadership in Washington will never do anything to stop illegals from entering our country. It was their votes that got Obama reelected President his second term. If we do not put a stop to this now, this will continue on. Wake up America, before its to late.

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      The sad truth is businesses buy politicians to turn their backs so that illegal’s can violate our borders and visa laws.

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    The first thing that should be in any immigration bill is that foreigners or new citizens who have not worked in the US with verified 1040s to prove it can not get public assistance. Why should we take care of people who have not put any money in the social security or medicare get money from the US. Congress is asking Seniors to sacrifice while immigrants get a check . This must stop !

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    THE WELFARE FAMILY??? Spawning the Boston Bombers..??
    Great Immigrants….all of them…what a Joy these immigrants bring to America.

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    It is Scary..when you see these mexicans plodding along in the dessert
    being chased by border cops…they all have on a…….BACKPACK!!!!!!!!!

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    This Bill is just plain SCARY…the Lunatic McCain (Keating 5 Alumni)
    leading the charge??? Does it get worse???? “Background Check”..wink wink
    background of what???? They have no documentation…
    How absolutely Silly the very IDEA of background check and ROAR..back taxes???ahahahah.
    This is just INSANITY gone WILD….

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      Mass Immigration Is Unsustainable on

      Be glad it sucks so obviously–makes it easier to defeat. It’s fundamentally flawed (amnesty first) so the whole thing can be rejected rather than negotiating over just how quickly citizenship is given (what the sell outs want to make it look like they didn’t just roll over).

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    The whole Bill is a COMEDY…the Illegals have to be Laughing their
    heads off…they know they will shuck and jive their way in…..Background?? hahahahaha.
    Back taxes??? how hilarious……….What a sick Joke on the American Voters.

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    A Good Spy and Terrorist

    Will pass any background check, no problem. They’re raised in America [sometimes all their lives as a citizen too] to be our eventual terrorist. Limiting/decreasing overpopulation/immigration and increasing wages with a bigger federal tax base is not only the answer to our federal deficit….its the key to good security in this country too.

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      The problem with background checks, back payment, fines,etc. is that these things are being promised by PEOPLE THAT HAVE NO CREDIBILITY—-TO WIT, THE CONGRESS AND SENATE OF THE U.S. They lost their credibility in the minds of millions of American citizens, a long, long time ago, and it’s not as if they’ve been tryingto restore it. They simply don’t care what a citizens thinks……Schumer, Graham, McCain, Durbin, Flake,etc.

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    Concerned Citizen on

    Immigration really is turning into insanity. It’s not a metaphor anymore, it’s reality. Just look at the bloody magazine covers and contrast it with the words about immigration that we’re hearing from many of our leaders. Who ever thought that little kids getting their legs blown off would be just a “cost of progress” in this country?

    Too many in Washington are insane with power; they really are crazy. They need psychological treatment, not government jobs.

    We the citizens have to stop our Federal government from this madness.

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      THIS is the TRUTH…Concerned Citizen is Right….Background Checks on 3rd worlders?
      The estimate is 2 Billion Dollars to PROCESS 11 Million mexicans….what For???
      So they can collect welfare? Live in a Cardboard Box behind Walmart…where they
      will be eligible to work for 7.25 an hour? What is the point in all this??

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        Michael in Maricopa County Arizona on

        No Amnesty and Concerned Citizen are absolutely RIGHT!! The insanity built into all of the nearly 900 pages of the Gang of 8 Amnesty and Citizenship Act is beyond reprehensible. There is nothing in this for the American people or for the nation at large. There are, however, votes and more votes and unimaginable generational theft and a “toxic” human drain on our finite natural resources and on our Constitutional Republic. In the end, since the government counts illegal aliens as “citizens” during the Census, there will be a huge number of new Congressional Districts established, simply because of the colonization of large metropolitan areas by illegal aliens. LA, Chicago, Denver, New York, D.C., Seatle, San Fransisco, and many other major cities and larger States will add demoncrats to their Congressional Delegations and the politic “fix” that has been built into the takeover of america will finally be firmly set in concrete. The nation is in dire peril. The Gang of 8 are indeed GANGSTERS and the Members of Congress are nothing more than henchmen hell bent on destroying the sanity of a nation which has given them much.

