Rubio Invites Bill Critics to Suggest Changes

Rubio Invites Bill Critics to Suggest Changes

“Senator Marco Rubio, the leading Republican behind the Gang of Eight comprehensive immigration reform proposal, has often challenged those who criticize the bill to come up with ways to improve it. And not just his fellow lawmakers; Rubio has opened a new page on his Senate website asking for help from the public. ‘Visit our website and submit your ideas to Help Us Improve the Bill,’ says an announcement from Rubio’s office Friday. Since the immigration legislation was introduced, Rubio has received over 1,100 suggestions for how to improve the bill,” writes Byron York at the Examiner.

Immigration Bill a Bad Deal for GOP, Critics Say

“Some feisty Republicans are challenging a claim widely held among GOP leaders that the party must support more liberal immigration laws if it’s to be more competitive in presidential elections. These doubters say the Republican establishment has the political calculation backward. Immigration “reform,” they say, will mean millions of new Democratic-leaning voters by granting citizenship to large numbers of Hispanic immigrants now living illegally in the United States,” says Charles Babbington.

Assimilation Interrupted

“The [amnesty]bill has been written this way because America’s leadership class, Republicans as well as Democrats, assumes that continued mass immigration is exactly what our economy needs. As America struggles to adapt to an aging population, the bill’s supporters argue, immigrants offer youth, vitality and tax dollars. As we try to escape economic stagnation, mass immigration promises an extra shot of growth,” says Ross Douthat in the New York Times.

“Is there any reason to be skeptical of this optimistic consensus? Actually, there are two: the assimilation patterns for descendants of Hispanic (particularly Mexican) immigrants and the socioeconomic disarray among the native-born poor and working class.”

We’re Closer to Feudalism Than You Would Like to Think

“Similarly, in place of jus soli (citizenship based on birthplace) and jus sanguinis (citizenship based on descent), Prof [Ayalet] Shachar would prefer jus nexi (citizenship based on “the social fact of attachment”). This might improve the lives of well-assimilated immigrants who have faced legal obstacles to acquiring their full rights but it would do little for those who have not. Indeed, in Denmark, harsh immigration laws of recent years apply precisely the principle of jus nexi to turn away those waverers who are in the country but not of it,” says Christophe Caldwell in the Financial Times.

“Her readers, though, may draw conclusions other than Prof Shachar’s multiculturalist ones. If citizenship is indeed property, then today’s immigrants to western countries are receiving a very good deal. Citizenship-till-eternity for all the descendants of a foreign-born manual labourer is an exorbitant price for a western country to pay to fill a short-term personnel gap.”

“Render citizenship shaky and you will find this “trend” won’t last long. You will find people scampering back to feudalism. We are closer to the old, precosmopolitan rules of belonging than we think.”

Supreme Court Refuses Review of Alabama Harboring Law

“The Supreme Court on Monday rebuffed the state of Alabama, and gave a win to the Obama administration, by declining to review a lower court ruling that had blocked a controversial part of the state’s tough immigration law. Alabama had asked the high court to review an appeals court decision to stop enforcement of the ‘harboring’ provision that made it illegal to harbor or transport anyone in the state who had entered the country illegally,” Reuters reports.

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    Mass Immigration Is Unsustainable on

    ‘Visit our website and submit your ideas to Help Us Improve the Bill,’

    I have an idea: start over. Abandon the insane “amnesty first, enforcement maybe” model. But they won’t under any circumstance because the bill is pure fraud. It’s fundamentally flawed by design.

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    On the GOP supporting “reform”, there was a report today that stated that blacks actually voted at higher rates in 2012 than whites did. It said that if blacks had voted at the same rates as in 2004, Romney would have won a small victory. Which suggests that when there is no black candidate heading the Democratic ticket in 2016, which there won’t be, blacks will return to their normal voting patterns, which is lesser participation than whites.

    As for Rubio’s suggestions for changes in the amnesty reform bill, here’s a real simple one. Go back a few months and look at all the promises made of strict enforcement and border security and stick to those promises. Because everyone knows this is the beginning of the same old same old. We have a bill full of exemptions and waivers and every trick under the sun to undermine enforcement at the whim of this administration and future ones. La Raza, as they ALWAYS have, will cry a river about so called “harsh” measures and they will all go by the wayside.

    Not to mention, we were promised e verify for every job, but that only happens for the very largest companies at first. Most workers are employed at smaller companies, many with a relative handful of workers. E verify for them will not apply for five years.

    Just like border security will not happen for five years, and is measured by some half baked formula that will let them claim any figures they want. How about if those caught trying to cross falls below twenty thousand on the entire border, that counts as secure. The hundreds of thousands still caught now trying to cross are solid proof that a very large number are succeeding in getting across. Otherwise they would not attempt it, but they know their chances are good.