        McCain had it right when he used the words “generational theft” to describe Obama’s monetary policy. In this instance, however, the Gang og 8 and the Congress of the United States are committing GENERATIONAL THEFT against the posterity of America. what they are hoping to do is DESTROY THE CONSTITUTION AND THIS REPUBLIC as it was given to us. By way of ethnic, racial and cultural influence, our Members of congress and this Administration, with the support of the Courts are laying the foundations for the demise of our Country. Already, in many areas of the nation, communities are vastly changed. They have been colonized and now are balkanized to reflect specific “immigrant” ethnicities. One only need look at Dearborn, Michigan, or LA, or Boston, or New Britain, Ct., or Miami, or Atlanta, or Houston and Dallas or Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona. Every single city mentioned has geographically colonized and balkanized areas that are expanding faster than tax payer funded resources can keep up with them. English is not the first language, nor is it the “common” language. Spanish, Arabic, Polish, Haitian, Russian, etc., are what you hear and Sharia Law, Socialism, Communism and rule of law by the mob, are concepts that have replaced our Constitution.

        If anything, what the Gang og 8 and their Gangsters are hoping to give us is rampant chaos, confusion and civil unrest. Their willingness to undermine the safety and the security of American citizens for the sake of rewarding the largest criminal element this nation has ever seen – is astounding and well beyond the most negative of adjectives by which reasonable people would describe it. The insanity of our elected officials begs to be addressed by We the People. It cannot be allowed to continue. It cannot be allowed to be nurtured and cultivated into the MONSTER that we all know it will become.

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    It seems to me that, rather than attempt to do thorough background checks on a group known to be skilled in the use of false documentation, it would be easier, safer, and cheaper, to simply deport them all.

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      They would SELF DEPORT if EMPLOYERS were
      thrown in PRISON as TRAITORS against AMERICA….No reason
      to stay here in High rent District….

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        Better plan is to stop welfare including anchor babies. We are giving them $200 per person each month in food stamps, yes many times housing, quit allowing them to purchase homes (I have hundreds of illegals who own homes or rent homes from illegal relatives) and quit paying their medical bills. Medicaid states they cannot get medical coverage, however that’s exactly what we do as “emergency medical”. So they simply go to emergency services and the hospital files the application for them. My illegal female clients all either claim they do now know who the father is or all claim the father is in Mexico. Lastly, I have come across the scenario twice this year where a single male has claimed 9 nieces and nephews living with him and come to find out they live in Mexico. He had been getting food stamps for years. All because the current administration will not allow welfare workers to ask questions. I found out because I went ahead and asked which I was not supposed to do. Oh we’ll.

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    Would the purported fine be in addtion to the FEES for processing the work permit and biometrics? Those are supposed to be the actual costs of doing so, and according to the USCIS website, amount to $465. So, that “fine” works out to a grand total of $35, or less than $6 for each year of the work permit.

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    The fact that the bombers were on welfare while planning to set off bombs in the middle of crowds is the ultimate proof that immigration no longer makes sense. We have tens of thousands of Latin gang members in California, massive identity theft and other crimes by Russians and East Europeans, and legalized citizens who later go on welfare at rates well above those of native born citizens. Unlike a hundred and more years ago, when we literally attracted the toughest of the tough, because it was sink or swim on your own, now we attract welfare recipients, criminals, and malcontents.

    If you remember the riots in Britain a couple years ago, many of those people were children of those who had come from other parts of the world that make up the British commonwealth, and a large percentage of them were on social assistance. Again, malcontents with an expectation that someone owes them a living.

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    I’m assuming the “bomb brothers” were here under their own names. That would have been simple to check. On the other hand, how many illegals give their real names, addresses or anything about themselves that’s true? And if we only have the 11 million, which number has been static since the Bush administration – it will take roughly one hundred years to track them all down, if ever. It is ridiculous to think it will even be attempted. No effort will be made to find out if they’re Mexican, muslim, or whatever. Nor will they ever be asked to cough up a fine (I thought they were here because they have no money), pay back taxes (from when? or how?) and learn English (we have illegals who’ve been here thirty years and don’t speak the language). This whole proposition is a charade. If it is passed, we will no longer be the nation our forefathers conceived. Only the world’s dumping ground.